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Dime Bar (now Daim Bar) – Avalanche (1983)

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What is this sound?
Is it a thunderstorm?
Is it an avalanche?
Or is it a crackly, buttery, milk chocolate Dime bar?

Oh! It’s an avalanche.


I wasn’t even looking at the telly at the time this was broadcast, but it caught my attention. My memory of it was shorter, sharper with a much louder avalanche that went…
Narrator: Is that the sound of a crunchy Dime bar or the sound of an avalanche?

Narrator: Oh! It was an avalanche.
Or maybe my memory cheats me. I only remember seeing the advert once; but I burst out laughing, never forgot it and the words avalanche & Dime bar have been linked in my mind ever since.

This Ad was Number 7 in our Top 10 Funniest Adverts of the 80’s. See the full list here.

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