What’s the easiest way to generate entertaining, engaging posts that your brand’s social media audience will go crazy for?

(Hiring our hive-mind of TV's best comedy writers to craft the content for you, of course! But outside of that...)


The print-at-home creative card game that writes your social posts for you.

Everything you need to entertain, engage and sell on social media.

Bill Uden

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“We wrote a month’s worth of awesome social posts in a couple of hours – just by playing this game. Brilliant!”

Yeah - but, like, what is it?

Is it a marketing tool? 100% – these fill-in-the-blank templates will help you write entertaining, engaging social posts without breaking a sweat.

Is it a training? Kinda. The more you use the cards, the more you’ll realise how simple it is to write brand-safe jokes that your audience will love. And this is a much more fun (and more affordable) way to learn.

Is it a game? Absolutely. If you want it to be. You can play it like a game (it’s great fun to play – alone or with the team), or you can just work through the templates one by one. Whatever works for you.

What You Get

✓ 52 fill-in-the-blank templates you can use to entertain and engage your social media audience, with your brand and your products firmly front of mind. (It’s hard distracting customers from puppy memes and their ex’s holiday photos, but trust us, it’s possible).

✓ Conversation Starters that get your audience talking, giving your organic reach – the number of people who see each post with you having to pay a penny – a huge shot in the arm. (And who doesn’t want a shot in the arm in 2021!)

✓ Engagement Drivers that demand a reaction. (Think of it like shouting ‘FIRE!” in a cinema. Except you won’t be arrested and people will love you for it. So nothing like that then really, but you get the idea).

✓ Relatable Jokes that take your brand message, and reframe it in the context of what matters to your audience (showing them, rather than telling them, that you “get it”).

✓ Stealth Pitch Posts that you can use to tell your audience what’s on sale without them ever feeling they’ve been sold to (although they are definitely being sold to. Are you proud of yourself you filthy stealthy sales ninja?)

✓ Cheap, fun and so easy that you can write your posts with one half of your brain, while the other is taking Buzzfeed’s ‘Which Wagamama’s Noodle Dish Are You?’ Quiz.

your brand's BEST defence against the crushing defeat of the algorithms?

A sense of humour

On FB, the average post is shown to just 5.5% of your audience. On Twitter, only 3.6% of your followers see the average tweet. You’re paying for content that 95% of your audience will never even see. (Now you know how the Specsavers marketing team feels). *

For those of you outside the UK, Specsavers is a brand of opticians. Sure – we could’ve just said “an opticians” to make sure you all got the joke – but then we wouldn’t have been able to hang out together down here by this asterisk.

When your content gets more engagements (reactions, likes, shares, comments) it gets rewarded – by being shown to more and more people.

If twice as many people see your posts each day – that’s twice as many potential customers, clients, or prospects given a chance to think about you and how you can change their world (and you can order twice as many oysters to go with your celebratory champagne).

Comedy content gets your audience talking – well, laughing AND talking – and that means – the Holy Grail: comments.

Discussion of the topic, people sharing their own stories, sharing their own jokes, sharing inappropriate pictures (there’s always one) and even people just commenting to tell you how much they loved that post – whatever their reason for responding – every comment counts.*

Plus, jokes work best – and travel further – when they’re based around a hidden truth. And thanks to the nature of branded comedy, that truth is always going to be one your audience wholeheartedly agrees with – which leads to Likes and Shares. Your audience telling the world that you’re funny, and you’re right.

* (And FYI – if your target market is Transylvania, every count will comment).

Comedy Content directly drives engagement, which in turn increases Organic Reach, and that can mean exponentially increased ROI.

And that’s before we even begin to dig into the psychology of why comedy content is so effective in and of itself as a marketing material.


White Label Comedy

I’m Adam Hunt – a TV Producer turned Copywriter who loves it when brands make us laugh, and hates how rarely that happens.

There’s an art to writing jokes that work for brands – and a science that makes sure the end result is on-brand, on-message and won’t get you cancelled.

I brought together TV’s best comedy writers* as the White Label Comedy Hive-Mind, to help brands of all shapes and sizes entertain, engage and sell.**

* (not as hard as it sounds – they were all in the same branch of Starbucks complaining about the WiFi).

** I keep them in a small bucket on my coffee table, occasionally feeding them episodes of Cheers.

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Sam Karazi

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“Adam I think I’m in love with you and your team! Amazing work.”

