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Pepsi Max – Office Interview (2009)

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While advertising their new drink, Pepsi Max, PepsiCo took it to the… ahem… max.

How far would you go to get the job of your dreams? If you aren’t willing to fake assault and battery, can you even say you deserve it?

In this funny commercial, we see a man being interviewed for a job. And as soon as he is asked what makes him think he is qualified for the job, he starts screaming loudly.

The interviewer is shocked, and the other candidates waiting outside for their turn are starting to get frightened.

He bangs himself to the wall, dunks himself in the fish tank and even rips his shirt. Now, the other candidates can only imagine what is happening on the other side, with all the banging, dunking and screaming. So, one guy walks out and others follow him.

Finally, the interviewee throws himself out of the room – this is the grand finale. This level of violence is enough to send the remaining candidates packing.

But one guy remains, and he seems to be unphased by what just transpired.

He walks in and gets the job!

Then the hilarious advert shows us that he was in cahoots with the guy faking the assault and battery all along. The first guy who walked out was also in on it – his job was to instigate the walk-out.

They all celebrate with some Pepsi Max.

Yes, these boys really took it to the max!

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