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Marmite Advert — Marmite Mind Control Taster

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Marmite’s marketing over the last couple of years has centred around the idea of turning ‘Marmite haters’ into ‘Marmite lovers’ via hypnosis. In 2019, they actually ran a social experiment in which they apparently converted seven out of ten haters into lovers.

This ad is supposedly an excerpt from the hypnosis film used in the experiment — albeit with the hypnotherapy segments removed, according to the brand’s disclaimer in the YouTube description.

The trippy visuals and the hypnotherapist’s deadpan performance hint at the vast comedic potential of this bonkers idea — we just wish there’d been more jokes.

As with the other ads in this series, there are a few moments that are ‘nearly jokes’, but nothing that’s getting a laugh from us. It’s a shame, because aside from a deficit in the gag-writing department, we love the creative approach of this campaign (and we love toast covered in sticky yeast spread too, for the record).

This advert is part of Marmite’s Mind Control marketing campaign — you can read our analysis of the campaign, here.