After painstakingly dissecting 1,000s of social posts from
100+ of the world’s most successful social media accounts...

I’ve Finally Uncovered the Secret to
Turbocharging Engagement and Sales
- in Any Niche!

And for the first time ever I’ve distilled those secrets down into a simple system ANYONE (with a reading age of 6+ and access to a computer) can harness to send their likes, comments, shares and sales through the roof!

Class starts 19th May - Last Chance To Enroll!

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Love ya yer bunch of mad basterds

“Humour is a massive part of my business. I absolutely love what you do.

Love ya yer bunch of mad basterds.

Birds of a feather flock together!”

Vanessa Gregory-Dunn

White Label Comedy are BRILL!

White Label Comedy are brill! I’m on such a roll that I’ve been up all night batch-creating content for my clients and myself.

This is a welcome string to my bow.

Who’d have ever thought being myself would be so profitable.

Thanks again!

Evelyn Münster

I never thought I’d have fun writing social posts

I never thought I’d have fun writing social posts about data protection.

But I did!

Jill Davis

How would you enjoy gaining a reputation as the most entertaining and engaging brand in your niche? (I’m talking about the kind of social profiles you could sell tickets for.) And how would you like to hold in your hands the power to consistently grow your brand on social media, without ‘spraying and praying’

…and without second-guessing your strategy every other minute. The reason I ask is this.

Because – even with a team of A-list comedy writers, crafting killer content for my high-level clients – I still sometimes feel like I’m throwing social spaghetti at the wall. 

At least, I used to…

…until I embarked on a mission to dissect the content marketing secrets of more than 100 of the world’s most successful social media accounts. (Plus one old dear who thought she was trying to sell her pot plants on “Only Ferns”, bless her…)

Here’s the story

Over the years White Label Comedy has crafted a ton of viral posts – across every imaginable niche. So we know a thing or two about creating engagement-driving, sales-boosting content. 

What’s our secret sauce? 

BBQ mixed with mayonnaise

Well, me and my team of TV comedy writers infuse our clients’ social posts with laugh-out-loud funny gags, memes and comedy quotes. And when we do, it never ceases to amaze our clients how the likes, comments, shares and sales take off – practically overnight! 

But despite our clients’ elation at their newly-revived social accounts, we couldn’t help but notice a problem. 

You see, some of our clients’ profiles would go nuclear. We’re talking:

Thousands of likes

✅ Hundreds of comments

✅ And reach in the millions!

While other clients maxed out their engagement at a few hundred likes and 20-30 comments per post (no matter what we did). 

Now don’t get me wrong, 20-30 comments and several hundred likes is nothing to sniff at. But we couldn’t shake the feeling that we could do MORE to generate a tidal wave of engagement for ALL our clients. 

Because when me and my team craft social posts…we don’t just gun for great results. We crave a home run 100% of the time. (And if we don’t get it, we get angsty, crank up the Metallica, and break things around the office.)*

*And by “we” I mean “Alan, who has since been fired”.

So that’s when we started asking ourselves…

Was there an issue with our content? Or was there something about each brand that dictated their EXPLODE-ability potential™️*?

*Not an actual trademark – and I “have to stop sticking it on everything” according to my lawyer…™️

Here’s what REALLY had me stumped

When I looked at the brands achieving consistent, stellar performance, I confess I’d made some snap assumptions. BUT when I actually started analysing these accounts for real, those assumptions instantly went out the window.

Here’s what I believed. 

Assumption #1 – accounts with bigger social followings were the ones most likely to achieve virality on social media. 

WRONG! There was almost no correlation between audience size and likelihood of posts going viral. 

Look! I even made you a graph (which doubles as a handy guide to diagnosing chickenpox).

Assumption #2 – Only our big-brand clients had the capacity to go viral

WRONG! We worked with big brands achieving OK engagement levels. We also worked with little-known, scrappy start-ups whose content went to the moon! This meant that a brand’s public profile had virtually no impact on social media engagement. 

Assumption #3 – Posts with lower levels of engagement were those with objectively lower-quality jokes.

WRONG! You might not know this, but me and my team of A-list comedy writers brainstorm around 100 jokes for every ONE that gets published by our clients. It means that only the top 1% of our ideas will ever make it into the newsfeed.

