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Fixed by White Label

The Simulated Twitter Takeover


We offer our clients the opportunity to have us work for them in secret – they get to literally “White Label” our content as their own. 

So how do we show prospective clients how great our work is? Simple. We take over the timelines of brands who haven’t yet hired us, and we fix their content, in a (simulated) Twitter Takeover.

Sure hasn’t hired the Hive-Mind – but if they did, it might look like this:

Sure UK & Ireland @Sure
Please note: Injecting Sure deodorant is unsafe and will not prevent sweating.

Sure UK & Ireland @Sure
The Dark (K)night Sweats


Sure UK & Ireland @Sure
King Pong


Sure UK & Ireland @Sure
PS I Smell You


Sure UK & Ireland @Sure
Home gyms just aren’t the same. With no one else hogging the equipment, how are you meant to finish your ‘scrolling through Twitter’ reps?

Sure UK & Ireland @Sure
If people crossing the road to keep their distance isn’t a new thing for you, you might need to switch deodorants.


Sure UK & Ireland @Sure
You know what’s worse than letting everyone know you’ve been for a run via social media? Letting them know via smell.

Sure UK & Ireland @Sure

Things you can do in the next 72 hours:

✅ Sleep like a teenager
✅ Watch the entire Godfather trilogy 8 times
✅ Stay on hold to your bank

Things you can’t:

❎ Sweat
❎ Master your Al Pacino impression
❎ Get through to your bank

Sure UK & Ireland @Sure
Hands up if you use deodorant (and only if you use deodorant).

Sure UK & Ireland @Sure
“If a man sweats in his living room and there’s no one around to smell him, should he still switch to Sure?”

#Lockdown #PhilosophicalQuestions

Sure UK & Ireland @Sure
Scientists: Death Valley is the driest place on Earth.
Sure Extreme Dry with 72-hour protection: Hold my beer.

Sure UK & Ireland @Sure
Which of the following will let you down? Please tick all that apply.

✅ Politicians
✅ Bank Holiday weather forecasts
❎ Sure deodorant
✅ Emails that begin with ‘HELLO FRIEND’

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