Success on Social Media can seem like an uphill struggle - but there ARE brands out there who absolutely nail it.

Brands everyone loves to follow and friend.

You put hours and hours into each and every post – making sure it’s pitch perfect – yet get nothing back but tumbleweed.

They, meanwhile, have the midas touch. An army of fans excitedly engaging, posts that go viral, and press coverage that sends brand awareness stratospheric.

Do those brands know something we don't?!

(They did - but not now you've got your copy of...)

Writing Jokes That Sell

(with The Relatability Matrix)

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Can I let you in on a secret?

"When someone engages with your content, they’re not doing it to tell you they liked it. They’re doing it to serve their own social purpose."

Mind. Blown. Am I right? It’s literally that simple. If you want them to engage - you need to give them what THEY want.

But - there’s a problem. What they want is rarely what you’ve got...

With posts like this, the chances of your audience even reading your content, let alone amplifying it, are close to zero.

Is the answer, then, to just abandon your brand message and start dishing out random GIFs to keep them entertained?

Of course not! You need to meet your audience in the middle - and we're going to show you how.

When you’re in that sweet spot, you’re giving your audience exactly what they want - and they’re liking, sharing, commenting, helping you amplify the reach of a piece of content because doing so serves THEIR social purposes.

AND this content that they love, and want to share, takes your brand message along for the ride - hidden in plain sight.

So how do you hit that sweet spot?

Well – you could churn out a tonne of content, and then use this venn diagram as a sense-check to decide which pieces are good enough to publish. That’s what we used to do. But these days we prefer a more efficient method. 

That's why we developed...


And in our brand new 90 minute training, we'll open our entire playbook - and teach you how to entertain, engage and sell like a pro.

Writing Jokes That Sell

(with The Relatability Matrix)

White Label Comedy is the only creative agency powered by TV’s best comedy writers. (And one surprisingly smart squirrel with a Macbook Air). In this 90 minute training, we open our entire playbook.

We’ll teach you how to break down your brand, and your audience, into relatable truths you can easily turn into all kinds of entertaining, engaging content (we love to make audiences laugh – but this goes way beyond just jokes).

Plus, you’ll get to watch over our shoulder as we turn those relatable truths into brand-safe jokes – sharing a tonne of easy-to-use joke formats with you along the way.

(Although if you are looking over our shoulder, please ignore all those Buzzfeed tabs with labels like ‘Which SpongeBob SquarePants character are you?’).

And if you’re thinking “Oh – I could never write jokes” – you couldn’t be more wrong. With your relatability matrix in hand, crafting brand-safe jokes your audience will go crazy for is as easy as pie.

In just 90 minutes, we’ll take you from social media zero to brand-safe comedy content hero.

Whether you’re selling products or services, and whatever your industry or niche – if you’re tired of putting more and more time, energy and money into your content and getting less and less of a return – this training is for you.

Writing Jokes That Sell

(with The Relatability Matrix)

Early Bird Offer (when it's gone, it's gone)

(+ VAT where applicable)

Save $200 on the regular price of $297


White Label Comedy

I’m Adam Hunt – a TV Producer turned Copywriter who loves it when brands make us laugh, and hates how rarely that happens.

There’s an art to writing jokes that work for brands – and a science that makes sure the end result is on-brand, on-message and won’t get you cancelled.

I brought together TV’s best comedy writers* as the White Label Comedy Hive-Mind, to help brands of all shapes and sizes entertain, engage and sell.**

* (not as hard as it sounds – they were all in the same branch of Starbucks complaining about the WiFi).

** I keep them in a small bucket on my coffee table, occasionally feeding them episodes of Cheers.

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Writing Jokes That Sell

(with The Relatability Matrix)

Here's what you can expect:

Part One: Foundational Theories

✅ Discover why TRULY understanding your audience* is the key to creating ANY kind of content that drives sales – and unlock all the tools you need to do this for YOUR brand.

* What do they like? What don’t they like? Is their nan still having an affair with the Bolivian postman? Have they got any hobbies?

✅ Learn why 95% of branded social content fails to gain traction – and understand the points yours needs to hit in order to be in the other 5%.

✅ We’ll share theories and models that, until now, we’d only shared with our done-for-you clients (and also our mums – but they weren’t nearly as interested).

Part Two: Building your Relatability Matrix

✅ Learn how to identify the topics your audience ACTUALLY cares about with The Relatability Matrix* – so you can create content that resonates with them, compels them to engage, and drives SALES.

* which to be clear, is a useful tool, and not the world’s worst Keanu Reeves film.

