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McDonald’s – Crunchy On The Outside, Fluffy On The Inside (2020)

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This funny advert featuring England rugby star Joe Marler shows how a solid comedy idea and a tight script can make for a highly effective ad, reducing the need for slick visual production.

The ad is essentially one big meta-joke — Joe talks us through the classic techniques of TV advertising, spelling out the message that would usually be in the subtext. The switch between Joe’s ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ voice is a particularly funny highlight, as is the final punchline.

Of course, this kind of bold, performer-led approach only work if your chosen celebrity has got the comedy chops. While he’s not quite Duncan from Blue, we’d say Joe gave it his best try.

Okay, sorry.

How about ‘he tackled it?’

Look. Puns aside, we’re just saying — props to him.

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