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Heroes, NHS – #StayHomeHeroes (2020)

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This digital ad campaign was created by advertising agency Iris, for Heroes — the charity founded by NHS workers for NHS workers. It encourages the public to be #StayHomeHeroes during the coronavirus lockdown.


This campaign grabs the eye with bold colourful imagery and a strong, amusing core idea. The application of some light-touch humour helps it convey its vital message. In particular, note how the images with the strongest tag lines are those that obey the comedy ‘rule of three, such as:

‘Today Bex watched her favourite tiger documentary in the bath, ate pizza and shielded the UK against Covid-19, all at the same time.’

Listing three things Bex has been up to gives the ad rhythm, and draws attention to the main point — she shielded the UK against Covid-19. We would have preferred this tag line without the addition of ‘all at the same time’ (we can see that in the image, so no need for repetition that hinders the rhythm). However, bonus points are awarded for a topical reference to the recent smash hit Netflix series, Tiger King.

Check out the full range of heroic ads. Which is your favourite? Despite its slightly weaker tag line, we love Gemma — the Star Wars clone who swapped her blaster for a paint roller!