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Entertain, Engage and Sell - The Social Selling Toolkit

It’s true! Your content can go…

from this... this!

When you discover the foolproof social media marketing toolkit that’s helping countless…

  • Coaches
  • Lawyers…
  • Accountancy firms…
  • Fashion and beauty brands…
  • International jewel thieves…
  • Owners of hotels where people keep going missing under suspicious circumstances
  • Data protection experts…
  • And many more businesses in every imaginable niche…

…put a rocket up their socials - and make more sales than ever, by following the fastest (and most fun) route to viral content creation.

“I’m already laughing at myself with what I’ve come up with. Surprisingly very easy to use with immediate great effect!”


"I never thought I’d have fun writing social posts about data protection. But I did!"


These jokes really resonate with my inner circle, who are my exact audience. Love it!


Yeah... But, Like, Who Are You?

I’m Adam Hunt. I’m a former TV producer turned digital marketer and agency owner. And I have a content marketing secret weapon that lets me and my team transform almost any social media account from an underperforming energy suck…

…into an outrageously profitable sales-spinning machine (no matter what type of products or services they sell!). 

In fact, we’ve been able to 10x20x…even 100x engagement on clients’ posts across a whole smorgasbord of niches including…

  • Petcare…
  • Data analytics…
  • Actual smorgasbords…
  • Beauty…
  • Coaching…
  • Legal (and “legal but only in certain states”)…
  • IT (as in ‘Information Technology’)…
  • IT (as in ‘scary clown masks’)…
  • Financial…
  • And many more…

…just by making their audience LOL!*

*For the last time, Mum! That doesn’t mean ‘‘Lots of Love’. There’s a reason Auntie Sharon didn’t reply when you text “sorry your husband died LOL”…

“I laughed myself sick! It’s not every day I thank a team for making me hurl. What a gift that is!”


“The best investment I made in 2021. I love this so much!”


“The first scheduled post went live this morning. Great engagement with our customers and I have another 51 posts ready to go!”


A Foolproof Toolkit ANYONE Can Harness to Explode Their Socials

Entertain, Engage and Sell – The Social Selling Toolkit takes everything me and my team of A-list TV comedy writers have learned about crafting high-converting content – after years of joke-writing miss-steps, pivots, pratfalls, pirouettes and hard-won triumphs…

…and hands it to you on a silver platter* – so you can crank out your own side-splitting, brand-safe jokes…quotes…and memes, in minutes. 

*Platter not included. But don’t worry – once your socials are exploding, you can buy as many platters as your heart desires.

You’ll be amazed at how fun and fast content creation can be – once you STOP…

  • Toiling over run-of-the-mill ‘value’ posts and stories - that you hate writing (and your audience probably never sees). You’ll soon have the secret to creating a week’s worth of gold standard content in minutes!
  • Overthinking your content - and start creating posts that look…sound…and feel like the REAL you. I’ll show you my agency’s exact joke-writing process - that lets you effortlessly showcase your brand, so you stand out in a crowded Newsfeed and attract an army of raving fans.
  • Wasting hours crafting lifelike voodoo dolls of your competitors - because it’s creepy AF, not to mention the price of pins these days.
  • Smashing that refresh button - in the hopes that it’ll magic up some followers before your mouse gives up the ghost.
  • Sacrificing beloved family pets and/or grandparents - in an attempt to win favour with the pagan goddess of Likes and Shares.
  • Worrying about getting your business canceled - because you dared to push the boat out with attention-grabbing social posts. Everything you’ll discover inside Entertain, Engage and Sell - The Social Selling Toolkit is 100% brand-safe. So you can confidently share troll-resistant comedy content your audience will love.

What’s Inside Entertain, Engage and Sell -
The Social Selling Toolkit?

The minute you get your hands on Entertain, Engage and Sell – The Social Selling Toolkit, you get everything you need to turbocharge your socials with joke-fuelled posts. 

It took me and my team of TV Comedy Writers years to achieve consistent, reliable results. But when you purchase Entertain, Engage and Sell – The Social Selling Toolkit you get instant access to a plug-n-play toolkit – that lets you crank out entertaining…engaging…and high-converting content in minutes. 

Here’s what’s inside:

Brands Against Mundanity: Meme-Maker Edition ($47 Value)

Want a fast, reliable way to create thigh-slapping joke posts week after week? Brands Against Mundanity: Meme-Maker Edition has you covered! Simply fill in the blanks on these proven joke templates and you’ll have engagement-driving…reach-boosting content that’s ready to go in minutes.

  • 30 plug ‘n’ play joke templates - that let you create entertaining, engaging and high-converting content week after week …without spraining a brain cell
  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions - to make it easier than ever to crank out laugh-out-loud comedy content that takes minutes to throw together
  • Branded visual examples - for instant joke-writing inspiration. See how each joke template looks across a range of niches and much-loved brands - then apply the same template to your business and watch your engagement go off like gangbusters!

Writing Jokes That Sell: Joke-Writing Crash Course ($97 Value)

Me and my team of A-List Comedy Writers suffered years of embarrassing joke fails - before coming up with a foolproof method for comedy content success. In Writing Jokes That Sell, me and my resident Joke Wizard walk you through our exact process - step-by-step - so you can elevate your engagement and sales right away.

  • 3 part video joke-writing crash course - that takes the mystery out of joke-writing…so anyone can become a comedy genius (even if you’ve never written a joke in your life)
  • Ready-to-use ‘Relatability Matrix’ worksheet. Spark endless, can’t-go-wrong joke ideas with your eyes shut - when you use the ‘Relatability Matrix Method’ to craft more high-converting content than you know what do with
  • 2 x fully-filled-in Relatability Matrices - completed by me and my team of TV Comedy writers for two real-world brands. Steal what’s inside these worked examples to make joke-writing a snap

Anatomy of a Winning Social Media Feed: Step-by-Step
Playbook ($17 Value)

Discover how to strike the perfect balance between entertainment, engagement and sales - without sounding like a used car salesman…and without accidentally landing in the no-sales “Friend Zone”.

