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Bright Interactive

The Simulated Social Takeover

Bright Interactive are the SAAS company behind Digital Asset Management platform Asset Bank. They hired us to show them what the fun, funny version of their socials would look like – to see whether we could bring the sense of humour they needed without detracting from the brand’s existing identity. 

They loved the content – and not only will the be rolling it out soon on their live socials, they’ve signed up to work with us on more of the same for an initial 6 month period.

AssetBank @brightassetbank 
Want to hear a horror story?


AssetBank @brightassetbank 
It’s time to brush up on your knowledge with our #AtoZofDAM:

AssetBank @brightassetbank 
5 ways to repurpose your content:

1 – Change the wording
2 – Adjust how it’s written
3 – Edit the phrases used
4 – Look up synonyms and tweak the verbiage
5 – Read our article and learn how to do it properly

AssetBank @brightassetbank 
Our ‘5 Ways to Repurpose Your Content’ article is also available as a podcast, a vlog, a dance recital, skywriting over the town of your choice, and a Netflix adaptation that plays fast and loose with the facts but is, to be honest, a lot more entertaining.

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Read about 5 of the funniest marketing fails, including an embarrassing copy-and-paste mistake:

Just post something like that and then we can get down the pub. Has that rash calmed down btw? X

AssetBank @brightassetbank 
DAM jargon driving you MAD? Our #AtoZofDAM is here to help.

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Warning: Asset Bank’s autocomplete search function may reveal a little too much about what’s really going on in your company…

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Today’s #SecretLifeofAssets exclusive comes from a recently converted JPEG.

Fuji Film @FujiFilmX_US 
Can’t stop, won’t stop…creating.

AssetBank @brightassetbank 
Nice! Just remember to hit command-S every now and again, yeah?

AssetBank @brightassetbank 
If you only ever listen to one podcast on Martech predictions, make it this one! If you have time to listen to two, listen to this one twice — it’s stacked with knowledge.

AssetBank @brightassetbank 
2020: The year of celebrity indoorsment.

Who nailed it? And who failed it? Find out in this week’s blog!

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This instalment of the #SecretLifeofAssets comes from the .psd file who just wants to be understood.

AssetBank @brightassetbank 
We could go on and on about Asset Bank’s sophisticated duplicate detection, but really it’s just more of the same.

AssetBank @brightassetbank 
It’s time for a round of #CelebrityAssets. Combine a celeb’s name with your favourite file format, for example…

Dwayne ‘the RAWk’ Johnson
.doc-tor Phil
Ellen .Pages

Think you can do better!? We wanna see it!

Director David @DirectorDavid
ZIPpa Middleton


Maria @MarketingManagerMaria
GIF Rhys Jones


Comms Cameron @CommsOfficerCameron
WAV Wilding


Paige Smith @ProjectManagerPaige
Georgia TIFFolo!

(can you tell I’m watching Made in Chelsea…??? 😂😂😂)


AssetBank @brightassetbank 
The only downside to using Asset Bank is that it’s incredibly intuitive with fantastic tech support — so your IT guy will have some time on his hands…

AssetBank @brightassetbank 
Sending out brass knuckledusters wasn’t the best way to promote the Godfather II video game — not least because they made it impossible to hold the controller.

Learn from 5 of the funniest marketing fails, here:

AssetBank @brightassetbank 
Hamlet: Disorganised, always wondering whether to be or not to be, kills several family members, dies.

DAMlet: Efficient, never gets stressed, forsees his father’s murder due to Asset Bank’s built-in alert system, probably gets promoted because he’s so cool.

AssetBank @brightassetbank 
We revisited our 2020 predictions for #ThrowbackThursday.

Most of these came true! But we do feel a bit silly for failing to predict this year’s biggest viral hit…

Sony Alpha @SonyAlpha 
This photographer shares his tips and tricks for capturing the perfect low-light landscape shot.


AssetBank @brightassetbank 
This photo looks like a dessert and now I have to go out and buy ice cream so thanks for that.

AssetBank @brightassetbank 
We keep pitching DAM-based TV shows, but no one’s buying… 🤔

GDPR You Being Served?
.doc Who
Chicago .PSD
Jargon Hunt


AssetBank @brightassetbank 
Some more jargon-busting courtesy of our #AtoZofDAM:

AssetBank @brightassetbank 
Following user feedback, we are now uploading 2020 v2.0…