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Kapten – Buttocks (2020)

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Kapten - White Label Comedy Funny Ads Archive


A diverse range of people tell us why Kapten is their choice of taxi app. They’re all voting with their buttocks by sitting in the car — get it?


Unless you’re the kind of person who’ll giggle at the word ‘buttocks’ (in which case, we can’t help you), this doesn’t particularly qualify as a funny ad.

However, we thought it was worth taking a quick look to highlight how important it is to have a clear understanding of how much your audience already knows about your brand, and therefore what you need to tell them, before you write your ad.

We’d not heard of Kapten before watching this, and, to be honest, we’ve not got a much clearer idea about what it is by the end. The bulk of the ad is made up of platitudes about the company ethos — when what we really want is specifics. Namely, ‘what are you trying to sell us and what are its USPs?’

When we finally get an all-important nugget of solid information, it’s hard to make what we’ve just seen line up with what we’re being told — not least because it’s crammed in and delivered all at the same time. Maybe it’s just us, but we didn’t enjoy the sensory overload of trying to read the on-screen messaging while listening to a voiceover delivering different messaging (and that’s not to mention the irritating music and slightly nauseating montage of arses).

Sorry Kapten. This one didn’t sit right with us.

Do you agree with our analysis? Or have we got it all wrong? Watch the ad for yourself, here.