(The other 99% go in the bin, which we then set on fire, then throw in the sea. Safe to say, we’re not a B Corp.)

Nonetheless I took a fresh look at our content – and I was relieved to see that the jokes getting less action were just as funny as the gags that went viral. 

Which begs the question…

…if audience size, public profile and joke quality had almost no impact on our clients’ engagement levels?

What did?! 

And what were our most successful brands doing that others weren’t, to trigger that avalanche of likes, comments, shares and sales

One of the best investments I’ve made for my new business!

“White Label Comedy’s products are some of the best investments I’ve made for my business.

Knowing my main socials will always have a daily piece of content at the ready is fantastic.

Generating the concept, creating the content, and scheduling my posts for a week takes me a small amount of time”

Chelsea Boudrou - Marchen Tea

Best infoproducts ever!

“I hate the churn of writing new posts. It feels like a treadmill.

I tried so many ways to write several posts ahead of time. And your method is the only one that’s worked.

So now I don’t just post when I want to sell. I can also entertain in between.

Best infoproducts ever!”

Szücs Zsolt - EzVanKiadó

Your products are awesome!

“I just wanted to say your products are awesome. I chuckle along as I learn.

Until recently I generated all my clients through referrals, but I needed to step up.

I really enjoy your workshops”

Lauryn Summerly - Summerly Creative

And that’s when I embarked on my mission to dissect the world’s best-performing social media accounts…


…and pore over thousands of pieces of viral content, from brands across countless niches like…


Because I needed to know the REAL needle-moving activities that would consistently send my clients’ engagement into the stratosphere.

And to develop a proven framework ANYONE can harness to make their socials take off like a rocket…

🟠 Without second-guessing what to post- and praying it’ll trigger a frenzy of likes, comments, shares and sales…

🟠 Without wasting hours staring at a blank screen just to create a single post – that generates crickets (instead of conversations and conversions)…

🟠 And without the nauseating ups and downs of inconsistent account performance…

Truth is, I could have settled for my old, “good-enough” method for crafting engagement-driving content. I mean, even clients at the lower end of the engagement scale were still receiving tons more likes, comments, shares and sales than before we came along.

In fact, this major upswing in engagement was nothing short of game-changing. And our clients were beyond thrilled with their results! 

(Especially that one client whose previous tactic was “drink gin, get political and post in ALL CAPS”…)

But I knew I could do better. If I could just get my hands on the cold, hard facts of what it really takes to consistently drive engagement in any niche.  

My research began like this:

First, I scoured the internet to identify over 100 of the world’s most entertaining and engaging social media accounts. (Actually, that’s not strictly true. First, I drank a cup of coffee bigger than an Olympic swimming pool.)  Then I judged each brand against these key performance indicators: 

  1. Engagement per Capita. That means quantity of likes, comments and shares, divided by audience size. This gave me an apples to apples measure of precisely how engaging a brand’s content really was.  
  2. Brand Mentions. How often is the brand tagged by customers, fans and new discoverers?
  3. Audience Sentiment. AKA is audience interaction overwhelmingly positive or negative? 

These are the metrics that matter when it comes to building an army of raving mega-fans. Which is why I dug deep into the brands who were crushing it across all of these indicators.

Next up...

Next, I collated 1,000s of social posts from my hand-selected leaderboard of top-performing accounts. And I studied them until my eyes bled. (Must go see a doctor and/or exorcist about that…)

What was I looking for while I studied this mountain of content? I was looking to answer these crucial questions about social media success: 

Were there specific tactics and strategies that consistently generated the MOST likes, comments, shares and sales? 

Did these engagement-driving methods apply across all niches?

And could I turn these strategies into a repeatable, easy-to-replicate roadmap that anyone can follow?

What I discovered was nothing short of staggering

After endless months of gathering and analysing thousands of social posts from 100+ brands – a super simple system began to emerge from the haze of social media confusion. 

It turns out that social media marketing is hardly the mind-boggling voodoo magic we’ve been sold by wannabe experts and social media gurus. It’s actually really simple.

That’s because successfully driving engagement on social media boils down to this.

Creating content that satisfies 4 key marketing objectives and harnessing 4 essential marketing activities to make sure your content gets seen.

That's it!

Writing funny stuff is hard

“Writing funny stuff is hard.

