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Funny Adverts

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Glade – Shake ‘N’ Vac (1980)

[embedyt] [/embedyt] Synopsis A woman explains through song and dance the benefits of using Shake ‘n’ Vac to bring the

HP Sauce – Naughty Postcards (1982)

[embedyt] [/embedyt] Synopsis A woman narrates herself writing a postcard from holiday. Filled with innuendo, whatever she says, the husband

Club – Lub a Club (1986)

[embedyt] [/embedyt] Synopsis All sorts of people dancing and moving in all sorts of ways to ‘Lub a Club.’ Review

McDonald’s – McCafé (2017)

[embedyt] [/embedyt] McDonald’s has produced several funny adverts that contrast the customer experience at a comically overblown hipster coffee shops

McDonald’s – We Could (2019)

[embedyt] [/embedyt] When it comes to advertising their no-nonsense McCafé coffee, McDonald’s have historically never been afraid to take the