How to use our “Relatability Matrix” to write brand-safe jokes that build an engaged audience of ideal customers in less than 90 days

I constantly get asked how our team consistently produces content that not only gets more engagement than anything our clients have posted before…

But also manages to build a highly responsive audience of their ideal customers – often quicker than they thought possible… 

(A question that’s usually preceded by “Hey Adam, can I buy you a drink?” and a raised eyebrow when I respond, “yes, I’ll take an Appletini”…) 

Like we did for Henry…

“The impact was profound. Turns out the content we created went viral. One achieved 37 million impressions on Twitter. It hit the front page of Reddit 3 times in one day

…Overall it helped our Turn on the Subtitles campaign become the world’s largest literacy campaign…possibly EVER

Henry Warren: Founder, TOTS - Innovator of the Year 2021

The ‘secret’ basically comes down to the system me and my team of A-list comedy writers have built for crafting jokes that only attract ideal customers to our client’s social pages.

The cornerstone of our system is our “Relatability Matrix” – our proprietary research methodology that tells us exactly what content – and even what specific phrases – your ideal customer LOVES to engage with.

And in the next few moments, I’ll show you exactly how it works, and why it’s so effective at building a following of ideal customers in any market.

Introducing the A-list comedy writers responsible for crafting jokes precision-engineered to ENTERTAIN, ENGAGE and SELL

Hi, I’m Adam Hunt – Founder and Creative Director of White Label Comedy. 

If you don’t know…

I have at my disposal, a team of world-class comedy writers who have written jokes for some of the most watched TV shows, military coups and other super-successful comedians and personalities recognised the world over, like…

  • Mock the Week…
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire…
  • The One Show…
  • Graham Norton…
  • Sue Perkins…
  • Jon Richardson…
  • Al Murray…
  • Judy Murray…
  • (We were doing a discount for people called Murray…)
  • Dermot O’Leary.
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire…
  • Big Brother…
  • Mel and Sue…
  • Surprise Surprise
  • Professor Stephen Hawking…
  • And I could go on and on.

“Adam, are you saying those famous comedians* had hired your team to write jokes for them – and those same comedy writers now write jokes for your clients?”

*Plus one world-renowned theoretical physicist.

Yes, exactly that – the best in the business were turning to the writers on my team to make them funny-AF long before I rounded them up and forced them to use their superpowers for brands and businesses like yours.

And since assembling some of the best comedy writers in the world – one of the greatest things we’ve done together is turn the process of “joke writing” into a systematised way of producing content for brands and businesses that explode with likes, comments and shares.

But most importantly – the type of jokes we write build an engaged audience of potential customers.

At the heart of our process is your “Relatability Matrix”.

And for your pleasure and profit – I’m spilling all our dirty little secrets on how to create one here…

Only Certain Jokes Have The Power To Turn Cold Prospects Into Raving Fans

When me and my TV comedy-writing buddies first started crafting jokes for brands and businesses to use on social media we thought we’d struck gold.

After all, who doesn’t like jokes…?

But it wasn’t long before we hit a brick wall.

Because – truth be told – in the early days, not every joke we created for our clients got the likes… comments… shares… and sales they were craving.

In fact, some of the jokes returned nothing but tumbleweed*.

* Ever tried to repay a business loan with tumbleweed? 9 banks out of 10 are absolutely NOT into it.

Which is when we realised something important about jokes on social media.

Turns out only CERTAIN JOKES have the power to turn cold prospects into an engaged following of potential customers.

But which ones?

Well, after wasting months throwing joke spaghetti at the wall – me and my team spotted a pattern in the type of content that generated the most likes…comments…shares and – importantly – sales.

(We also got evicted from our office, which was beginning to resemble a serial killer’s basement due to all the pasta sauce on the walls.)

Here’s what we noticed.

The posts that triggered an engagement tsunami from ideal customers stemmed from an unspoken truth that’s uniquely shared by everyone in the target audience…

Er… yeh…that’s a little meta – so let me explain in real terms.

It’s all about making “inside jokes”. That’s jokes that only people who share the same problems, desires, interest, etc would “get”.

Like if you make an inside joke with your friends. No one outside the group will “get it”, but all those that know, know – and it makes them feel more connected to the group.

