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The League – Meet the Parents (2020)

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The League makes the case for using their dating app by depicting a woman introducing her parents to her new boyfriend — an actual trash can.


This ad’s look and simple execution suggest a relatively low production budget. We bang on about it a lot, but it’s true — when you haven’t got the cash to produce something look shiny, a funny top line concept and script are the most cost-effective ways to make your content memorable.

This thirty-second sketch is essentially one joke, nicely timed, with a couple of little escalations. Most importantly, it conveys the brand message in a clear way that’s not just memorable; it’s impossible to misunderstand. “Guys on other dating sites are trash — stop settling, and join The League!”

The whispered final line is a nice kicker that pushes this into genuine ‘Funny Ad’ territory for us. Nice work!

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