When not helping brands entertain, engage and sell - our writers also craft jokes for these award-winning shows.

We can't write jokes for everyone - there wouldn't be enough of TV's Best Comedy Writers to go around - so we developed...


Not every brand can afford to hire a hive-mind of TV’s best comedy writers to run their socials (and to be honest – there wouldn’t be enough of us to go around if they could) – but luckily, not every brand needs to.

All of the lessons we’ve learnt using comedy to help our own clients entertain, engage and sell can be easily shared.

There was no playbook for this kind of content before we came along – but we’re writing one. 

The psychology of comedy in marketing, tactics that help (and those that hinder) engagement, the secret to writing brand-safe jokes, and all the techniques you’ll ever need to craft them.

You need a speedy route to quick wins, an autobahn of banter if you will (you won’t? Right you are). A way to generate content that will entertain, engage and sell in record time. And that’s exactly what Brands Against Mundanity provides you.

How It Works

Contains 52 template cards that between them cover the three types of social post that are essential for brands who want to entertain, engage and sell.

20 x Engagement Drivers

22 x Relatable Jokes

10 x Product Pitches

Either print and cut out the cards, or save yourself from furiously hoying your inevitably non-compliant printer out of the window, and instead use a random number generator to help you select them from the PDF on-screen.

Each card contains several blanks that need to be filled in, tips on how best to use each space, and an example that shows how a big name brand might use the template. 

You can work through the templates alone, or get the whole team together and turn it into the most productive team-building game you’ll have played this century.

We also recommend a drink or four. Just be sure to recheck your posts when you’re sober. You might live to regret the one where you called out your ex as a ‘lazy, feckless ratboy’ on behalf of the company on Twitter.

A Month’s Worth Of Social Posts Written In Less Than Two Hours.

You Will Need

Your “Brands Against Mundanity” cards (either print out the cards, or save the trees and use a random number generator to help you select them from within this PDF).

Each Player Will Also Need

A notepad, a pen, and their phone’s timer. (The best thing about this game is there’s no way of cheating, so phones aren’t an issue. Unlucky, Ryan from Comms. We saw you at the Christmas quiz.)

How To Play

  • Players take turns to select a card at random – and read the tips and example aloud. (NB – if your card is the 7 of clubs, you’re definitely doing it wrong).
  • All other players then have 2 minutes to write out as many filled-in versions of the template as they can. (Remember, there are no wrong answers. Unless your answers are in Wingdings. In that case, you probably haven’t understood the game.)
  • When the time is up, players read out all of their entries in turn – and the player who originally selected the card chooses their Top 3.
  • The players whose posts are chosen get 3, 2 and 1 point (for first, second and third place respectively), and the posts are added to the longlist. 
  • If you’re playing in person, the longlist can be written on a pad that gets passed around the room. If you’re playing remotely, it can be a Google Doc that one team member looks after. (We’re looking at you, Anonymous Wildebeest. Such a keeno).
  • The first player to 50 points wins. Their prize? Go for a break! (Just don’t tell them everyone else is going for a break too…)
  • After the break, with fresh eyes, players take turns initialling their favourite posts on the longlist – those with the most votes should be moved onto a shortlist ready for finessing, editing and quality control. (Another job for Anonymous Wildebeest? Cheers hun).
  • Play your cards right, and you could have written a whole month’s worth of entertaining, engaging social posts in less than 2 hours.

Success on social can be hard to come by.

Now youv'e got the winning formula at your fingertips.

Risk Nothing With Our Easy 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If Brands Against Mundanity doesn’t help you craft social media posts you love, in record time, just send us an email in the next 30 days with a snapshot of the posts from your first playthrough and we’ll send all your money back, no questions asked.

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Get ready to Entertain, Engage and Sell

No more putting time and energy you don’t have into content that fails to make an impact. With Brands Against Mundanity, two hours a month will give you access to all the entertaining, engaging content you need.

No more panicking when you’ve used up all your posts and can’t think of anything new worth saying. With Brands Against Mundanity you’ve got everything you need to create fresh new content that’s primed to turn a casual audience into an army of raving fans – at a moment’s notice.

No more keeping your head down in team meetings hoping that no one asks you how well you’re doing on social. Instead, you’re keeping your head down trying to avoid yet another standing ovation.