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Fiat 500S – Tested for Bad Boys (2016)

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Are you a bad boy? Do you plan on breaking some hearts? Then the Fiat 500S is for you!

According to this super funny commercial, this car has been “tested for bad boys.”

This means that if you happen to get into an argument with your girlfriend on the way home (you forgot her birthday again), no amount of door slamming, tire kicking and hood smashing will put a dent on it.

The car doesn’t look that tough at first glance. One can even say it is one of the cutest cars they have ever seen, wondering why they are marketing it to bad boys.

This is probably why the funny advert shows us some scientists testing out the car’s durability – one of them gets super into the process too. Later on, we see this in action, and we are meant to believe the car can really take it.

However, they did not show us if the car can survive a good keying – this one is very important!