Case Study: AromaStick Print Ads (for Easy Jet's In-Flight Magazine)

The Brief

AromaStick is a Swiss aromatherapy nasal inhaler brand whose products sell around the world.

Unlike their competitors, their inhalers use 100% organic ingredients, and their devices have a scientifically proven effect on the central nervous system.

They bought Ad Space in three consecutive issues of EasyJet’s in-flight magazine – and commissioned us generate the ideas, write the copy, and produce the final artwork. 

Phase one

Top-Line Ideas

We tasked the hive-mind with generating top-line ideas for the three Print Ads.

Out of some 200 pitched ideas, we selected the strongest 15 – and presented these to the client.

Phase Two

Client selects 3 concepts

Phase Three

Further Development

We re-brief the hive-mind to take the product’s USPs, and the brand’s key messaging, and generate fun, funny ways to express each that tie neatly in with each of our three chosen concepts.

Phase Four