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Hold up! What Even is Brands Against Mundanity Monthly?

Brands Against Mundanity Monthly is an exclusive monthly delivery of 31 hilariously topical, fill-in-the-blanks social media templates – sent straight to your inbox. (Or any inbox you like. To be fair, it’d make a great Mother’s Day gift.)

Each set of joke templates is precision-crafted by my team of A-List TV Comedy Writers (plus one who’s technically B-List but is REALLY good at going to get coffee)  – and includes an EXPLOSIVE mix of:

  • Text Jokes…
  • Graph Gags…
  • And Meme-Maker formats…

…so you never run out of inspiration for your social media posts. 

My resident Joke Conjurers (AKA the Wizards of Wit) are ready and waiting to feed your brain with an endless supply of content inspo – so you can crank out social posts in record time…day after day, week after week. 

Leaving you to crack on with all the other businessy-type stuff you need to get done (like hiring, firing, and shouting “get me the Jensen account before COP!” or whatever). 

That’s not all!

It’s childishly easy for you to light up your socials with these daily content prompts

Even your intern’s dog could do it.

That’s because each social media template comes with its own step-by-step instructions, so you can craft dozens of brand-safe jokes in minutes (freeing up more time for you to get distracted on the internet). 

PLUS, you’ll see examples of how each joke format works for a real world brand – showing you exactly how to put your prompts to work! 

The best part is, each social post idea is ridiculously versatile. It means Brands Against Mundanity Monthly will work for you – regardless of your niche. B2B…B2C…BYOB…it really doesn’t matter. Simply plug in a couple of your own brand-friendly words and, hey presto! 

You’ll have a full month’s ready-to-publish, engagement-driving content your audience will love (and your competitors will loaf*!)

 *That’s when something upsets you so much, you have to go and make sourdough to calm down.
  • Keep your socials stocked with fresh, funny content that entertains, engages and sells – while barely lifting a finger…
  • Run out of inspiration for your social posts? Simply whip out your latest delivery of hilariously-funny joke templates…and bob’s your uncle! A month’s worth of content in minutes. 
  • Turn your business page into a profit-pumping Place to Be for your customers – when you publish conversation-starting, relationship-building content every day of the week. (Your competitors don’t need to know how you make it look so easy. Your secret’s safe with us!) 

Get every joke template my TV comedy writers will ever create when you join Brands Against Mundanity Monthly

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Each joke format inside your monthly Brands Against Mundanity delivery is only available to our subscribers. It means you’ll never see these prompts anywhere else.

So if you want to get your hands on this never-ending stream of side-splitting content ideas – the only way to get them is by signing up to Brands Against Mundanity Monthly!

Brands Against Mundanity Monthly is as close as you can get to hiring White Label Comedy as your digital marketing agency – without paying thousands of pounds a month for our done-for-you services.*

 *(Or scaling White Label Comedy Towers to gain entry through the skylight, abseiling down into the main atrium, using a laser to breach the vault doors, hacking into my account manager’s computer and adding yourself to our client list without paying. You wouldn’t be the first.)

And it’s yours for just $27 when you join Brands Against Mundanity Monthly TODAY!

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…which – when you add it to your first delivery of Brands Against Mundanity Monthly – ticks content creation off your to-do list for almost half a year. And you’ll barely break a sweat.

OR you’ll have enough easy-to-implement content prompts for a 2 and a half hour, post-a-minute joke barrage. Whatever floats yer boat, y’know?

Before I go on, let’s quickly recap what’s inside Brands Against Mundanity Monthly

  • A monthly drop of 31 spanking-new, seasonally-inspired Brands Against Mundanity social post templates
  • A hilarious mix of Text Jokes, Graph Gags and Meme-Maker formats
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Branded visual examples of each joke
  • PLUS - 4 months FREE Brands Against Mundanity back issues (worth over $80)

All for just $27! (Then…$27 a month after we’ve won you over with our engagement-boosting joke magic.)

And to make it even easier for you to say “Yes!” to this one-time offer – I’m giving you my: 

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 *It’s a print-at-home product, so if you get a papercut or trap part of yourself in the printer? THAT’S ON YOU.

Join Brands Against Mundanity Monthly today for just $27 – and start sharing all the entertaining and engaging social posts you could ever want – RISK-FREE!*

*Please note: Brands Against Mundanity Monthly will NOT – repeat NOT – protect you in the event of an attack from twelve crocodiles and a startlingly accurate monkey with a spud gun.  

All you have to do is hit the button below – and let our TV Comedy Workhorses do the monthly social media head-scratching, so you don’t have to. (To be honest, you wouldn’t want to scratch their heads anyway. They enjoy it too much and it gets weird.)  

Subscribe TODAY – and you’ll receive the latest hot-off-the-press issue of Brands Against Mundanity Monthly right away.  

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