But this is the year I promised myself I’d get better at it - mainly for my own business…but some of my clients could do with a bit of humour too!

I’ve bought your products and I love them.”

Anna Bravington - Those That Dare

We’re definitely seeing increased engagement

“We’ve tried your methods for 7 days so far.

First off, it took us only a short time to write a week’s worth of posts.

And secondly, we’re definitely seeing increased engagement. Thank you!”

Andrew Sandford - Lean and Agile

I knew there was comedy gold in there

“I make tarot card bath bombs. I knew there was some comedy gold in there, but I just couldn’t quite get there.

I thought maybe White Label Comedy could help.

Good news: they could and I love them!”

Lizzie Lewis - Fizzie Lizzie Bath Bombs

…I’m Going to Show You Precisely How to Explode Your Socials Inside The Social Success Machine

The Social Success Machine is a step-by-step LIVE group coaching program that walks you through the exact steps you need to take to rapidly expand your reach, engagement and sales on social media. 

Inside this program, you’ll have direct and intimate access to me and my team of A-list comedy writers (assuming I can tear them away from watching Frasier re-runs and building their Seinfeld Lego sets). And we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about the 4 key objectives and 4 essential activities every business needs to smash, if they want to explode their socials. 

Plus I’ll show you how to apply everything I learned, from my painstaking content marketing research, to your social accounts.

Here’s how the system works:

Step 1 - Listen

It might sound crazy, but one of the best ways to grab your audience’s attention on social media is to keep quiet and listen. But you’d be amazed how few brands take active steps to REALLY listen to what their customers are telling them. 

Why is listening so important? Because when you pay close attention to what your audience is actually saying – they’ll practically write your content for you! 

Plus, you’ll have the power to:

It’s why, in Step 1, of the The Social Success Machine you’ll discover how to listen deeply to your ideal customers, so you know precisely what jokes, and content ideas will have buyers racing for their credit cards. 

Step 2 - Breadcrumb

Social media platforms are ultra-powerful NETWORKING tools (hence why platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Insta and TikTok are often referred to as “social networks”).

And yet 99% of businesses treat their socials like a billboard or a “broadcast network”. It means they simply dump their posts and run – and hope their ideal customers will magically pay attention. 

Well, I hate to break it to you, but if you’re regularly in broadcast mode on social media – you’re literally leaving money on the table. Which is why you need to go beyond posting daily content on your favourite channels, and leave networking “breadcrumbs” wherever your ideal customers are hanging out. 

And so, in Step 2, I’m going to turn you into a breadcrumb-scattering networking ninja – so you begin creating an army of red-hot fans BEFORE they’ve even followed your account

Step 3 - Bond

Like I just said, social media marketing is about networking and NOT broadcasting. Which is why it’s never enough to simply dump a post and disappear until tomorrow.

Think about it this way…

If a potential customer has taken time out of their day to comment on your posts, it makes sense to acknowledge their contribution to your conversation (and to keep the conversation going).

Which is why, in Step 3, you’ll discover the art and magic of building profitable relationships in your comment threads – so you’ll have an overflowing pipeline of future customers who will sustain your business long-term.  

Step 4 - Analyse

If there’s one thing the world’s most successful social media marketers have in common – it’s an insatiable appetite to elevate their performance (even if their content is already on fire)!

For these high-performing brands, creating content makes up a small part of their wider social media marketing cycle of:

…performance analysis…
…strategic and creative iteration…
…and so on to infinity! 

TSSM_Chart 1

Which is why I’m going to show you the simplest and most effective way to:

You’ll also discover the 4 essential objectives your posts MUST satisfy – if you want to explode your reach and sales


If you’ve ever found yourself staring at a blank screen, with no idea what to say to your audience…

TSSM_Facebook Status - trimmed

Don’t worry!

Because when you join The Social Success Machine you’ll also discover dozens of plug n’ play social post recipes that will meet each of the 4 essential social media marketing objectives. AND send your engagement skywards… without requiring hours of head-scratching, middle-distance-gazing or keyboard-throwing-out-the-window-in-a-fit-of-rage each week. 

I’m already laughing at myself

“I’m already laughing at myself with what I’ve come up with. Your products are surprisingly very easy to use with immediate great effect!”

David John Daniels - Craftsman

We achieved 37 million impressions on Twitter!

