Buckle Me Baby Coats

Pay As You GO Pack

The Brief

Our client was selling an innovative coat that solves and age-old problem: how to get kids in and out of a car seat, without them having a meltdown when you try and take their coats off.

Having already had success on social sharing “found” memes – the Buckle Me Baby Coat team asked us to create relatable share-driving content that would entertain and engage their audience, while also effectively representing the brand.

This content is due for release in the run up to the yearly “kid’s winter coat buying season” – we’ll share the results on this page as soon as we have that data.

When not helping your brand entertain, engage and sell - our writers also craft jokes for these award-winning shows.

They’ve crafted jokes for Graham Norton, Sue Perkins, Jon Richardson, Al Murray, Judy Murray, Dermot O’Leary and even Professor Stephen Hawking. Now they’re here to help you and your brand win hearts and minds (and Likes and Shares) on social.