And for brands and businesses, creating these kinds of jokes brings your ideal customers together and creates a bond where they see you as part of the “group” – which is the key to building an engaged and loyal audience of ideal customers.

It works because you’re handing your audience a crowd-pleasing way to express who they really are to their friends…family…peers… (and, depending on your ideal customer, the ladies and gentlemen of the jury…)

And so, they can’t resist sharing your content – because it helps them to…

  • Show off their discerning eye for entertaining content...
  • Communicate their opinion - in a way that enhances their own relationships...
  • Argue that they couldn't have committed such a heinous crime because they're clearly funny AF, your honour...
  • And elevate their own social media ‘cool factor’...

The result? You get more engagement… more reach… and more customers (without hard-selling, paying for ads or frantically googling “what is a bot farm and how can I get one?”).

We Call This The “Share And Declare Effect”

(Not to be confused with the “share an eclair effect”, although it’s equally delicious)

And it’s the Share and Declare Effect that me and my digital marketing agency – White Label Comedy – leverage to 10x… 20x… and even 100x our clients’ social media engagement – and send their sales soaring. 

But now I want to give our system to you. 

And show you our secret sauce.

The magic ingredient that makes this all just “work”…

And that’s…


Your audience’s RELATABLE TRUTHS.

These truths represent the fears, pains, desires and dreams, small joys and daily delights of your audience in the context of will

Then you take these truths and turn them into jokes – that’s what makes a joke your ideal customer will love.

Let me show you how to do it…

An Audience's Relatable Truths Turned Into Jokes = Content They Can't Resist Engaging With

Look, we all know engagement is the name of the game.

And whether you measure engagement as % of followers, impressions, or in rings – it doesn’t matter.

If you’re getting higher engagement than the average or – more importantly – higher than your competition… then you know the algorithms will reward you by showing your content to even more of your ideal audience….

…allowing you to dominate your market.

And nothing gets more engagement than turning Relatable Truths into jokes.

Let me prove it to you…

Roughly, a 1-5% engagement rate is considered average.

So anything over that would be good.

And anything over 10% would be an insane engagement rate – making you the envy of every other brand and business in your market.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, here’s where I got that data…

So, as Hootsuite put it…

“Yes! A engagement rate higher than 5% is considered very high”…

Well, here’s what happens when you turn Relatable Truths into brand-safe jokes…

Relatable Truth:

“That pie in a tin is REALLY hard to open”.

Relatable Truth:

“The older I get, the more every day tasks become a struggle for me…”

Relatable Truth:

“The gym ALWAYS seems to go silent JUST AS I’m awkwardly grunting out my max weight rep…”

Or as Sendible put it…

“When your humour is relevant to everyday human pains, current trends or live events, audiences can easily relate. 

Leveraging these moments shows your audience that you’re not just firing off automatic tweets but actually sending them at the moment – in the same way, they would behave. 

As a brand, you are therefore able to move away from the tradition of talking at your customers and share experiences with them instead.”

     – Sendible

When you craft brand-safe jokes using Relatable Truths – you’ve got all the ingredients you need to kickstart a VIRAL LOOP.

With a Relatable Truth at the heart of the joke, your audience feels compelled to like, comment, share and tag friends they know will also relate.

And they, in turn, tag their friends…

And they tag their friends…

And they accidentally tag their boss, resulting in a sternly worded email from HR…

And then the HR director tags their friends…

And on, and on and on. 

THAT’s a viral loop – and it’s the reason jokes based on Relatable Truths can often go from Zero to 100 on social in less time than it takes to reheat the cup of coffee that went cold when you were busy laughing at your own joke.

And we’ve created a system to find Relatable Truths and turn them into viral-worthy brand-safe jokes.

"Hang on, our Industry Is Too INSERT EXCUSE HERE Though - Could This Really Work For Us?!"

Hold My Beer…

We’ve turned Relatable Truths into viral-worthy brand-safe jokes for clients in these industries AND more…

Environmental Tech

Data Storage



Confidence Coaching

Productivity Tools

Podcast Coaching

Ads Management

Pet Food

Negotation Tactics


Fast Food



Outdoor Equipment

Adult Entertainment





Data Analytics

Every market, industry or group of people have their own unique Relatable Truths, which is why this works no matter what you sell.