“Turns out the videos we created went viral. One achieved 37 million impressions on Twitter.

White Label Comedy helped our campaign become the world’s largest literacy campaign…possibly ever. We have a lot to thank you for!”

Henry Warren - Turn On The Subtitles

I laughed myself sick!

“I laughed myself sick. It’s not every day I thank a team for making me hurl.

What a gift that is!”

Elizabeth Keller Fitzsimmons - Author and Motivational Speaker

How does The Social Success Machine work?

Over the course of 6 LIVE online coaching calls, we’ll move through the 4 key objectives and 4 essential activities you need to engage in to smash your social media marketing goals.

You’ll also have assignments to complete after each coaching session, to solidify your new knowledge…and to move you seamlessly onto the next step.

It’s like school – except this is fun and worthwhile, and you won’t get bullied about your Thomas the Tank Engine backpack. (15 year olds can be savage, can’t they…)

Throughout the program, you’ll receive personalised help and feedback from me and my comedy-writing team during 6 LIVE hot seat calls. 

Plus, we’ll be on hand to answer your questions inside the exclusive Social Success Machine Facebook community. (You can ask us ANYTHING about social media marketing – up to and including “Would you rather have pens for fingers or iPads for feet?” Nothing silly though.)

On top of all that, we’ve created dozens of templates, cheatsheets and easy-to-follow recipes – so you can take fast action at the end of each session.

Not only that!

When you join The Social Success Machine you don’t just get these in-depth training resources, and direct, intimate access to me and my team of A-list comedy writers.

You’ll also get…

Bonus # 1 -Speed Read Your Audience: Quickstart Training

Imagine knowing PRECISELY what to say to effortlessly turn lukewarm leads into red hot buyers. And imagine never running out of engaging content ideas, no matter how regularly you post on social media. 

That’s precisely what you get inside Speed Read Your Audience Quickstart Training. During this training you’ll discover:

Bonus # 2 -Selling with Story Masterclass

They say variety is the spice of life. And nowhere is that more true than on social media. Which is why the world’s top-performing brands pepper their socials with a high-converting mix of jokes, stories and knowledge bombs.

It’s also why we’re handing you the key to crafting engagement-driving story posts, using the knowledge you already possess about your dream customers.

Join me inside the Selling with Story Masterclass, where you’ll uncover:

Bonus # 3 -My PERSONAL Awesome Social Post Swipe File

If you’re ever stuck for social media inspiration, then do what the pros do…and swipe winning content ideas! But how do you know the right ideas to swipe?

I’m going to show you inside my personal swipe file of awesome social posts.

Inside this file, I’ll show you hundreds of high-performing social posts from brands in countless niches – so you can see real-world examples of what’s working in the newsfeed RIGHT NOW

…and use these as prompts for your own awesome content.

One-time charge of just $597 (plus VAT where applicable).

No hidden fees. No contract. Safe, secure payment.

It couldn’t be easier for you to ignite your socials when you join The Social Success Machine!

And here’s the best part. Because this is the first time I’m sharing my brand new system beyond my high-level, done-for-you clients – I’m going to make you an extra special, one-time deal.

It’s my way of thanking you for joining the first round of this one-of-a-kind opportunity for intimate access to the world’s greatest comedy writers and digital marketers.

My and my team of A-List Comedy Writers are going to walk you, step-by-step, through this program LIVE - for just $597.

(It was either that or send round the mariachi band I keep on retainer – but I figured you’d prefer a COLOSSAL discount…)

That’s right! For just $597 you’ll receive:

6 x LIVE Coaching Calls (spread over 12 weeks). Covering everything you need to know about creating side-splitting, engagement-driving content week after week…

6 x LIVE Hot Seat Calls. Between each module, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about anything we’ve covered inside this program. Plus you can submit your entertaining, engaging content for live, personalised feedback from me or a member of my pro comedy-writing team…

Group Coaching Calls and Hot Seat Calls will take place at 4pm UK time. (That’s 11am Eastern and 8am Pacific)

But don’t worry if you’re not able to attend these calls live. Because we’ll share recordings of each session as soon as they’re ready.

Plus, you can submit your questions and feedback requests to a member of our team…and we’ll make sure to cover your questions during our live calls.  