✅ Watch over our shoulder as we build out The Relatability Matrix for two real White Label Comedy clients – guiding you through the exact* step-by-step process that makes it straightforward to fill out your own.

* Well, not exact. We’ve removed the bits where we swear under our breath then waterboard ourselves with espresso.

✅ If you sell a product or a service, this training is for you (we walk you through an example of each type of brand – so applying our methods to YOUR brand requires zero guesswork).

Parts Three and Four: Writing Jokes That Sell

✅ Watch over our shoulder as we use two different relatability matrices to craft jokes for two different businesses (one product, and one service).

✅ Unlock a brand new method for creating content* – a method that’s faster, more fun and gives you stacks of content your audience actually wants to engage with.

* And finally get rid of your old method: Staring at a blank screen until you hate yourself.

✅ See how we use the Relatability Matrix to generate Jokes that Sell in real-time* – talking you through the process so you can learn to do the same for YOUR brand.

* Real-time, of course, being fancy talk for ‘time’.

✅ We slow down the over-caffeinated brains of TV’s best Comedy Writers – so you can see inside*, steal their methods, and apply them to writing jokes for YOUR audience.

* Although while you’re rooting around, be gentle – all those issues are the key to their comedy writing power.

✅ Master basic and advanced joke-writing techniques that you can apply immediately – taught by one of TV’s best Comedy Writers, who lays it all out for you like you’ve never heard before.

✅ Use your new comedy powers to make your entire audience adore you – whether you’re a plucky solopreneur just starting out, or a global giant with a million followers.

Wait - there's more...!?

✅ Write better, more persuasive conversion copy with The Relatability Matrix – it’s not just for jokes (once you understand your audience, all your other copy will sing to them too)!

✅ Includes digital copies of all the documents you see us create in the training – that’s a Relatability Matrix and a set of jokes for two brands – so you can clearly see EVERYTHING that goes into writing jokes that sell.

✅ Includes a blank Relatability Matrix, ready for you to build out for your brand – mining into your audience’s psyche* to uncover the content they’ll go crazy for.

* Sure, ‘mining into someone’s psyche’ sounds like something Tom Cruise needs to do to make it to Level 38 Mega-Thetan, but we really just mean ‘understanding your audience’.

✅ At the end of the 90 minutes, you’ll be fully armed with all the tools you need to Entertain, Engage and Sell.

Early Bird Offer (when it's gone, it's gone)

(+ VAT where applicable)

Save $200 on the regular price of $297

If you can make your audience laugh, you can make that audience love you.

And if you want proof of that rule: some people genuinely like James Corden…

This training is packed with value and easy to follow – so you can master the methods in no time, and start selling with jokes straight away. In no time at all, you’ll be able to write jokes for…

Facebook… where your Organic Reach will soar and your Ads will perform like never before, once you’ve tapped into what your audience REALLY wants to see.

Instagram… where image is everything, and the gags you’ll generate using the Relatability Matrix ALWAYS paint your brand as the hero.

Twitter… where The Meta One-Liner – along with the other joy-sparking joke formats you’ll learn in this training – compels your audience to Like, Retweet and convert. 

LinkedIn… where your content will gain more traction and deliver more sales because, finally, you’ve discovered how to make it resonate with your ideal customer.

As well as… Sales pages, emails and ANYWHERE you want to make more sales.

Early Bird Offer (when it's gone, it's gone)

(+ VAT where applicable)

Save $200 on the regular price of $297

If you were to hire our hive-mind of TV’s best comedy writers to craft social content for you, then your brand / audience breakdown, your relatability matrix, and your first set of posts would cost you almost £2,000.

In this training we’re arming you with everything you need to do the work yourself – for a tiny fraction of that price.

Risk Nothing With Our Easy 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Take the training for a test-drive – and if you don’t love it, let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund every penny*, no questions asked.

*when we say ‘every penny’, we’re not giving it back to you in literal pennies. Our accounts guy insists that’s ‘petty’.

Easy ordering and secure payment

Our online checkout is safe, secure, and fully encrypted – with payment made via either Stripe, or Paypal – both of which have in-built buyer’s payment protection as standard.

Are you tired of putting more and more time, energy and money into content that’s bringing less and less of a return on that investment?

It’s time to change up your approach.

It's time to Entertain, Engage and Sell.

Also ‘write funny stuff’, but that’s not one word, so it’s not going in.

Early Bird Offer (when it's gone, it's gone)

(+ VAT where applicable)

Save $200 on the regular price of $297