About that OnlyFans account…

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When we make content to drive engagement and sales for our clients…

We don’t do silly dances…

We don’t ram posts with #hashtags…

We don’t troll other accounts to stir up ‘brand drama’ that reads about as convincingly as a rejected scene from a scripted reality show…

And we certainly don’t tempt them with a bit of leg before directing them to my OnlyFans (any more).

And you don’t need to either, because none of that matters for building an engaged audience willing to buy from you.

What we do is show the audience that we ‘get them’, by making inside jokes.

I don’t mean inside jokes as in jokes that only people who already follow us would get.

And I don’t necessarily even mean ‘jokes about being stuck inside during the pandemic’ – although we made plenty of those.

I mean, jokes that anyone who’s a potential customer in our client’s niche would understand, and enjoy.

Jokes that resonate with their lived experience.

(So yes, that might include jokes about being stuck inside during the pandemic, getting very lonely, drawing faces on fruit and Googling “how much money can an ex-TV producer with hairy legs make on OnlyFans”, for example…)

It shows the audience that we get them. We understand their troubles, and we’re here to help.

Today, they’ll enjoy the joke.

Tomorrow (or, you know, the tomorrow after tomorrow), they’ll buy something.

That’s not something that I ‘hope’ will happen btw.

It’s a proven fact. It’s basically science (but for cool people).

Studies have shown that when you make customers laugh – you instantly become more likeable…more persuasive…and more believable.

Which are all essential traits in building relationships and making more sales.

It’s why being funny is at the core of everything we do for clients.

But remember – it’s not about making any old joke.

It’s about making jokes that the people you’re trying to serve will RELATE to.

That’s what we teach in The Social Success Machine Blueprint and Masterclass.

And it’s what we use to fill in the blanks in our Brands Against Mundanity Meme-Maker.

Both of which are currently available on a sweet bundle offer, for less than the price of a DIY leg-waxing kit (or so I’m told).

Check out the bundle here:

That’s not a link to my OnlyFans. I promise.

Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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