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Yes – this is…

The Social Media Marketing Toolkit

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Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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The Social Media Marketing Toolkit

We’re in the process of putting together a series of articles covering everything (and we mean everything) you need to know about social media marketing – and how to leverage your brand’s sense of humour to increase engagement and boost sales.

If you’re feeling impatient, though – why not take a look at our social media marketing packages. Hire us, and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know – one on one.

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If you’ve got a limited budget, should your marketing strategy prioritise the new school of likes, shares and social media ads? Or is old school inbox infiltration still your safest bet for lead generation and sales? We’ve weighed up the pros and cons of email marketing and social media to help you maximise the impact of your marketing efforts. 

Why small businesses should use comedy in their social media marketing

Your small business needs to have a strong social media presence – but the time, budget and personnel constraints that are inherent to marketing for small businesses can make it feel impossible to compete with the big guns, and elevate your content above all the noise. Here’s how, and why, comedy can help.

The Funniest Brands on Social Media

It’s time to celebrate the heroes of social media marketing – the social media managers with a sense of humour (or “sense of humor”, if you’re stateside) so well honed that they’re able to dominate on Twitter and Facebook.

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The social media landscape can be scary and confusing. You’re constantly told you need a strong social media presence – so you build a team of social media execs and community managers, and they start posting.

You create content that you think will appeal to everyone – because there are a billion people online at any one time, and any one of them could be your next customer.

You’re told consistency is key – so whatever type of content they’re creating, you make sure their social media posts stick to a rigid schedule, even when they’ve got nothing much to say.

And when no one engages with your posts, you try to crack the code with an analytics tool, but quickly shrug it off – it’s “the algorithm”. The cards are stacked against you.  You start paying platforms to promote your posts – believing Facebook ads are the only way you’ll ever get your content seen by your target audience.

If any of this sounds familiar, then I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you don’t yet have an effective social media marketing strategy in place. And that’s often the case, even when you’ve hired a supposedly reputable social media management company.

But that’s ok – because in this article we’ll walk you through the simple five-step process that we use to help our own clients develop highly effective social media marketing strategies that ensure each piece of content they create gets maximum reach, engagement, and impact.

As a social media agency that just happens to be powered by a hive-mind of comedy writers – we will of course relate each and every step back to the use of humour in your marketing efforts. But even the most straight-laced of brands can follow these same five steps, and get a solid marketing plan at the end of the process. 

Your social media marketing plan starts here.

According to the “Rule of 7”, a potential client or customer needs to interact with your brand at least seven times before they’ll be ready to buy your product or service.

You can have the most enticing offer in the world – but if we’ve never heard of you, you’ll struggle to get us to hand over any of our cold, hard cash.

A strong social media presence is key to increasing brand awareness – but if the first 6 times anyone hears from you, they’re not going to be receptive to any kind of sales messaging – you might start to wonder: what exactly are we meant to “say”?!

Placing comedy at the heart of your social media marketing strategy is win-win for two reasons. Firstly – it’s the quickest route to creating content that’s entertaining and engaging. And secondly – the techniques that comedy writers use to craft their jokes can also be a useful creative tool, even if you’re not trying to be funny.

A joke, after all, is just the product of two disparate ideas “clicking” together, in a way that all of a sudden makes sense, thanks to a hidden “truth” that’s been cleverly framed to bridge the gap.

Those hidden truths allow you to link your brand to anything – a news story, a relatable trope, a viral trend – opening up new possibilities for content creation across the board.

(Of course – as a social media marketing company powered by a hive-mind of comedy writers – we highly recommend erring on the side of “funny”. But you’d expect that from us!)

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next blog post, Instagram story, tweet, or even your next Tik Tok video – and you’re keen on using comedy to create brand awareness but want to go beyond the basics of content marketing, this article’s for you.

15 things you can do, on pretty much any social media platform, too boost your brand awareness. 

We’d love you to think we were the only people in the world capable of creating funny social media campaigns for brands – especially if it makes you even more likely to hire us – but truth be told, there are some brands out there who even still manage two impress us, day in day out, with their hilarious tweets and funny Facebook pages,

It’s time to celebrate the heroes of social media marketing – the social media managers with a sense of humour (or “sense of humor”, if you’re stateside) so well honed that they’re able to dominate on Twitter and Facebook.

These are the funniest brands on social media.

It’s essential to provide impeccable social media customer service in 2020. We all know that, right? If you didn’t, just keep quiet and read on — we’ve got your back.

According to the Institute of Customer Service, 1 in 3 people will turn to social media when they have customer service issues. They won’t pick up the phone, search your knowledge base, or engage with your clunky website chatbot. Instead, they’ll fire you a question via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram — or possibly one of the others, if they’re feeling fruity.

You need to be prepared to keep your existing customers happy on social media, because your ideal customers are watching from the sidelines, and there’s no reason why you should bore the pants off ‘em in the process. We’re always banging on about the benefits of giving your brand a sense of humour when it comes to your social media marketing – so you won’t be surprised to hear us extolling the virtues of applying the same to your brand’s tone of voice when with customer service too.

Comedy lowers our defences, so we’re more receptive to its hidden messages. Comedy builds a positive association with your brand, because suddenly you’re fun to be around.

But perhaps most importantly, in an age where ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ dictate who sees what, funny content travels far and wide, for free. Brands that master the funny customer service response go viral, and thinking of your social media customer service strategy as anything less than a content campaign in its own right is a missed opportunity.

Just in case the prospect of massive exposure for your brand or small business isn’t enticing enough, we’ve got four more reasons why the customer service section of your social media management strategy should include the words ‘be funny’ (ideally as an ALL CAPS title, in bold, and underlined):

As comedy writers, we value laughter above nearly everything else. So yeah, we’ll admit it. Every now and again, we make a joke that takes aim at somebody specific — but we always think carefully about how it might make them feel and, fundamentally, we try to be kind. Unfortunately, not everyone shares this ideal, and this is abundantly clear when it comes to social media.

We interrupt our usual programming to bring you this case study of Yorkshire Tea, who, in their own words, had a ‘rough weekend’ on Twitter. Read on to find out how they not only weathered the storm, but came out the other side smiling. Hint: it’s all thanks to their funny social media marketing team!

Some industries seem to find it easier than others to give brands a personality, and content a sense of humour. So we’re taking a tour, sector by sector, until we’ve gathered the evidence to prove – definitively – that in each and every industry, there’s a way to make “funny” work in your social media marketing mix.

(Also, we spend so much of our time picking apart bad examples of comedy in advertising – it’s nice to flip the script every now and then, and congratulate those whose social media strategies are working).

In this article, our spotlight is on the automotive industry – where a few bold trailblazers have proven that both social ads and organic content can drive traffic to your website more effectively – and make for more effective marketing campaigns – when they’ve got a fun idea at their heart.

This is social media marketing for cars – they best automotive comedy on Facebook and Twitter.