Comedy Writer, Advertising Copywriter, and our Creative Director: meet Adam Hunt

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White Label Comedy is a Creative Agency powered by a hive mind of Comedy Writers and Advertising Copywriters – working together to create comedy content that’s on-brand, on-message, and sells.

We’re the writers room that lives in your back pocket – and if you’re going to invite us to move in, we should probably all get to know each other first. So each week we’ll be introducing you to another member of the White Label Comedy team.

First up – it’s an exclusive* interview with our founder and Creative Director Adam Hunt.

*not at all exclusive – he’ll talk to anyone who’ll listen…

White Label Meets: Adam Hunt

WLM: Where did the idea for White Label Comedy come from?

AH: For as long as I can remember, there have been two distinct strands to my career: some days I’m a freelance TV Producer, other days I’m a freelance Advertising Creative. Last year I launched The News Dump – a satirical website, and occasional web show – and we quickly attracted a pool of brilliantly talented comedy writers keen to contribute.

While most articles have a single author, we would occasionally use our virtual writers room to write them as a team – and the way our guys collaborated gave me an idea: what if we took this same process, but used it to generate ideas and copy for brands, branded content and TV shows. White Label Comedy was born.

WLM: Why did you choose the name White Label Comedy?

AH: ‘White Label’ goods are products made by one company, but labelled and sold by another, under their own name. If I made soap, but sold it to you to sell under your name, that would be White Labelling. We’re doing the same thing – but with ideas, scripts, jokes and copy.

WLM: What’s been your favourite White label ‘moment’ so far?

AH: Watching a piece conceived and written by our guys play out on BBC One to an audience of almost 4 million as part of The One Show (the BBC’s flagship entertainment show) felt pretty special. A real watershed moment in our journey from ‘idea’ to ‘ideas factory’.

WLM: What’s next for White Label?

AH: There are three more great projects that we’ve recently finished work on: a series of sketches for a luxury Jewellery brand, the script for an Advert that will make you want to buy a pager even if you had no idea they were still being sold, and punch-ups for a 45 minute Ted Talk. We’re waiting patiently for our clients to get these through the edit so we can share them with you.

Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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