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Fixed by White Label

The Simulated Twitter Takeover

George At Asda

We offer our clients the opportunity to have us work for them in secret – they get to literally “White Label” our content as their own. 

So how do we show prospective clients how great our work is? Simple. We take over the timelines of brands who haven’t yet hired us, and we fix their content, in a (simulated) Twitter Takeover.

George At Asda haven’t hired the Hive-Mind – but if they did, it might look like this:

George At Asda @Georgeatasda
We’re thinking of bringing this look back to help with social distancing. Thoughts?

George At Asda @Georgeatasda
Public Service Announcement: ‘Smart casual’ now means iron your onesie.


George At Asda @Georgeatasda
Give your social Zoom calls that ‘British summer’ feel by dropping a few wasps in your drink.

George At Asda @Georgeatasda
At ASDA, we’re here to help you make long-term plans.

(Like which pyjamas to wear today, and what to have for dinner.)

George At Asda @Georgeatasda
Choosing the right suit can impact your success at work — just ask any scuba diver.

George At Asda @Georgeatasda
With so many other clothes shops shut, we’re confident this era of fashion will be remembered as the second Georgian period.

George At Asda @Georgeatasda
Now that pyjamas are workwear, are they tax deductible?

George At Asda @Georgeatasda
We can supply almost everything you need for the classic family BBQ!

Except the food poisoning. Dad’s got that covered.