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KIA – Hero’s Journey (2017)

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If you want to save the planet, there are better (and safer) ways to do it – that is what this funny commercial is about!

We all want to save the planet, but this doesn’t require a “go hard or go home” approach.

We can’t all go to Antarctica to save the whales or chain ourselves to trees to prevent them from being cut down.

KIA drove this point home in this hilarious advert where Melissa McCarthy plays an eco-warrior who takes saving the planet to the extreme.

But every attempt she makes always ends up in an epic fail… until she gets the KIA Niro.

It is a fuel-efficient hybrid car that allows her to drive like an eco-warrior, even though being one didn’t quite pan out.

With fossil fuels being the biggest pollutants, something as little as driving the right car can go a long way towards saving the planet.

Message received, KIA!

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