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We offer our clients the opportunity to have us work for them in secret – they get to literally “White Label” our comedy content as their own.

So how do we show prospective clients how great our work is? Simple. We take content that’s been created by brands who haven’t yet hired us – and we fix it.

Fixed By White Label

You can see some of our favourites here: https://whitelabelcomedy.com/fixed

Each week we choose a new brand, and the hive-mind (the best comedy writers from my time as a TV Producer, and the best creatives from my time in Advertising) go to town – finding fun, funny ways to turn that brand’s message into comedy content that we know would entertain, engage and sell.

Up until now, we’ve chosen the brands ourselves – but this week, I want to try something different.

I’m looking for three people who are intrigued by the idea of giving their social content a GSOH – and want to be able to test the waters without spending a penny.

You might be a Global Brand. You might be a local business. You might be a solopreneur. It doesn’t matter. So long as you have a social following, and you think maybe – just maybe – making your audience laugh might help move them to action – get in touch and tell us more.

I’ll choose up to three businesses for our hive-mind to focus on in future “Fixed By White Label” briefs – and you’ll be under no obligation to share the content we create (although you’re definitely going to want to).

Want in?

send us an email ([email protected]), and tell us why we should make your brand funny for free.


p.s. – not convinced your brand could pull off comedy content? Here are 5 reasons why you’re wrong: https://whitelabelcomedy.com/humour-in-advertising/5-reasons-you-shouldnt-be-scared-of-giving-your-brand-a-sense-of-humour

Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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