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Google – Home Alone: Macaulay Culkin Google Assistant Parody (2018)

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Whatever happened to the burglar-torturing Kevin Macalister?

Well, Google teamed up with Macaulay Culkin to reprise his most iconic role ever to answer this important question.

Here, we see a grown-up Kevin, and he is still home alone!

Upon realizing he has been ditched again, he asks Google Assistant what is on his calendar and is reminded he has the house to himself – it seems it was planned!

Kevin immediately gets up to his old antics shaving, jumping on the bed (which is harder on his back as an adult) and ordering pizza.

But this time, he has Google Assistant on his side. So he uses it for everything, from reminding him to buy more aftershave to paying for pizza online.

The Wet Bandits are back too! And all Kevin has to do is sit back and tell Google Assistant to begin “Operation Kevin.”

This triggers the famous fake party scene, as Google Assistant makes everything come alive in Kevin’s smart home.

This fools the Wet Bandits into thinking everyone is home.

With the burglars foiled once again, Kevin takes a bite out of his mac and cheese (finally!).

The key takeaway? It is good to be home alone with Google Assistant (and Kevin is doing just fine)!

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