Meet the 12 Relatable Truths you need to build a following of ideal customers

Once we’d discovered that Relatable Truths were the key to writing jokes that attract ideal customers in droves – we set about making a systematised process for getting all the Relatable Truths we’d ever need.

Which is when we developed the Relatability Matrix.

The Relatability Matrix is NOT the latest mind-bending Keanu Reeves movie. It’s something WAY better (although admittedly, the stunts aren’t quite as good).

It’s a proprietary audience research method – developed by me and my team of ultra-nerdy research boffins – after years of testing and optimising our joke-writing process. And it’s the social secret sauce that helps us consistently nail our clients’ content.

Nowadays, the Relatability Matrix underpins every piece of content we create at White Label Comedy. In truth, we can’t create reliably entertaining, engaging and high-converting social posts without it! (We tried, once – but Brian’s head exploded and very nearly ruined the wallpaper…)

But the Relatability Matrix isn’t just a potent marketing tool that we harness at White Label Comedy. It’s also an invaluable asset you can use as a guide for:

  • Your website…
  • Your emails…
  • Your blog posts…
  • Your paid ads…
  • Your collection of printed mouse mats (if you’re woefully behind the times)
    or NFTs (if you’re woefully up to date)…
  • And more!

The Relatability Matrix allows us to plot all of the relatable truths in any market – thereby giving us all the intel we’ll ever need to write jokes that attract droves of ideal customers for our clients.

It works like this…

There are 2 “areas” that need mapping for relatable truths.

  1. Your offers – i.e. your products and services.
  2. The topics your ideal customers love to talk about, have strong opinions on and can’t help but engage with.

And within each of the two “areas”, there are 12 relatable truths to find.

These 12 truths represent the…

  • Fears…
  • Pains…
  • Desires…
  • Goals…
  • Small Joys…
  • Recurring Characters…
  • Confessions…
  • Guilty Pleasures…
  • Action Motivations…
  • Action Triggers…
  • Objections…
  • …and Limiting Beliefs of your audience in the context of your niche.

But I don’t mean “pains, desires etc” in the traditional sense of “be able to run 10k”. Or even getting all marketing-guru uLtRa specific like… “be able to run 10k backwards in less than 3 seconds while writing an eBook about running a 10k backwards in under 3 seconds”.

No, these are statements that live within the 12 truths and make your ideal customer shout from the rooftops, “that’s so ME” or “that’s so TRUE!”.

If this is starting to sound like a hell of a lot of work… That’s because it is.

But having a completed Relatability Matrix in your hands is priceless as it allows you to effortlessly create content your ideal customer LOVES.

That’s why we charge clients an upfront fee of £1,995 before my team of audience research nerds gets to work on their Relatability Matrix, but…

I want to give you a personalised Relatability Matrix for your business… for FREE…

Look, the state of affairs on social media is – as put it – like this…

“Content that is truly and broadly viral is almost always funny.”

And the contents of your Relatability Matrix will give you a never-ending supply of viral-worthy content ideas that can be turned into jokes and used to build a following of ideal customers.

And you can claim yours for FREE with any of our Entertain Posts Packs…

“outstanding work. I would’ve paid you guys just for this brief. It’s spot on — really impressed.”

Mike - CMO, The Modular Analytics Company.

Entertain Posts Packs are the most affordable way to have my team of A-list comedy writers craft brand-safe viral-worthy jokes for your brand or business.

“I absolutely LOVE these! Truly brought light to my day (pun intended) and literally feel like you are in my head haha…

…also resonated with my inner circle who are my exact audience so we are 100% on the right track.”

Irene - Founder, Light Garden.

Here’s the situation….

Historically hiring our team costs anywhere from £2,795 to £40k +

(Although if we’re talking truly historically, prices started at one bronze necklace and twelve head of cattle.)

Our services in that price range are great for businesses with strong financials that are looking to dominate. But not so helpful for smaller companies trying to scale.

So I wanted to make a more affordable offer.

And I think I’ve cracked it…

(No exchange of livestock required.)

Our new done-for-you offer still follows our Social Success Machine model (the system we use to get results for our larger clients).

And we’ll still be doing the hard part for you – that’s getting the attention of strangers and turning them into raving fans through crafting brand-safe jokes.

But the way it differs from our other offers is this…

When we charge clients £2,795 + a month, we’re doing everything.

We build out their Relatability Matrix – so there’s a never-ending supply of content ideas for their ideal customers.

