Duplicate our "Social Success Machine" in your business

ANYONE (with a reading age of 6+ and internet access) can use this blueprint to send their likes, comments, shares and sales through the roof!

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This is the same blueprint we use to 10x, 20x and even 100x our clients’ social media engagement.

And our students have used it to build loyal audiences they can turn into customers in any niche you can think of.

We achieved 37 million impressions on twitter!

"Turns out the videos we created went viral. One achieved 37 million impressions on Twitter.

White Label Comedy helped our campaign become the world's largest literacy campaign...possibly ever. We have a lot to thank you for!"

Henry Warren - Turn On The Subtitles

We’ve taken the “best of” from our flagship training, The Social Success Machine Accelerator – a 12-week course that sells for $997 – and distilled it down into a blueprint and masterclass.

It gives you the 80-20 of everything you need to know to explode your sales from social media…

But, at just 90-minutes long, you can have this system up and running by tomorrow.

And you can get it at a fraction of the price of the full Social Success Machine Accelerator program too.

In it, you’ll… 

Love ya yer bunch of mad basterds

“Humour is a massive part of my business. I absolutely love what you do.

Love ya yer bunch of mad basterds.

Birds of a feather flock together!”

Vanessa Gregory-Dunn

White Label Comedy are BRILL!

White Label Comedy are brill! I’m on such a roll that I’ve been up all night batch-creating content for my clients and myself.

This is a welcome string to my bow.

Who’d have ever thought being myself would be so profitable.

Thanks again!

Evelyn Münster

I never thought I’d have fun writing social posts

I never thought I’d have fun writing social posts about data protection.

But I did!

Jill Davis

A comedian, a marketer, and a client walk into a bar…

White Label Comedy is an agency powered by TV’s best comedy writers. Over the years, we’ve crafted a ton of viral posts – across every imaginable niche. So we know a thing or two about creating engagement-driving, sales-boosting content. 

What’s our secret sauce? 

BBQ mixed with mayonnaise

Well, me and my team of TV comedy writers infuse our clients’ social posts with laugh-out-loud funny gags, memes and comedy quotes. And when we do, it never ceases to amaze our clients how the likes, comments, shares and sales take off practically overnight! 

But despite our clients’ elation at their newly-revived social accounts, we couldn’t help but notice a problem. 

You see, some of our clients’ profiles would go nuclear. We’re talking:

Thousands of likes

Hundreds of shares

And an engaged audience who LOVED it!

While other clients maxed out their engagement at a few hundred likes and 20-30 comments per post (no matter what we did). 

Don’t get me wrong, 20-30 comments and several hundred likes is nothing to sniff at. But we couldn’t shake the feeling that we could do MORE to generate a tidal wave of engagement for ALL our clients. 

Because when me and my team craft social posts…we don’t just gun for great results. We crave a home run 100% of the time. (And if we don’t get it, we get angsty, crank up the Metallica, and break things around the office*.)

*And by “we” I mean “Alan, who has since been enrolled in an Anger Management course”.

So that’s when we started asking ourselves…

Was there an issue with our content? Or was there something about each brand that dictated their EXPLODE-ability potential™️*?

*Not an actual trademark – and I “have to stop sticking it on everything” according to my lawyer…™️

“good enough” just doesn’t cut it for us

It was a tough moment; I could have settled for our “good-enough” method for crafting engagement-driving content. I mean, even clients at the lower end of the engagement scale still received tons more likes, comments, shares and sales than before we came along.

In fact, this significant upswing in engagement was nothing short of game-changing. And our clients were beyond thrilled with their results! 

(Especially that one client whose previous tactic was “drink gin, get political and post in ALL CAPS”…)

But I knew I could do better if I could just get my hands on the cold, hard facts of what it really takes to consistently drive engagement in any niche.  

Here’s what REALLY had me stumped

When I looked at our clients achieving consistent, stellar performance, I confess I’d made some snap assumptions. BUT when I started analysing these accounts for real, those assumptions instantly went out the window.

Here’s what I believed. 

Assumption #1 – accounts with bigger social followings were the ones most likely to achieve virality on social media. 

WRONG! There was almost no correlation between audience size and likelihood of posts going viral. 

