If Brands Told Jokes

The "Our Shops Are Open Again!" Edition

We offer our clients the opportunity to have us work for them in secret – they get to literally “White Label” our content as their own. 

So how do we show prospective clients how great our work is? Simple. We take over the timelines of brands who haven’t yet hired us, and we fix their content, in a (simulated) Twitter Takeover.

We usually takeover one brand’s feed at a time – but today, we’re going big. We’ve taken over the entire internet. 

These brands didn’t use a sense of humour to celebrate the reopening of British high streets – but if they had, it might’ve looked a bit like this.

HMV @hmvtweets 
We’ve had a record breaking first week back!

That reminds us: please be careful when handling vinyl.

Starbucks UK @StarbucksUK 
Celebrate the end of online-only shopping, with our Amazon-themed espresso.

It’s three ounces of coffee in a thirty-one ounce cup.

Beer52.com @Beer52HQ 
I don’t actually mind the pubs staying closed. I always had to get an Uber and, honestly, they drive me to drink.

Primark @Primark 
Wow. If you thought homeschooling was hard, try getting shoppers to follow a one way system…

Currys PC World @curryspcworld 
Our members of staff are here to help (and if you get on well, that’s your Support Bubble sorted in case Needy Karen calls).

H&M United Kingdom @hmunitedkingdom 
Brits couldn’t wait to start queuing on the high street this week. Some even followed it up with a spot of shopping!

HMV @hmvtweets 
For the first time ever – our staff are finding it really difficult to guess your music taste based on your hairstyle…

M&S @marksandspencer 
New rules mean we can’t allow your partner to wait outside the changing rooms. But don’t worry — we’ve installed a mannequin that sits there and mumbles “yeah, looks good” while staring at its phone.

Starbucks UK @StarbucksUK 
Don’t be alarmed if things seem a little different this week. Our baristas are working flat out and may accidentally write your name correctly.

Squarespace @squarespace 
The internet is always open – and unlike out there, you don’t have to wear a mask. Unless you’re into that.


Beer52.com @Beer52HQ 
Shops may be reopening, but the best beer garden in town is still the one attached to your house.

Currys PC World @curryspcworld 
Don’t trust those online retailers, tracking and analysing your every move. Come in store and get a TV to go with the sofa we just watched you buy from DFS across the road.

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