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Sure, we could just tell you that the Entertaining, Engaging version of your brand’s socials will be awesomely effective – but how about we show you instead.

Social Media Strategy Development AND Creative Brainstorm


*That’s dream as in ‘ideal’ not as in ‘naked in front of their old math teacher and there’s also a crocodile there


* It’s like seeing inside their heads, without having to look at the gloopy, fleshy bits.

*Unless that conversation turns out to be a bit too ‘serial killer-y’, in which case we’ll just alert the authorities.

And finally:

*Most of them are TV’s best. A couple are TikTokers who’ve never watched actual TV in their short lives. But they’re REALLY funny and good at social, so we let it slide.

We pack a tonne of value into these audits, and we only charge a token fee – which means we can only afford to offer them to a limited number of brands and businesses we’re confident we can help.

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Adam Hunt, Creative Director
White Label Comedy

I’m Adam Hunt. I’m a former TV producer turned digital marketer and agency owner. And I have a content marketing secret weapon that lets me and my team transform almost any social media account from an underperforming energy suck…

…into an outrageously profitable sales-spinning machine (no matter what type of products or services they sell!).

In fact, we’ve been able to 10x… 20x… even 100x engagement on clients’ posts across a whole smorgasbord of niches including…

…just by making their audience LOL!*

*For the last time, Mum! That doesn’t mean ‘‘Lots of Love’. There’s a reason Auntie Sharon didn’t reply when you text “sorry your husband died LOL”…


They’ve crafted jokes for Graham Norton, Sue Perkins, Jon Richardson, Al Murray, Judy Murray, Dermot O’Leary and even Professor Stephen Hawking. Now they’re here to help you and your brand win hearts and minds (and Likes and Shares) online.

Our secret weapon in the fight against the algorithm? Your audience’s Relatable Truths

In the very early days of White Label Comedy, our approach was pretty basic – we’d identify all of the key topics and subject areas relevant to a client, and write jokes “about” them. (We were young and naive, okay?)

We created some great content that way – but there were just as many misses as there were hits.

(We hid the misses in a padlocked safe, then threw the safe into a river, which we then set on fire. You’ll never find them).

That changed forever the day we started using our audience’s strongly held beliefs (their ‘Relatable Truths’) as starting points for all of our jokes.

Jokes like this – and the thousands we’ve written since using the same process – RELIABLY trigger the “Share and Declare” effect.

Your audience sees themselves reflected in your own content – it’s “badgeworthy” – and they can’t resist engaging with it, because doing so helps them tell their own social media audience who they are.

And that’s not the only reason comedy works so well in marketing


(And that’s not the only reason comedy works so well in marketing)


So many brands forget the social in social media. Comedy doesn’t just entertain and engage – when done right, it drives conversation too.
Inside every joke is a “hidden truth*” – one that deserves discussion, prompts us to share our own truths, and makes us want to tell you, and the world, that we agree.
* Like the Da Vinci Code, but funny on purpose.
Physchology Of Comedy Section [1]


People don’t want to buy from faceless brands waving coupons, vouchers and deals. They want to buy from brands with personality. Brands they feel an affinity to. A connection with.
Comedy content that’s tailored to your audience builds that connection, and keeps your brand front of mind – so that when the time comes for them to enter the consideration phase, they’ve already sold themselves on you and your offer.
Physchology Of Comedy Section [2]


Good marketing builds a human connection with an audience. It shows them that their world is your world. It demonstrates that we’re all in this together. And that’s important now, more than ever.

These aren’t just jokes – they’re proof that you understand our world, and what we’re going through right now. It’s content like this that makes us welcome you into our lives, and – more importantly – our social feeds.

Physchology Of Comedy Section [3]


When we – as a brand – first share the joke, we’re telling a story about ourselves. But when our audience is motivated to share that story – because they found it funny – it becomes a story that they’re telling the world on our behalf.
A good joke doesn’t just entertain and engage – it turns every single one of your followers into an influencer, who will happily push your agenda free of charge.
Physchology Of Comedy Section [4]

So many brands forget the social in social media.

Comedy doesn’t just entertain and engage – when done right, it drives conversation too.

It takes more than just likes and shares to make the sale

Entertaining content based around the right Relatable Truths does reliably drive more engagement – but engagement on its own doesn’t pay the bills.