Look! I even made you a graph (which doubles as a handy guide to diagnosing chickenpox).

Assumption #2 – Only our big-brand clients had the capacity to go viral

WRONG! A brand’s public profile had virtually no impact on social media engagement. 

Just look at the difference between our client, a little-known scrappy start-up, Vs a global brand. 

I’ll let you judge the winner… 

Assumption #3 – Posts with lower levels of engagement were those with objectively lower-quality jokes.

WRONG! Me and my team of A-list comedy writers brainstorm around 100 jokes for every ONE that gets published by our clients. It means only the top 1% of our ideas will ever make it into the newsfeed. 

(The other 99% go in the bin, which we then set on fire, then throw in the sea. Safe to say, we’re not a B Corp.) 

Even still, some jokes are objectively funnier than others. And as a TV producer for shows like Mock The Week, it was literally my job to know which jokes were funnier.  

But for social media, the objective ‘quality’ of a joke was not the most important factor. 

Some jokes that were clearly funnier than others didn’t perform as well as expected – there was more to it. 

All of which begs the question…

…if audience size, public profile and joke quality had almost no impact on our clients’ engagement levels…

What did?! 

And what were our most successful clients doing that others weren’t, to trigger that avalanche of likes, comments, shares and sales? 

One of the best investments I’ve made for my new business!

“White Label Comedy’s products are some of the best investments I’ve made for my business.

Knowing my main socials will always have a daily piece of content at the ready is fantastic.

Generating the concept, creating the content, and scheduling my posts for a week takes me a small amount of time”

Chelsea Boudrou - Marchen Tea

Best infoproducts ever!

“I hate the churn of writing new posts. It feels like a treadmill.

I tried so many ways to write several posts ahead of time. And your method is the only one that’s worked.

So now I don’t just post when I want to sell. I can also entertain in between.

Best infoproducts ever!”

Szücs Zsolt - EzVanKiadó

Your products are awesome!

“I just wanted to say your products are awesome. I chuckle along as I learn.

Until recently I generated all my clients through referrals, but I needed to step up.

I really enjoy your workshops”

Lauryn Summerly - Summerly Creative

And that’s when I embarked on my mission to dissect the world’s best-performing social media accounts…


…and pore over thousands of pieces of viral content, from brands across countless niches like…


Because I needed to know the REAL needle-moving activities that would consistently send my clients’ engagement into the stratosphere.

And to develop a proven framework ANYONE can harness to make their socials take off like a rocket…

🟠 Without second-guessing what to post- and praying it’ll trigger a frenzy of likes, comments, shares and sales…

🟠 Without wasting hours staring at a blank screen just to create a single post – that generates crickets (instead of conversations and conversions)…

🟠 And without the nauseating ups and downs of inconsistent account performance…

Turning the traits from the 100 most successful social media accounts into one social success machine…

To begin, I scoured the internet to identify over 100 of the world’s most entertaining and engaging social media accounts. (Actually, that’s not strictly true. First, I drank a cup of coffee bigger than an Olympic swimming pool.)  Then I judged each brand against these key performance indicators: 

  1. Consistent and exceptional growth. Having a viral moment is nice, but to repeatedly outperforming your competitors is what we want. I searched for brands that were disrupting their niche and getting outsized returns when compared to their competitors.
  2. Brand Mentions. How often is the brand tagged by customers, fans and new discoverers?
  3. Audience Sentiment. AKA is audience interaction overwhelmingly positive or negative?

These are the metrics that matter when it comes to building an army of raving mega-fans. Which is why I dug deep into the brands that were crushing it across all of these indicators.

Testing the theory

Next, I collated 1,000s of social posts from my hand-selected leaderboard of top-performing accounts. And I studied them until my eyes bled. (Must go see a doctor and/or exorcist about that…)

I was looking to answer these crucial questions about social media success: 

✅ Were there specific tactics and strategies that consistently generated the MOST likes, comments, shares and sales? 

✅ Did these engagement-driving methods apply across all niches?

✅ And could I turn these strategies into a repeatable, easy-to-replicate roadmap that anyone can follow?

The Social Success Machine was born

After endless months of gathering and analysing thousands of social posts from 100+ brands – a super simple system began to emerge from the haze of social media confusion. 

