TV’s Best Comedy Writers Crafting Content Your Audience Will Go Crazy* For

* Figuratively, not clinically

I’m Adam Hunt – a TV Producer turned Copywriter who loves it when brands make us laugh, and hates how rarely that happens.

There’s an art to writing jokes that work for brands – and a science that makes sure the end result is on-brand, on-message and won’t get you cancelled.

I brought together TV’s best comedy writers* as the White Label Comedy Hive-Mind, to help brands of all shapes and sizes entertain, engage and sell.**

* (not as hard as it sounds – they were all in the same branch of Starbucks complaining about the WiFi).

** I keep them in a small bucket on my coffee table, occasionally feeding them episodes of Cheers.

Sam Karazi

ToonedUp Gifts

“Adam I think I’m in love with you and your team! Amazing work.”

When not helping your brand entertain, engage and sell - our writers also craft jokes for these award-winning shows.

They’ve crafted jokes for Graham Norton, Sue Perkins, Jon Richardson, Al Murray, Judy Murray, Dermot O’Leary and even Professor Stephen Hawking. Now they’re here to help you and your brand win hearts and minds (and Likes and Shares) online.

your BEST defence against the crushing defeat of the algorithms? A sense of humour

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On FB, the average post is shown to just 5.5% of your audience. On Twitter, only 3.6% of your followers see the average tweet. You’re paying for content that 95% of your audience will never even see. (Now you know how the Specsavers marketing team feels). *

For those of you outside the UK, Specsavers is a brand of opticians. Sure – we could’ve just said “an opticians” to make sure you all got the joke – but then we wouldn’t have been able to hang out together down here by this asterisk.

When your content gets more engagements (reactions, likes, shares, comments) it gets rewarded – by being shown to more and more people.

If twice as many people see your posts each day – that’s twice as many potential customers, clients, or prospects given a chance to think about you and how you can change their world (and you can order twice as many oysters to go with your celebratory champagne).

Comedy content gets your audience talking – well, laughing AND talking – and that means – the Holy Grail – comments!

Discussion of the topic, people sharing their own stories, sharing their own jokes, sharing inappropriate pictures (there’s always one) and even people just commenting to tell you how much they loved that post – whatever their reason for responding – every comment counts.*

Plus, jokes work best – and travel further – when they’re based around a hidden truth. And thanks to the nature of branded comedy, that truth is always going to be one your audience wholeheartedly agrees with – which leads to Likes and Shares. Your audience telling the world that you’re funny, and you’re right.

* (And FYI – if your target market is Transylvania, every count will comment).

Comedy Content directly drives engagement, which in turn increases Organic Reach, and that can mean exponentially increased ROI.

And that’s before we even begin to dig into the psychology of why comedy content is so effective in and of itself as a marketing material.

Paul Carter


“Adam is a top-class producer and creative. I’ve worked with him more times than I can remember, and it’s always a pleasure. White Label Comedy is fantastic at generating unique, clever and most importantly – funny – content that is filling a real gap in the market.”

Same brand, same audience, same topic, same day.

One of these posts was crafted by a hive-mind of TV's best comedy writers - can you guess which one?

Our client was an Independent Living Community determined to engage their audience, but struggling to get any kind of reaction – even with topics they knew their ideal customer cared deeply about.

We crafted content that we knew would make their audience laugh – which sent engagement through the roof. Same brand, same audience, same topic, same day – tonnes more engagement.

Disclaimer: Success on social depends on many different factors – so while the results in our case studies do demonstrate previous successes that we’re really proud of, they do not constitute any kind of guarantee in terms of the specific results you can expect. Every brand, brand message and audience is different.

Jordan Giberson

Guild Living

“Adam and the team at White Label Comedy did a wonderful job. They were easy to work with, quick to respond to our queries, and most importantly… they came up with funny and AMAZING content for us. Exactly what we needed. Would highly recommend them!”

The psychology of comedy

And why it's game-changing for brands on social

Comedy gets your audience talking

So many brands forget the social in social media. Comedy doesn’t just entertain and engage – when done right, it drives conversation too.

Inside every joke is a “hidden truth*” – one that deserves discussion, prompts us to share our own truths, and makes us want to tell you, and the world, that we agree.

* Like the Da Vinci Code, but funny on purpose.

Comedy sells without selling

People don’t want to buy from faceless brands waving coupons, vouchers and deals. They want to buy from brands with personality. Brands they feel an affinity to. A connection with.

Comedy content that’s tailored to your audience builds that connection, and keeps your brand front of mind –  so that when the time comes for them to enter the consideration phase, they’ve already sold themselves on you and your offer.

A good sense of humour proves you're "one of us"

Good marketing builds a human connection with an audience. It shows them that their world is your world. It demonstrates that we’re all in this together. And that’s important now, more than ever.

