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SparkNotes – Calling a Lyft (2020)

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SparkNotes Twitter Highlights

This is one of our favourite recent funny tweets from SparkNotes — the study guide brand that’s massive in America and absolutely killing it on social media.

Juxtaposition is the comedian’s go-to. Compare and contrast two opposing ideas and BANG — you’ve got yourself a joke. The SparkNotes Twitter account thrives on comparing and contrasting elements of modern life with references from literature — in this case, ancient literature. In this instance, they’re comparing your options for a budget taxi ride. Is it going to be Lyft, or the ferryman of the dead from Greek and Roman mythology?

Frankly, we’d choose a ride with Charon any day of the week. We’ve had plenty of conversations with drivers who may as well have been denizens of the underworld…

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It’s funny tweets like this that make SparkNotes one of the funniest brands on social media!