That’s because, whether the brands knew it or not, successfully driving engagement on social media boils down to this.

Creating content that satisfies 4 key marketing objectives and harnessing 4 essential marketing activities to make sure your content gets seen.

That's it!

Brands and businesses whose content and social activity closely match The Social Success Machine model (whether we taught it to them, or they found their own way there) got more than 3.5x the engagement of their competitors

We’re definitely seeing increased engagement

“We’ve tried your methods for 7 days so far.

First off, it took us only a short time to write a week’s worth of posts.

And secondly, we’re definitely seeing increased engagement. Thank you!”

Andrew Sandford - Lean and Agile

I knew there was comedy gold in there

“I make tarot card bath bombs. I knew there was some comedy gold in there, but I just couldn’t quite get there.

I thought maybe White Label Comedy could help.

Good news: they could and I love them!”

Lizzie Lewis - Fizzie Lizzie Bath Bombs

And now I want to show you precisely how to explode your socials with The Social Success Machine Blueprint and Masterclass

Across 90 minutes, I’ll walk you through the 4 key post objectives and 4 essential activities every business needs to explode* their socials. 

*Figuratively explode. This will be nothing like that time you got so frustrated with Twitter that you doused your phone in paraffin and threw it on the bonfire. I hope.

I’ll also introduce you to the 12 different types of ‘Relatable Truth’ you need to infuse your content with to get your audience’s attention and keep it long enough to entertain, engage and then sell.

Plus I’ll share with you dozens of examples of big-name brands absolutely nailing each post objective – in ways you can easily model for your own business, whatever your niche.

No more staring at a blank screen with no idea what to say to your audience…

TSSM_Facebook Status - trimmed

Now you’ve got an easy-to-follow process that can provide an endless stream of inspiration for entertaining, engaging content – without requiring hours of head-scratching, middle-distance-gazing or keyboard-throwing-out-the-window-in-a-fit-of-rage each week. 

I’m already laughing at myself

“I’m already laughing at myself with what I’ve come up with. Your products are surprisingly very easy to use with immediate great effect!”

David John Daniels - Craftsman

We achieved 37 million impressions on Twitter!

“Turns out the videos we created went viral. One achieved 37 million impressions on Twitter.

White Label Comedy helped our campaign become the world’s largest literacy campaign…possibly ever. We have a lot to thank you for!”

Henry Warren - Turn On The Subtitles

I laughed myself sick!

“I laughed myself sick. It’s not every day I thank a team for making me hurl.

What a gift that is!”

Elizabeth Keller Fitzsimmons - Author and Motivational Speaker

Take a sneak peak inside

The Social Success Machine Blueprint and Masterclass

The masterclass is broken into eight value-packed chapters over 90-minutes – so you can get this system today and start seeing results tomorrow.

*That’s ‘good crazy’ not ‘Alan’s walking in circles muttering about UFOs’ crazy.

* The regular, internal monologue kind, not the ‘I hear voices’ kind

* (And – least importantly – make Dave in your office chuckle slightly and go, ‘that’s pretty good actually’).

*You’re literally turning pain into joy. I’m not saying that makes you a sort of internet Jesus, but I’m also not not saying that, either.

*I’m not actually counting, no one’s got time for that. (Ooh! 331,001!)

*I would say ‘that basically qualifies you to be their therapist’ – if my lawyers hadn’t so strenuously insisted I don’t…

*That’s dream as in ‘ideal’ not as in ‘naked in front of their old math teacher and there’s also a crocodile there’.

This is the EXACT system we implement for both Big Brand clients AND SMEs alike

We’re the ONLY agency (that I know of) working toward a unified theory of marketing, psychology and comedy – All of our client work is produced by A-list copywriters and TV’s best comedy writers working side-by-side.

We charge our Done-For-You clients anywhere from $3500 to $16,000 a month to create content for them – and we map out every single piece of content according to the Social Success Machine model.

Until now, the only way to get your hands on this model was to join our Social Success Machine Accelerator program* – which costs $997.

*Or disguise yourself as my other half using prosthetics and a wig, then break into my laptop. But there’s no way that’s going to happen a THIRD time.

