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Zij-kant – Eternal Pregnancy (2020)

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To mark European Equal Pay Day 2020 (27th February), Zij-kant released this spot to highlight the gender pay gap — by mocking the idea that women would have to wait until they retired before starting a family, in order to earn as much money and progress their career in line with their male counterparts.


If you’ve just eaten, or you’re otherwise not in the mood for visual gags revolving around bodily fluids and a giant man-baby trying to breast feed on his elderly mother, maybe give this one a miss.

It’s not laugh out loud funny – but it’s certainly memorable. Oh, is it memorable. The straight-up weirdness means this ad, and the important message it conveys, will stick with us for a long time. We just wish we hadn’t been eating our breakfast while watching…

Watch the film here.

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