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Old Spice – The Way Thick Hair Was (2020)

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The latest instalment in Old Spice’s long line of funny adverts plays on nostalgia even more than most, in a not-so-subtle hint to men whose hair isn’t as thick as it was in the rose-tinted days of their youth…


This ad hits the balance between keeping us entertained, and ensuring we’re abundantly aware of what’s being sold and what its USPs are. But then, we’d expect nothing less from masters of advertising, Wieden + Kennedy (check out their Nike brand film, ‘Nothing Beats a Londoner’, for more comedy goodness).

If we were feeling greedy, we’d ask for a few more jokes — but only because the ones we’ve been given are so good. As always, layering visual gags with funny dialogue will give an ad energy, and broadens its appeal. The people who laugh at a shampoo range emerging from molten cheese may not be the same people who laugh at the self-aware stilted delivery of, “Wow. That is rich, thick looking hair.”

Factor in the on-screen text gags and satisfyingly dumb musical motifs, and it’s a rich, thick looking tick from us. We only wish we’d been invited in on the action. Hit us up next time, yeah?

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