Case Study: House Painters Tweets

The Brief

We were approached by a marketing agency who specialise in small business marketing.

They had a significant number of House Painting firms on their books – and so commissioned a set of social media posts that could be reversioned for each of them to use within their social media marketing mix.

The brief for each post was simple: find a fun, funny, relatable way to make the case that the firm in question should be hired over and above the competition. 


“We asked him for a Matt Finish…”

When you need a house painter who wasn’t Bourne yesterday – you know who to call.

If you want the “distressed look” on your walls, not your face – don’t call them, call us.

There’s a reason the other guys claim they can get it done in a day. Hire us to avoid cat-astrophe.

Our competitors might promise you the red carpet treatment. Unlike them – we’ll leave your carpets how we found them.

Fun Fact: Bad paint jobs can leave your home susceptible to infestation from unwanted critters. 

Decades of experience with emergency cover-ups, whitewashing, removing troublesome stains and reviving crumbling ruins. But don’t call her if you need your house painted – just call us.

Heard he paints houses? Still check his references – just in case.


#NeverHireDeNiro ToPaintYourHouse 

The downside to working with us? You’ll miss out on that “new couch” feeling other firms throw in for free.

Pro Tip: Wondering if you’ve hired a good house painter?

Just sneak a peek at their schedule.


The best relationships are built on trust. Although if you and the wife don’t have any, we’re happy to send Ugly Kyle round instead.

Leaving a house painter unsupervised in your home?

Hire a reputable firm, avoid unexpected labor costs (in more ways than one).

Before we start painting, we always fill in any holes – including the ones you made with your head minutes after your last house painters left.

Just because they COULD paint your house, doesn’t mean they SHOULD paint your house.

Hire an experienced House Painter you can trust.