Turn Brand Messaging into Comedy Content, Quickly, and Easily

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If you don’t have any Comedy Content in your marketing mix, you’re missing out on the easiest, most effective way to engage an audience, bring down their guard, and turn them into not just loyal customers – but raving fans.

The kind of fans that use the Crying Laughing emoji so much, you start to worry if they’re ok.

The kind of fans that love you so much they write erotic fan-fiction about you. Fifty Shades of Ink Cartridges, that kind of thing.

Brands that can make an audience laugh, can make that audience love them.

Our potential customers are savvy – they’re used to having people try and sell them stuff, so their guard stays up – unless we find a way to bring it down.

Making us laugh does just that. It distracts us from the fact that we’re being sold to – and makes us much more receptive to those key messages.

Plus – the ‘funny bit’ of any content is the bit that travels the furthest.

But many brands see the words “comedy” and they think “risk”. With their reputation at stake, they run as far as they can in the opposite direction.

Making your brand funny is easier (and less risky) than you think – so long as you always start with your Brand Message, and get all the jokes pointing in exactly the same direction.

There are hundreds of ways to do it – but five of them, I see time and time again – especially from the big brands.

And there’s a reason for that. They’re the ones that are the easiest to pull of successfully, and the least likely to blow up in your face.

You could hire a comedy writer (or even a whole hive-mind of them.) Or you could just…

Download a FREE copy of our new E-Book, and we’ll walk you through five foolproof ways to turn your brand’s message into entertaining content – and show exactly how some of the world’s biggest brands have put those methods into practice in their marketing activities, in ways anyone can easily replicate.

it’s full of Quick Tips, Illustrative Examples, and Actionable Advice – because we want to show that you don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to be able to turn brand values into content that’ll get use laughing.

Find out which simple technique SpecSavers Opticians have been relying on to keep themselves in focus for the last two decades.

Discover how Amazon recently managed to get us laughing not just with, but at them, without even the tiniest risk to their reputation.

And learn how brands like Lego have been supercharging their engagement on social by jumping on-board breaking news stories fast – with their own funny twist.

We’ll also pick apart the research – so that you won’t just know HOW to make brands funny, but WHY.

Download today, and also get access to our FREE Email Mini-Course: “Writing Jokes That Sell in 280 characters or less”.

Imagine a world where not only is your sales message hidden just far enough below the surface that our guard stays down and we stay receptive – the content goes viral. Massive amplification.

That’s the world we want to help build.

Make your next marketing campaign not just funny, but effective too.

The techniques in this book can be applied to:

** Scroll-stopping social media

** Facebook and YouTube Video Ad Campaign Ideas

** Comedy-focused Conversion Copy

** Punched-Up Keynote Speeches

And here’s just some of the nice stuff people have said about it so far:

“Love their way of thinking when it comes to marketing – such a refreshing perspective!” (Josh Lewis, Challenge Social)

“Adam is a top-class producer and creative. I’ve worked with him more times than I can remember, and it’s always a pleasure. White Label Comedy is fantastic at generating unique, clever and most importantly – funny – content that is filling a real gap in the market, and the book is the perfect primer for anyone who wants to take the White Label method and apply to to their brand themselves” (Paul Carter – Presenter and Journalist, BBC Click)

“The book’s a great read – but the real value is hiding right there in plain sight, inside the free email mini-course. The lessons are really clearly laid out, the examples succinct, useful and, most importantly – funny. Really enjoying reading – and can’t wait to put these into practice” (Bill Uden, Founder, Aeithalis)

To get your free copy, head to whitelabelcomedy.com/ebook

Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt

Advertising Creative, Copywriter, TV Producer, Comedy Writer and the Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy

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