That’s why we mapped out The Social Success Machine – a system for growing an audience, entertaining them, shifting their objections and limiting beliefs and – when the time is right – making the sale.

Social Media Strategy Development AND Creative Brainstorm

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Four Key Post Objectives, and Four Essential Activities - to grow a hyper-engaged audience who go crazy for your content AND the stuff you sell.

Our four KEY POST OBJECTIVES work together to grow a hyper-engaged audience who’ll go crazy for your content AND the stuff you sell.

We ENTERTAIN your audience with engaging content built around their Relatable Truths and other Strongly Held Beliefs* – in order to drive that “Share and Declare” response and have them amplify your message, while helping to grow your audience too.

*The ones relevant to you and your offer, anyway. If they’re adamant that the moon landings were faked using gerbils dressed in tiny space suits – we’ll probably skip over that one.

We TEACH your audience lessons that help get them one step further to their dream state, while also helping them overcome key objections and limiting beliefs in order to move them further along their buyer’s journey*

*’The buyer’s journey’ is very similar to ‘the hero’s journey’ – but with fewer sword fights and more online transactions.

We SHOWCASE your products and services, and the impact they’ve had on previous buyers – so that when the time is right, your ideal customer sells themselves.

And we LEARN from your audience – with engagement-driving content that’ll ensure your ideal customer actively enjoys sharing their fears, pains and desires with you – topping up that all-important Relatability Matrix with fresh Relatable Truths we can include in future content.

PLUS our four ESSENTIAL ACTIVITIES set the scene for a solid strategy, and good account health – so that each and every post gets as much Organic Reach (aka FREE eyeballs) as possible.

Step 1 - Listen

It might sound crazy, but one of the best ways to grab your audience’s attention on social media is to keep quiet and listen. But you’d be amazed how few brands take active steps to REALLY listen to what their customers are telling them. 

Why is listening so important? Because when you pay close attention to what your audience is actually saying – they’ll practically write your content for you! 

It also gives you the power to:

It’s why, in The Social Success Machine model – your SOCIAL LISTENING strategy is so crucial. It’s how we know precisely what jokes (and content ideas) will have buyers racing for their credit cards.

Step 2 - Breadcrumb

Social media platforms are ultra-powerful NETWORKING tools (hence why platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Insta and TikTok are often referred to as “social networks”).

And yet 99% of businesses treat their socials like a billboard or a “broadcast network”. It means they simply dump their posts and run – and hope their ideal customers will magically pay attention.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but if you’re regularly in broadcast mode on social media – you’re literally leaving money on the table. Which is why you need to go beyond posting daily content on your favourite channels, and leave networking “breadcrumbs” wherever your ideal customers are hanging out. 

But fear not – because your PROACTIVE ENGAGEMENT PLAYBOOK will provide a blueprint that turns your team into breadcrumb-scattering networking ninjas – so you can begin creating an army of red-hot fans BEFORE they’ve even followed your account.

Step 3 - Bond

Like I just said, social media marketing is about networking and NOT broadcasting. Which is why it’s never enough to simply dump a post and disappear until tomorrow.

Think about it this way…

If a potential customer has taken time out of their day to comment on your posts, it makes sense to acknowledge their contribution to your conversation (and to keep the conversation going).

Which is why, inside your PROACTIVE ENGAGEMENT PLAYBOOK you’ll also discover the art and magic of building profitable relationships in your comment threads – so you’ll have an overflowing pipeline of future customers who will sustain your business long-term.

Step 4 - Analyse

If there’s one thing the world’s most successful social media marketers have in common – it’s an insatiable appetite to elevate their performance (even if their content is already on fire)!

For these high-performing brands, creating content makes up a small part of their wider social media marketing cycle of:

…performance analysis…
…strategic and creative iteration…
…and so on to infinity! 

TSSM_Chart 1

Which is why, when you work with White Label Comedy on an ongoing basis, we will:

You’re about to see what the Entertaining, Engaging version of your brand looks like

The brand that gets EVERYONE talking – and for the right reasons.

The brand that audiences already know, like AND trust long before they enter the consideration phase.

The brand that no longer needs to give anyone the hard sell – because your audience have already sold themselves.