This Blueprint and Masterclass hands you one of the most valuable pieces of the puzzle from our flagship Social Success Machine Accelerator program

Our proprietary strategy for becoming the go-to social account in your industry.

And in the near future it’s going to be selling for a minimum of $97 (which will still be an absolute steal). But today, I want to make this even more of a no-brainer for you.

Which is why, when you buy The Social Success Machine Blueprint and Masterclass today,

you’ll pay just $27

PLUS I’ll also throw in a FREE copy of one of our most-loved products - Brands Against Mundanity: Meme-Maker Edition*
(worth $42.95)

*Already own it? Message support after your purchase and you can either swap it out for Brands Against Mundanity Classic, The Black Box or The Graph Gags Edition – or – gift your copy to a friend or colleague.

Want a fast, reliable way to create thigh-slapping joke posts week after week? Brands Against Mundanity: Meme-Maker Edition has you covered!

Simply fill in the blanks on these proven joke templates, and you’ll have engagement-driving…reach-boosting content that’s ready to go in minutes.

Get Unlocking The Social Success Machine AND your FREE copy of Brands Against Mundanity: Meme-Maker Edition - for JUST $27 today!

One-time charge of just $27 (plus VAT where applicable).

No hidden fees. No contract. Safe, secure payment.

You’ll be amazed at how fun and fast content creation can be – once you STOP…

“We wrote a month’s worth of awesome social posts in a couple of hours – just by playing this game. Brilliant!”

Bill Uden - Founder, Aethalis Olive Oil

Yeah - but, like, what is it?

Is it a marketing tool? 100% – these fill-in-the-blank templates will help you craft entertaining, engaging social posts without breaking a sweat.

Is it a training? Kinda. The more you use the cards, the more you’ll realise how simple it is to generate brand-safe jokes that your audience will love. And this is a much more fun (and more affordable) way to learn.

Is it a game? Absolutely. If you want it to be. You can play it like a game (it’s great fun to play – alone or with the team), or you can just work through the templates one by one. Whatever works for you 

What you Get

✓30 caption formats that turn stock images into relatable memes to entertain and engage your social media audience, with your brand and your products firmly front of mind. (It’s hard distracting customers from puppy memes and their ex’s holiday photos, but with these cards, it’s possible).
✓Easy-to-follow prompts show you how to turn the relatable truths from your audience’s world into engagement-driving memes that paint your brand as the hero.
✓Includes sample memes created by TV’s best comedy writers to show you exactly how it’s done.

✓ Versatile enough to be applied to any brand in any niche (B2C or B2B).

✓Easily craft visual gags that get your audience talking, giving your organic reach – the number of people who see each post without you having to pay a penny – a huge shot in the arm. (And who doesn’t want a shot in the arm in 2021!)

✓ Drive engagement with on-point posts that demand a reaction. (Think of it like shouting ‘FIRE!” in a cinema. Except you won’t be arrested and people will love you for it. So nothing like that then really, but you get the idea).

✓ Create “Stealth Pitch” posts that you can use to tell your audience what’s on sale without them ever feeling they’ve been sold to (although they are definitely being sold to. Are you proud of yourself you filthy stealthy sales ninja?)

✓ Share relatable jokes that take your brand message, and reframe it in the context of what matters to your audience (showing them, rather than telling them, that you “get it”).

A Month’s Worth Of Social Posts Written In Less Than Two Hours.

How It Works

Each pack contains a set of template cards that can be used to guide the creation of completely unique memes for ANY brand or business.

Each card contains several blanks that need to be filled in, tips on how best to use each space, and an example that shows how a big name brand might use the template. 

You can work through the templates alone, or get the whole team together and turn it into the most productive team-building game you’ll have played this century.

We also recommend a drink or four. Just be sure to recheck your posts when you’re sober. You might live to regret the one where you called out your ex as a ‘lazy, feckless ratboy’ on behalf of the company on Twitter.

Either print and cut out the cards, or save yourself from furiously hoying your inevitably non-compliant printer out of the window, and instead use a random number generator to help you select them from the PDF on-screen.

Do you sell these as physical cards, too?

