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SparkNotes – Shakespeare Play Folders

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SparkNotes Twitter Highlights

This is one of our favourite recent funny tweets from SparkNotes — the study guide brand that’s massive in America and absolutely killing it on social media.

The ‘file naming structure’ meme may be one of the more obscure joke formats trending on Twitter — but broad appeal isn’t always the goal when you’re trying to attract a niche audience. Over 41 thousand people enjoyed these weird little joke (us included) that takes aim at Shakespeare’s heavily flawed characters. SparkNotes gets bonus points for embracing formatting and emojis, proving that Tweets without images can still be visually arresting.

Ironically enough for a joke about people not talking, this on really got people talking. Great work, SparkNotes!

Want to see more fine examples of comedy in social media marketing from the SparkNotes Twitter account? We’ve compiled our favourites here.  It’s funny tweets like this that make SparkNotes one of the funniest brands on social media!

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