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Miami Ad School – Love The Game (2021)

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February is known globally as the month of love, peaking on the Feb. 14th, Valentine’s Day.

But February is also the month of love – love for the game of Football. Because it signals the return of the most exciting continental football tournament in the world – The UEFA Champions League.

This short video spot uses the famed Heineken wit to humorously highlight this truth.


Being single is normal. VERY normal. But for some reason, people seem to think that there’s something wrong when you choose to be (yes, sometimes it’s a CHOICE lol). People don’t realise that there are a thousand and one reasons why some people choose to stay single or alone, and this spot shows some of the more ‘serious’ ones.

It’s especially annoying when February comes around and you’re besieged with lovey dovey content everywhere you look. But for most millions of people around the world, the real reason they look forward to February is the return of UEFA Champions League Football, the most glamorous continental tournament in the world. Americans may disagree, but hey, when you call egghandball ‘football’, and actual football ‘soccer;, your opinion is well…your opinion (I joke, I kid).

On a more serious note, Heineken has been the partner of the UCL for decades now, and this simple video highlights the love for the beautiful game. And it could have been done a lot better of course, but the one man Copywriter ‘team’ was literally watching a football match on an open tab while creating it (Btw, his team lost. Smh)

Kinda worked out well though, don’t you think?