The game hasn’t changed – your audience has

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There’s something we need to get straight.

“The game has changed” is something we’re all hearing on a daily basis – and yes, it’s true that the marketing you planned 6 months ago won’t work today – but it’s not the game that’s changed.

It’s your audience.

Covid-19 didn’t “break” your Ad Campaign – it just changed the lives of your ideal customer so much that your Ad Campaign no longer resonates. 

It’s no longer relatable.

It’s out of date.

Good marketing builds a human connection with an audience. It shows them that their world is your world. It demonstrates that we’re all in this together.

Before we go any further, I can already see the cogs turning. You’ve read that last sentence – and you’re already thinking about putting together one of those lo-fi UGC Ads that declares “we’re all in this together”


Firstly – that’s already been done by 213,000 other brands. 

And secondly – you already know this: saying we’re in this together doesn’t make it true.

To build that human connection, you can’t just tell us we’re all in this together – you need to show us.

And there’s no better way to do that than with a sense of humour.

We’re all getting used to Social Distancing – and every brand has a different way to show us they get it.

Playstation might post:

We’ve all got a mate who uses social distancing as an excuse for his defenders running the wrong way on FIFA.

Durex might post:

If you’re lucky enough to be in lockdown with your partner, you owe it to your single mates to make the most of it.

Tetley Tea might post: 

The two-metre rule applies to anyone outside your household, and anyone inside it who puts the bag in first.

And yes – this is the kind of content that goes viral, and spreads your brand message far and wide – but it’s not about that.

These aren’t just jokes – they’re proof that you understand our world, and what we’re going through right now. 

It’s content like this that makes us welcome you into our lives, and – more importantly – our social feeds.

It makes sure you’re always front of mind – and makes your ideal customer sell themselves, so you can just sit back and watch their business roll in.

It’s not just your ideal customers who’ve had their world turned upside down recently. Our customers have, too.

We know that planning for the future is hard when you’re not even sure how firm the ground is right here in the present – which is why we’re launching our Summer Pay As You Go Content Packs.

Soon you’ll be able to hire the hive-mind without making any kind of monthly commitment.

Get 20, 40, 80 or 160 pieces of bespoke hand-crafted comedy content to use – post on your own schedule – and just come back to us once you’ve seen the results and you’re hungry for more.

We’ve increased the size of the hive-mind recently, but there are still only so many jokes we can generate each week – so packs will be strictly limited. 

Find out more here:

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