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GEICO – Lobster Hot Tub Party (2019)

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GEICO prides itself on offering the best deals when it comes to car insurance premiums.

In fact, once you know how great their deals are, “nothing will be able to excite you as much”. At least that’s their brand message – and one they’re hoping you’ll buy into.

In this funny commercial, we see a married couple in a hot tub with a lobster.

At first, it seems that both of them are puzzled by what they are looking at, considering that the lobster can speak and has a charming personality.

The guy says he can’t believe it, and the girl says, “That there’s a lobster in our hot tub?”

Nope… that is not what he can’t believe.

What he can’t believe is how much he will be saving on his next car insurance payment by switching to GEICO.

One would think there’s nothing more unbelievable than a talking lobster, but no – saving hundreds of dollars on car insurance with GEICO is what interests him more.

GEICO’s adverts always seem to come tantalisingly close to being funny – without actually getting as far as making any jokes.

The suits at the firm will be hoping this Ad will make you think about checking out their insurance – truth be told, they’ve got such a captive audience that I’d wager it doesn’t make a dent one way or the other.