These aren’t just jokes – they’re proof that you understand our world, and what we’re going through right now.  It’s content like this that makes us welcome you into our lives, and – more importantly – our social feeds

Jokes turn followers into influencers

When we – as a brand – first share the joke, we’re telling a story about ourselves. But when our audience is motivated to share that story – because they found it funny – it becomes a story that they’re telling the world on our behalf.

A good joke doesn’t just entertain and engage – it turns every single one of your followers into an influencer, who will happily push your agenda free of charge.

Nick Singer


“What can I say other than you did a brilliant job here. It was great getting a fresh perspective on the AromaSticks! We love all the ideas that you and the team came up with and we’re hard pressed to pick a favourite.”

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PAy As You Go Comedy Content Packs

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PAYG Packs are Copy-only as standard. Artwork available for an additional fee.

In-depth audience research using our proprietary "relatability matrix" method

20, 40 or 80 jokes expertly crafted to appeal to your target audience

First-draft content in your inbox 14 days after your chosen kick-off date

Optional Extra: scroll-stopping artwork guaranteed to trigger "automatic reading"

Post them on social, and work them into your Facebook Ads, Sales Pages and emails

Our "Pay for 40 posts, get 40 posts you love" guarantee: we'll replace any that don't have you rolling in the aisles

Supercharge engagement, boost organic reach, drive more clicks and get more sales


£ 995
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  • 20 pieces of ready-to-post comedy content (Copy-only as standard, Artwork available for an additional fee)


£ 1495
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  • 40 pieces of ready-to-post comedy content (Copy-only as standard, Artwork available for an additional fee)


£ 2495
  • (or £3495 with Artwork)
  • 80 pieces of ready-to-post comedy content (Copy-only as standard, Artwork available for an additional fee)

New clients will also be charged an onboarding and audience research fee of £995 for their first project.

We've recently increased capacity, and are ready to open our doors to a small number of new clients


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Kirsty Hulse

Roar Training

“As a first pass, I am SCREAMING at some of these, thank you so much.”

Easy ordering, & secure payment

Our online checkout is safe, secure, and fully encrypted – with payment made via Stripe, which has in-built buyer’s payment protection as standard.

We can also generate an invoice – which can be paid via Stripe, or via direct bank transfer.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our process generates a huge amount of great material – and you only ever see the best 5-10% that – so chances are you’ll love it.

In the unlikely even there are any posts you don’t think completely nail it, and you don’t want to use – just let us know, and we’ll replace them free of charge within 24 hours.

If you pay for 20 posts, you get 20 posts that you love. It’s as simple as that.

Full Service Social Media Management

Supercharge engagement, boost organic reach, and get more sales on social - without lifting a finger

Initial 3 month minimum term, then cancel any time

Scale your package up (or down) with just 30 days notice to suit your budget and your goals

Pre-Planned Social Posts

Our managed social packages combine content created by your dedicated Social Media Manager (a digital native who knows everything there is to know about crafting engaging content), and comedy content from our hive-mind of TV’s best comedy writers. All written and scheduled in advance. 

Pricing will vary depending upon your choice of platform(s), the volume of posts needed per month, whether you want long-form or short-form post copy, how much research is required, and whether or not we’re creating Artwork for you too.

Community Management and Reactive Social

Our content is precision-engineered to drive engagement – and that means likes, shares, comments and messages.

Reward your audience for their interaction by responding with wit and warmth – and they’ll come back for more, time and time again.

React with a relatable take on the day’s breaking news, the latest viral tweet, or your competitors’ posts – and you’ve got all the ingredients you need to build your brand an army of raving fans.

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We've recently increased capacity, and are ready to open our doors to a small number of new clients


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Jessica Lorimer

Selling to Corporate

“I really love these. Genuinely – me and the team have been snort laughing this morning and whilst it’s unattractive, we appreciate it :)”

We're here for more than just social content

Whatever your marketing challenge

Relatable humour is always the answer

Unless you’re recruiting for a cult, in which case… well actually, some decent jokes would definitely help there too…

Facebook Ads costing the earth, and failing to deliver?

Switch out that dull, lifeless product shot for creative that jumps out of the screen, triggers automatic reading, and makes them laugh before they’ve even made a conscious choice to focus on it – and you’ve got yourself a genuinely scroll-stopping Ad.

Make sure the joke is based around a relatable truth that triggers thoughts and feelings about the pain point that your product solves – and you’re pre-selling them before they’ve read a single word of copy.

Craft a hook that calls out your audience with a humorous spin on that same relatable truth – their spidey-senses will be tingling, and they’ll have no choice but to click “read more”.

