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*Awards include D of E Bronze, ‘Best Sandcastle Brighton Beach 2009’, and loads for writing comedy and stuff.

The World’s Most Hilarious Social Posts - Crafted For You

Want the world’s most hilarious social media content (without lifting a finger)? It’s all yours! When my team of A-List TV Comedy writers take over your socials – and craft snort-laugh-inducing content your audience will love.
And because we’re feeling terrifically generous – we’re giving away an entire month’s worth of irresistible, engagement-driving content absolutely FREE.

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And a friendly member of the team will tell you precisely how you can claim your month’s FREE done-for-you comedy content…plus, how White Label Comedy can help your business:
✅ Send likes…comments…and shares through the roof (no matter what business you’re in!)
✅ Strengthen your online relationships and send sales soaring  – by strategically injecting belly-laughs into your social media marketing…
✅ Boost customer loyalty and elevate lifetime customer value – thanks to our high-converting mix of brand-safe gags, memes and comedy quotes…

What Happens When White Label Comedy
Take Over Your Socials?

When you open up your socials to White Label Comedy, you get way more than just a handful of social media posts. That’s because each month me and my team of joke-writing wizards* and expert graphic designers will…
* You could call them ‘Haha Potters’. Sadly I’m legally prohibited from doing so.

Send likes…comments…and shares through the roof – so our jokes are always fresh…on-point…and 100% relevant to your dream customers…

Undergo a “Relatable Truth Refresh.” – so our jokes are always fresh…on-point…and 100% relevant to your dream customers…

Conjure up an overflowing treasure trove of pitch-perfect content ideas– that we know your audience will love…

Take the top 1% of our content ideas, and translate them into relatable…shareable jokes, graph gags, memes, and comedy quotes –  to boost your reach and send your socials soaring…
Craft eye-catching, scroll-stopping artwork. Have our highly-skilled team of graphic designers save you from DIY Canva Despair. They’ll pair your hot-off-the-press new jokes with hilarious custom-made images that finally get you the attention you deserve…
Write a month’s worth of perfectly-paired, engagement driving social media copy. This might be a question your audience will be burning to answer…or a relatable statement that commands a response. Either way, we’ll help you start relationship-building conversations that turn cold leads into raving fans…
Revise or replace any content you don’t absolutely love. We’re sure you’ll be crying with laughter the minute you receive your monthly comedy content drop. But in the unlikely event you’re not 1,000,000% satisfied – we’ll replace any less-than-perfect posts, until you’re skipping with content marketing glee!
In other words, we’ll do the social media grunt work for you. So, all you have to do is keep an eye on your inbox at the start of each month. Then…

…pop your images and captions into your platform(s) of choice – and watch the magic unfold!

Working with White Label Comedy
Is NOT For Everyone

The right social media strategy can send your engagement…your reach…and your sales through the roof. And make no mistake, we LOVE partnering with awesome businesses to make that happen!

But before we work with anyone, we need to know we’re the right fit to make comedy magic together.

So here’s what we need from you:

Nope, sorry – that’s the recipe for my dinner tonight.  Here’s what we need from you:

1 - Your Offers Must Be Selling

We’ve seen first-hand the impact comedy content can have on any type of business. But our jokes…memes…and hilarious quotes are NOT a lifeline. If your business is not already making money, then the content we create will not act like a magic pill and save your business.

But if you’re generating a healthy number of sales – and you have big ambitions to take your business to the next level…then our Scroll-Stopping Socials Monthly will be perfect for you!

2 - You Must Be Ready

We’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes – from start-ups to big business (and everything in between). But no matter what size your business, you must be ready to leverage and multiply the impact you’ll get from your socials.

We’ve seen social media accounts take-off faster than you could possibly imagine. Are you truly ready for the attention you’re about to generate?

3 - You’re Excited to Collaborate

We will do 99% of the grunt work. But marketing is a collaborative process. And while we’re great at what we do, we know that no one understands your customers as well as you do. In fact, you’re our window into your audience’s world when we first get started. It means the more you give us, the more you’ll get back. So, if you’re prepared to share the information and feedback we need to do our best work – let’s chat!  

Think We’re a Good Fit to Get Started?

Then let’s get the ball rolling! Why waste another minute wondering just how much money you could be leaving on the table – with every tumbleweed post. Click to book a call today – and claim a month’s worth of FREE comedy content.

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