White Label Comedy Starter Packs – The Easiest Place to Begin

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Inside the White Label Comedy Hive Mind we’ve got the best comedy writers i’ve worked with in my time as a TV Producer, and the most talented creatives from my time in advertising – collaborating remotely, on-demand, to boost brands like yours.

And I could just TELL you what we can do for your brand – but instead, I want to SHOW you.

That’s why we’ve put together our Starter Packs – up to £1,995 worth of bespoke Comedy Content, yours today for just a fraction of the price.


Supercar Dealer Bell Sport and Classic chose the Top-Line Idea Starter Pack – so for them, we generated a slate of great top-line ideas for video content that will build their audience and showcase their cars.



My favourites: Customers in Cars Getting Coffee, and the Ferrari Fact File. Bell loved these two as much as we did – and I can’t wait to get to work bringing them to life.

Natural Inhaler brand AromaStick went for the Scroll-Stopping Social Media Starter Pack – and asked us to generate a set of Funny Photoshops to help them spread the word.

From the Sloth who went from Tree to 5k thanks to their “Energy” stick, and the President who changed his mind about pretty much everything thanks to “Refresh”, to the world’s slowest author – who finally finished a certain 6th book with the help of “Focus”.



Each of the images we created represented a different easily repeatable strand. And they loved them all too much to choose favourite – so we’ll be working with AromaStick on building out each one of these categories very soon.

When Project Management consultants Build @ Beach chose the Scroll-Stopping Social Starter Pack – they were struggling to boil down their message into something simple, and easily-gettable.

So our first job was to help them define that key message: “They’re the fun, friendly team you bring in to effect change when you can’t afford to screw things up” – and then we gave them a set of ideas for social media strands that deliver that message in a fun, funny accessible way.


And finally – Keller Fitzsimmons is a serial Tech Entrepreneur, and author of the bestselling book Lost in Start-Up-Landia. She took the Short-form Script Punch-Up Starter Pack – and asked us to help her punch up a Ted Talk.

We delivered a document with over 200 suggested jokes, lines and funny ideas – including multiple punchline options for the same set-up – and in her own words, she “laughed herself sick”.


That’s how they used their Starter Packs – the only question now is how will you use yours?

The deliverables on offer could cost as much as £1995 if you were paying our rate-card prices.

Get them as part of your Starter Pack, and you’d normally pay £495 – but for you, as you look so friendly (oh, you’re on webcam by the way, and can I just say, loving the tie but, maybe wear some trousers?) anyway, for you – we’re going to cut that price in half.

For the next 7 days (and maybe a little longer, if we leave the link active and forget to turn the offer off) you can choose any of our Starter Packs for just £249.

It’s the perfect low-risk way to try us on for size – and find out just how great life can be with a hive-mind of Comedy Creatives sitting in your back pocket. (Heads-up – it makes sitting down feel a bit weird at first, but you get used to it).

Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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We could tell you how we’d entertain, engage, and sell to your audience – instead, we want to show you. We’ll craft one mind-blowingly effective tweet – and it’ll be yours to use, for free.

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Tired of staring at a blank page and waiting for great ideas to magically appear? Let our hive-mind be an extension of your mind – and you’ll have a slate of great ideas on your desk in no time.

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