We’re handing you a bespoke, comprehensive Social Media Strategy that will set you up for success - whatever your industry, your offer or your audience.

Your Strategy Doc will include:

*Good-crazy, not frothing at the mouth while manically chasing pigeons-crazy.

*Or occasionally a ‘that’s so MIKE… Mike, get in here!’ response.


And it’s going to cost you precisely…


*Ok, so there is a catch! But I promise you it’s one you’re going to love.

Other agencies charge upwards of £10,000 for this kind of strategy development – and that’s without the Relatability Matrix (that we charge £1995 for), or the Creative Brainstorm (£2995).

That’s £15,000 in strategic value – but we’re not here to make a profit on this, we’re here to start a long term relationship that will be profitable for all involved.

So we’re not going to charge you £15k.

We’re not even going to charge you £10k, or £5k.

We’re going to create your Relatability Matrix, build out your entire Social Media Strategy, AND run a Creative Brainstorm to generate countless ideas you can use in your content immediately… and all we’re asking is a token fee to cover some of our costs:


PLUS – we’re going to be giving that straight back to you – in the form of a £1,495 credit to set against any future work together.

Which basically brings the price right back down to ZERO

That’s how confident I am that you’ll be blown away by your new social strategy and that this is going to be the start of a long, fruitful relationship for us all.

Yes – if you hire us to implement your new social success machine strategy – that credit means the strategy itself won’t actually cost you a dime.

Want to see if you qualify?

This ridiculously generous offer is - understandably - strictly limited, with just a few slots each month

We’ll be putting our agency’s very best to work on your social media strategy – and assuming you choose to work with us afterwards, your £1495 in account credit means we’re basically developing your strategy for you for free.

It goes without saying that this is an offer we can only extend to a handful of applicants (just 2 or 3 each month) – and only where we’re 100% confident our kind of content can deliver the results you need.

Want to see if you qualify?

A comprehensive strategy (and a shedload of entertaining, engaging ideas) in your hands just 6 weeks from now…

Step One – use the Calendly widget above to pick your slot for a 30 minute intro call. (Not 4am though please – that’s already been booked for ‘Adam’s recurring nightmare about being dunked in a giant cup of milk by an evil Oreo’.

Step Two – answer the five quick questions in our pre-call questionnaire (please note – if these questions have not been answered, we will need to cancel your call in order to free up the slot for another applicant).

Step Three – our initial call will give us the opportunity to get a sense of where you’re at, what your goals are, and ask any additional questions we need to in order to be certain we can definitely help you reach them.

Step Four – if we feel there’s a good fit, we’ll offer you the next available kick-off slot, and send over a detailed onboarding questionnaire.

Step Five – 14 days after kick-off, we’ll send you your Relatability Matrix to review – and ask you to identify which of the hundreds of Relatable Truths we’ve gathered feel most evocative for your audience.

Step Six – around a month later, we’ll schedule another call where we’ll present your full Social Media Strategy, and the outputs of our content strand ideas Creative Brainstorm. 

And every single piece of content we create as a part of this process is yours to post, for no additional fee, whether you choose to work with us going forwards or not.

Want to see if you qualify?

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The business landscape is changing - entertaining, engaging social content is the key to your survival

The last couple of years have been anything but easy for businesses like yours.

Traditional Advertising’s effectiveness has fallen through the floor – as audiences shift their attention away from linear TV and Print Media.

Paid Social has gotten more expensive, AND less effective – with privacy regulations making effective targeting even harder, pushing conversion rates down while driving up your cost per click.

And Organic Reach on social media has been steadily declining year-on-year. But only for the brands and businesses who insist on doing things the old way.

The brands who insist on serving their audience bland content full of naked sales messages.

We’re going to help you give your audience the content they actually want to consume.

When you arm your audience with BADGEWORTHY content that they can use to SHARE AND DECLARE themselves to their own audience – engagement shoots up, and with it comes an exponential increase in organic reach.

Do you want to continue paying through the nose to force content that no one wants to consume into people’s social feeds?

Or do you want to entertain and engage your audience – so that when the time is right, and they’re in the market for what you’re offering – they’ll already have sold themselves?

The choice is yours.

Social Media Strategy Development AND Creative Brainstorm

To see if you qualify for one of our strictly limited slots…