Pay As You Go Content Packs

Comedy content for brands and small businesses

Supercharging engagement, reach and sales on social

No retainers, no monthly commitments

Ready-to-post content in your inbox in 7 days

Medium Content Pack (40 Posts)

Entertain and engage your audience – with your brand and its values front and centre – and you’ll be arming them with stories to share, ideas to celebrate, and content that travels further, for free.

Our second tier content pack is perfect for small brands and local businesses who already know that comedy content has an impact – and want to scale up slowly alongside their existing marketing mix.

40 Short-form posts – based on your own content calendar, your marketing objectives, and our knowledge of what plays well with audiences in your space.

All written content will be short-form (280 characters or less) – ready for you to use across as many social media channels as you wish.

(Optional) pre-licensed Adobe Stock Image provided for each post if required Images will be optimised for one platform (your primary platform) as standard, with reversioning for additional platforms available on request.

GBP £1,245.00

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