  • Fail-safe recipe for a winning social feed. Think you’ve heard it all before from countless social media “experts”? Think again! This comprehensive guide walks you through the 4 biggest mistakes even big brands make on social media. And yes, many “experts” are actively encouraging you to make these mistakes!
  • Understand why the popular “set it and forget it” approach to content marketing could be doing your business more harm than good. And what to do instead
  • Discover the 4 essential elements of a successful social media feed. 99% of businesses harness just ONE of these elements. (It’s the reason why content marketing feels like sucking blood out of a stone!)

The Rhythm Method: Strategic Comedy Content Planning System - for Content-Planning Avoiders ($17 Value)

Sick of listening to “experts” spouting the same old content planning advice? In this Guide I’ll show you the RIGHT way to plan your content - for maximum reach…engagement and sales (with minimum effort).

  • Kiss goodbye to content planning tips, tricks and ninja hacks - that make content creation and scheduling harder than it should be
  • Rethink how you plan your social posts - when you uncover the 5 counterintuitive content marketing truths most social media gurus don’t want you to know
  • Discover the high-converting content calendar we use for our high-level agency clients. It’s our foolproof method for achieving record-breaking reach (even on salesy promo-posts)

Entertain, Engage and Sell Guide: Advanced Tactics For Social Success ($17 Value)

Once you’ve nailed comedy content creation, you’ll be ready to take your jokes…quotes and memes to the next level.

  • Revealed! 10 easy…medium…and hard next-level comedy tactics - any business can deploy to keep their content fresh and funny…and keep their profits pumping!
  • Hashtag games… benefits/consequences… newsjacking... - these are just 3 of the advanced social strategies we use to trigger endless engagement for our done-for-you clients. You’ll find all these and more inside the Entertain, Engage and Sell Guide

Total Value


Plus these FREE Bonuses!

When you place your order and get instant access to the Entertain, Engage and Sell – The Social Selling Toolkit you’ll also receive these FREE Bonuses


The 3 Biggest Social Media Mistakes
99% of Business Owners Are Making
(and How to Fix Them) - Video Training

  • Tumbleweed socials? Chances are you’ve been derailed by one (or more) of these 3 ultra-common…but easy-to-fix…social media mistakes
  • How to “ethically game” the algorithm - to boost your reach and build your audience…for FREE (AND have oodles of fun doing it!)
  • Why “meeting in the middle” is the missing ingredient from most content strategies - Plus, how to find your social media X-Factor and turn lukewarm leads into red hot buyers


How to Supercharge Engagement and Reach
on Social Media… Without Risking
Your Brand’s Reputation - Video Training

  • What’s the ONE THING Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn value infinitely more than ad revenue? World domination? Nope! Social influence? Nope! Discover the truth about what really motivates social media moguls - and how to harness their desires to your advantage
  • The foolproof joke-writing process every business must follow, to craft entertaining…engaging…and high-converting content - with zero chance of backfiring
  • Why comedians are psychologists in disguise - and how to think like a comedian to trigger insatiable hunger for your content…products…and services
Countless business owners have already discovered just how easy it is to shift from dime-a-dozen ‘value’ posts…to snort-inducing comedy content. And they’ve seen their engagement and sales go through the roof – thanks to our 100% brand-safe joke-writing system.

And you can too for just

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Backed By Our 100% Risk-Free
90-Day Guarantee!


At just $27, Entertain, Engage and Sell – The Social Selling Toolkit is almost embarrassingly cheap. And – to make it even easier for you to decide – it comes with a 90-Day 100% Money-back Guarantee.

Here’s how it works: Place your order for instant access to Entertain, Engage and Sell – The Social Selling Toolkit and give it a try. If you use the fill-in-the-blanks joke templates…and implement what’s inside the video training, and comedy-content guides – you’ll see results almost immediately.

But give it time. Give it 3 months, in fact…and if by the end of those 3 months you aren’t tickled pink with your results, simply send an email to [email protected] and I’ll rush you a full refund. No questions asked. 

You risk nothing by giving Entertain, Engage and Sell – The Social Selling Toolkit a try.

“I bought it and implemented it immediately. Saves me hours each month, trying to come up with off-the-cuff humour posts for my business.”


“It’s really worth the money. I’ve been managing a $10k per month marketing team for a year - and their process and copy is not as good as this kit!”


“Me and my team have been snort-laughing all morning. And while it’s unattractive - we appreciate it!”


Are You Ready to Finally Start Generating
Astonishing Levels of Engagement
and Sales from Your Content?

If you’ve been creating content for some time, it’s likely you’ve tried dozens – maybe even hundreds of different hacks and tactics to boost your engagement and sales on social media. 

And I’ll hazard a guess that none of these content tricks has worked for you yet. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on social media. Far from it!  

It simply means you need a different approach to content marketing. You need an approach that’s been proven, time and again, to boost engagement and sales – in any niche. 

You need an approach that will stand the test of time…instead of fading out faster than a British holiday-maker’s sun tan. And more importantly, you need an approach that makes content marketing fun…fast and fruitful (no matter what products or services you sell!). 

Which is precisely what you’ll find inside Entertain, Engage and Sell – The Social Selling Toolkit.

So don’t waste another precious minute creating content that nobody sees. Click the button below and get ready to watch your socials explode!

(One-time charge of just $27 – for lifetime access!
No hidden fees. No contract.
Safe, secure payment)