And we create ALL their content…

ENTERTAIN posts to grab attention and turn strangers into raving fans – aka viral-worthy brand-safe jokes.

TEACH posts to educate your fans on the benefits of your products and services. And overcome any limiting beliefs and objections they might have.

And SHOWCASE posts to demonstrate the results of using your products and services in a way your fans love to celebrate.

What’s interesting is…

Teach and Showcase posts are much more resource intensive – but they’re also the parts of the Social Success Machine that don’t necessarily NEED to be funny to work*.

*They’re a bit like airline pilots in that respect. It’s a nice bonus when they can make everyone laugh – but if they do that INSTEAD of their main job, it’s time to put your head between your legs and kiss your butt goodbye.

This means it’s easier for you to create your own Teach and Showcase posts than it is your own Entertain posts – so for smaller businesses who can’t yet afford our full-funnel content drops, we’re introducing our…

A pack of 12, 24 or 31 pieces of bespoke, hand-crafted comedy content created for you each and every month.

Entertain Posts are the posts that make your socials the “go-to” accounts in your market and turn strangers into raving fans – giving you an engaged following of ideal customers.

Here's how our Entertain Post Packs work…

🔬We’ll do the research and deliver a bespoke Relatability Matrix for your brand or business – so we know exactly what types of jokes and content will stand out from the noise and get your ideal customers flocking to you.

☕️ We’ll drink A LOT of coffee.

😂 We’ll write the jokes – so you have a constant flow of viral-worthy brand-safe jokes that are sucking in new followers and turning them into raving fans.

☕️ We’ll have a couple more coffees.

🎨 We’ll create the artwork – our top-tier designers work with our comedy writers, so every post has supporting images that bring your brand-safe jokes to life. Allowing them to stand out in the feed like a beacon calling to your ideal customers.

☕️ We’ll get the coffees in.

🖊And we’ll provide you with all the supporting copy – so every post is ready to go “as-is”, all you need to do is post it.

Now let me be clear…

☕️ At this point, we WILL be suffering from jitters and frequent trips to the toilet… #worthit

But also…

Entertain posts drive engagement… which drives up organic reach… and brings in an ever-growing audience of potential customers who love what you’re all about – and keeps you front of mind until they’re ready to buy.

Which means we’ll be doing the hard part (creating that world-class content that we know your audience is going to love).

But there’s still (some) work for you to do in order to make sure you’re seeing real results.

It’s the easy part – which anyone with an established marketing system will be able to do – but it still needs doing.

Specifically, in order to turn that attention into cold hard cash, you need to create content that encourages your ever-growing audience to buy what you’re selling. i.e. you need to put some sexy offers in front of them.

Or put another way….

We’ll gather up a hungry crowd that’s chomping at the bit – and you give them something tasty to eat.

Our packages, prices and promise to each other…

Using our Relatability Matrix to craft viral-worthy jokes has the power to totally transform your business.

But – like I said above – we both have a part to play.

So before you sign up, we need to make a promise to each other.

I PROMISE to create awesome viral-worthy brand-safe jokes that attract your ideal customer.

As long as you PROMISE to make the most of all the attention, awareness, engagement and brand-love that the content brings your way, by creating genuinely great offers for them.

If you agree – then you’re welcome to sign-up for one of our Entertain Post Packs.

Here’s the deal…

I’m offering you a pack of Entertain Posts – aka viral-worthy brand-safe jokes – all of which are written by my team of TV’s best comedy writers – delivered to you on a monthly basis.

You can get…

  • 12 posts for £995 / month - We only accept 3 new clients for this package per month
  • 24 posts for £1695 / month - We only accept 2 new clients for this package per month
  • 31 posts for £1995 / month - We only accept 1 new client for this package per month.
Most Popular

12 Entertain Posts

Per Month


  • We write relatable jokes laser-focused toward your ideal customer so that they'll want to engage with your content and share it with their own audience.
  • We craft engagement-driving captions for each post - a question, conversation starter, or a statement that demands a response.
  • We design scroll-stopping text graphics, eye-catching memes, and other artwork designed to trigger Automatic Reading, so that your ideal customer has already read (and laughed at) the joke before they've even made a conscious decision to stop the scroll.
  • Backed by our "pay for 12 posts, get 12 posts you LOVE" guarantee