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McDonald’s – Free Range Freshly Cracked Eggs (2020)

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A well-pitched funny ad can achieve many things. Helping a brand respond to false assumptions about their product is among the more niche.

Here, McDonald’s wanted to put to bed any allegations that the eggs used in their sausage and egg McMuffins are anything but ‘real’. They’ve done this through layered comedy — surreal visuals illustrate an alternate universe where their eggs are sliced from gelatinous tubes and poor Sam dances in a shower of money, and a mockumentary-style interview with chickens is a highlight.

It’s a solid advert that’s all the more memorable for its funny moments — and when you’re trying to get your brand message across, especially when it’s one that flies in the face of what your audience currently think about your brand, it’s memorability that matters.

This is just one of our favourite funny McDonald’s adverts — read our analysis of the funniest McDonald’s adverts of recent years, here.

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