We could give you some BS about our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint here – truth be told, while of course we’re big on sustainability, we just want to be able to get Brands Against Mundanity into your hands as affordably as possible.

A digital download means we’re able to keep prices low – and for those of you who do want to play it as a physical card game, all of our PDFs are print-and-play ready.

If we're using the same templates as another brand, won't we all be posting the same jokes?

Nope. Used properly, two different brands could use the same cards to write two completely different jokes. 

The prompts relate directly to the world of your audience, and the relatable truths that matter to them – the formats simply present these relatable truths in the form of a joke. 

That also means you can use each format multiple times for a single brand – a different set of relatable truths will give an entirely different joke.

$97 $27

$42.95 FREE

Save over $110

(Plus the HOURS you save each month on content creation, never mind the time you no longer need to spend pulling out your hair with your bare hands, and circling the room muttering about the ‘damn algorithm’).

Get Unlocking The Social Success Machine AND your FREE copy of Brands Against Mundanity: Meme-Maker Edition - for JUST $27 today!

Q: Why are you being so generous? What’s the catch?

A: There’s no catch. White Label Comedy isn’t an info-product business, we’re an agency. We want to give you everything you need to succeed at the most affordable price so that you can see for yourself why the way we do things is completely changing the game. 

For some of you, this might be the start of a relationship that ultimately leads to you becoming one of our Done For You clients someday – and I won’t lie, that would be great.

But the most important thing for us is that you’re blown away by our methods and our models today – and you can use them to get the results your business needs.

Q: My business is in the [Insert ANYTHING here] niche – will this work for me?

A: Absolutely. We’ve used the Social Success Machine model ourselves for clients in every imaginable niche – and we’ve taught it to students selling everything from Coaching and Marketing Services to Electrical Components and even Wooden Pallets. 

Q: Can I come back tomorrow and claim this offer?

A: Probably. I’m not going to bullshit you with any kind of super-specific fake urgency – that’s not our kind of marketing. 

But I’m sure you don’t need me to point out how much easier it was to build a loyal following just a year ago than it is today. 

So every day that passes it gets harder to break through on social media. But if you’re happy to play catch up later, that’s totally up to you. 

Backed by my “Gotta Love It”
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee


You don’t risk a penny when you say yes to The Social Success Machine Blueprint and Masterclass

Here’s how it works: Place your order for instant access to The Social Success Machine Blueprint and Masterclass.

If you implement even 10% of what you find in this training, you’ll see results almost immediately. 

But give it time. Give it 3 months, in fact…and if by the end of those 3 months you aren’t tickled pink with your results, simply send an email to [email protected], and I’ll rush you a full refund. No questions asked. 

You risk nothing by giving The Social Success Machine Blueprint and Masterclass a try

Get Unlocking The Social Success Machine AND your FREE copy of Brands Against Mundanity: Meme-Maker Edition - for JUST $27 today!

Great engagement

“Our first scheduled post went live this morning.

Great engagement with our customers already. And I have another 51 posts ready to go!”

David C Allen - Rec2Tec Driving

Saves me hours each month

“I implemented your methods immediately.

Saves me hours each month, trying to come up with off-the-cuff humour posts for my business”

John Ballmore - Offshore Crew

Me and my team have been snort-laughing all morning

“Me and my team have been snort-laughing all morning.

And while it’s unattractive - we appreciate it!”

Jess Lorimer - Selling To Corporate

Adam's Face 2022

I can’t believe you haven’t grabbed this deal yet! So here’s one last swing of the bat before we all go back to watching cat videos…

The bottom line is, I know I should charge way more than $27 (or even $97) for our system that’s built loyal audiences and driven sales in more niches than I can count. 

It’s the exact same system that our Done For You clients pay us between $3,500 and $16,000 a month to implement on their behalf – and I’m handing it to you for just a fraction of that.


Because I want to see you succeed.

I want your business to become one of our success stories.

I want you to be the first (or even the only) brand on everyone’s lips when they’re talking about the problem you’re here to solve.

And, you know, like any good marketer, I love that rush of dopamine from the “you’ve got a new customer” notification.

So if you want some new customers, dopamine, success stories and all, just click the button below to grab this bundle at an absolute steal today.