And support your sales arguments with relatable humour – you’ll keep them reading to the end, and easily earn that all-important click.

If we can get you two clicks for the price you used to pay for just one – how much of an impact would that have on your bottom line this year? (I’m too classy to add a cheap joke about your ‘bottom line’ here, but I want you to know I considered it.)

Sales Page not selling?

Followed a “winning sales page formula” and still not seeing success? 

That’s because your sales page now looks exactly like everyone else’s. Layer in some wit, warmth and personality and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Back up each Feature / Benefit combo with relatable humour that shines a light on relevant pain points – and your prospects will be fully focused on the problem you’re offering to solve. 

Make your sales page an enjoyable read, and your target audience will want to devour each and every word – even if they don’t yet think they’re looking to buy what you’re selling.

(And by the time they reach the bottom, at least some of those doubters will have come to their senses.)

If your landing page used to convert at 1%, and now it converts at 2% – you’ve just doubled your sales overnight. 3%? Tripled! 4%? Quadrupled! 5%? …well, I don’t know the word for that, but you get the picture.

How would your world change if you could push that needle even further?

Steve Brookes

Blind Pig Media

“We are absolutely over the moon with the copy – you guys have totally smashed it, and made the whole thing a stress free process.”

Videos not getting views, engagement or sales?

If you’re going to draw viewers away from videos of wildly confrontational parish council meetings (oh, 2021…) – you need to up your game.

Grab their attention with humour, and use wit and warmth to make each and every fact twice as compelling, and twice as persuasive.

They’ll have so much fun watching (and sharing) your video they won’t even care that they’re being sold to.

Emails sitting unopened? Links remaining unclicked?

Subject lines that make us laugh, make us open (the email, but also our hearts, minds, “the door to safe and put the money in the bag so nobody gets hurt”, and more…)

Emails we enjoy reading keep our attention the whole way. And carefully crafted jokes based around the relatable problems you’re promising to solve can stoke our desire, and reinforce our overwhelming need to click that link.

Blog readers bouncing before they’ve even scrolled?

The race to rank on Page One often results in content that search engines (briefly) love, but your audience (immediately) hates. Congrats on publishing what we like to call ‘a keyword trampoline’. Ooh, bouncy.

I’ll take your “Top Tips” and “Added Value”, and I’ll raise you “an article that my audience actually wants to read” any day of the week.

We've recently increased capacity, and are ready to open our doors to a small number of new clients


Book a virtual coffee with one of the team

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"Isn't comedy a bit risky for brands?!"

(Yes - but only if you don't know what you're doing)

The worst mistake any brand can make is to simply start trying to “be funny” on social – those who do often find themselves cancelled quicker than J.K. Rowling can tap out an open letter – but that’s because there’s an art (and a science) to crafting brand-safe comedy.

A joke is just two “things” (ideas / concepts / words / phrases) that shouldn’t fit together, but that have been made to fit together, with the help of a perfectly placed surprise twist.

So if you make sure both of those “things” are drawn from the world of your brand, and the relatable experiences universal across your audience, it’s hard to go wrong. (It’s still possible, of course, but you’d have to really want to fail.)

Two brand-safe ingredients will always combine to make a brand-safe joke.

Add in an extra sense-check phase that double checks that any opinions expressed by a joke are ones that your audience agree with – and you’re more likely to offend by re-posting that same boring blog for the 18th time than you are by tweeting a fresh, funny, brand-relevant joke.

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Comedy Content that supercharges engagement and reach on social - without putting your brand’s reputation on the line.

Victoria Heyward

Bright Interactive / Asset Bank

“I didn’t think it would be possible to bring this much humour into the B2B space while still staying true to our brand – love it!”

Get ready to entertain, engage and sell

No more putting time and energy you don’t have into content that fails to make an impact. With White Label Comedy on the case, you’ve got your feet up on the desk — watching the entertaining, engaging content roll in.

No more panicking when you’ve used up all your posts and can’t think of anything new worth saying. With a fresh White Label Comedy delivery in your inbox, you’ve got a pipeline of content that’s primed to turn a casual audience into an army of raving fans.

No more keeping your head down in team meetings hoping that no one asks you how well you’re doing on social. Instead, you’re keeping your head down trying to avoid yet another standing ovation celebrating the impact your content has had on the company’s bottom-line.

Is comedy content right for us?

Here's a handy quiz to help you decide

Would you rather:

Bore your audience to tears?
Move your audience to action?
Put time and energy you don't have spare into content that's going to flop anyway?
Put zero time and energy into content that's all set to entertain, engage and sell?
Have to keep your head down in meetings hoping no one asks about your social media ROI and your team's cost to the business?
Have to keep your head down in meetings to avoid yet another ticker tape parade celebrating the impact your content has had on the business?