6 x Homework Assignments. After each live coaching call, we’ll set you an assignment based on the knowledge you’ve just gained. You can save them to do in your own time. Or for the best results, send them to me and my team for our honest, constructive feedback…

Our best social media recipes, templates and cheatsheets. At White Label Comedy we’ve systemised and documented our content creation process to within an inch of its life! And now we’re going to share our best systems and templates with you – to make content creation faster and easier than ever…

Exclusive access to The Social Success Machine community – need support between live coaching calls and live hot seats? No problem! Simply hop into the exclusive The Social Success Machine community and a member of my team will be on hand to help.

Future program updates – social media is always changing. And so we expect the content in this program to evolve over time as well. Which is why you’ll receive lifetime access to program updates the minute they go live inside the training dashboard.

PLUS - Receive These Bonuses!

And it’s all yours for just $597!

One-time charge of just $597 (plus VAT where applicable).

No hidden fees. No contract. Safe, secure payment.

Now remember, this is a one-time beta offer. So it’s likely that future live cohorts will pay at least $997 (or more) to receive the same level of content and live hand-holding from me and my team.  

The price I’m showing you today is likely to be the price you’ll pay for future DIY versions of this program…without live coaching…and without live hot seat sessions (which in themselves are priceless!).

So, if you’ve been thinking about upping your game on social media for some time, now’s the time to dive in and finally send your engagement and sales soaring. 

Now, you already know that this is a great deal for the level of live support I’m offering you. But I want to make this program a complete no-brainer. 

Which is why I’m also giving you a full 90-day money-back guarantee when you join The Social Success Machine today. 

Get My “Gotta Love It” 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee


You don’t risk a penny when you sign up for The Social Success Machine. Because I will personally guarantee your satisfaction for 3 entire months. 

Register now, and you have until the very last day of this 12-week program to decide if you’re delighted with the insiders-only secrets I share. In theory, it means you could…

…join the entire Social Success Machine live program…  
…download all the worksheets…
…attend all the hotseats calls…
…take all the feedback you need from me and my team of A-list comedy writers…
…and still claim back every penny for any reason (or no reason at all).

Simply hit the button below, fill in your details and show up for the program. If you don’t like what you see you can send an email to [email protected] and I’ll personally make sure you get your refund quick as a flash.

That’s my “Gotta Love It” guarantee.

One-time charge of just $597 (plus VAT where applicable).

No hidden fees. No contract. Safe, secure payment.

Great engagement

“Our first scheduled post went live this morning.

Great engagement with our customers already. And I have another 51 posts ready to go!”

David C Allen - Rec2Tec Driving

Saves me hours each month

“I implemented your methods immediately.

Saves me hours each month, trying to come up with off-the-cuff humour posts for my business”

John Ballmore - Offshore Crew

Me and my team have been snort-laughing all morning

“Me and my team have been snort-laughing all morning.

And while it’s unattractive - we appreciate it!”

Jess Lorimer - Selling To Corporate

Adam's Face 2022

Grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain intimate access to me and my team…

…before it’s too late!

Here’s the bottom line. I know I should charge way more than $597 for the amount of direct access you’ll get to me and my award-winning team of comedy writers. 

(Remember, these are the very same comedy writers who craft side-splitting jokes for hit TV shows like Mock the Week and Celebrity Juice. So you’ll literally be rubbing virtual shoulders with comedy royalty!) 

Why so cheap then?

Well, at the end of the program I’m going to ask you for one, small favour that will take just two minutes to complete. I’d like you to give me your honest, no-holds-barred feedback on your experience.

That’s it.

But your opinion is worth its weight in gold to me. And that’s why I’m giving you a huge reduction off the full program price just this once. 

Which means this really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work directly with me and my team for 3 whole months. All for just $597.

Click to grab the deal while you still can!

One-time charge of just $597 (plus VAT where applicable).

No hidden fees. No contract. Safe, secure payment.

Still here? Great! Because I value your opinion so much – and because I want your brutally honest feedback about EVERYTHING – I’m going to send you a copy of a little side-project I’ve been working on. It’s called “It’s No Joke: The Musical – A 6-Hour Jazz-Hop Journey Through the Inner World of a Comedy-Centric Social Media Agency’s Creative Director” and my mum says it’s great. Unless you’d prefer to opt out? If so, click here.