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Man who produced Britain’s most-watched chat show reveals:

How to create viral-worthy (brand-safe) social posts that grow an audience of ideal customers excited to be sold to...

Now you can...

Create a month's worth of content in just a couple of hours (freeing up time that you and your colleagues will quickly fill with celebratory lunches toasting your newfound social success...)

Make sure that content gets in front of the right audience (so that your notifications are filled with comments, likes and shares from you ideal customers - not your Auntie Sue...)

Entertain your new audience with content that reflects their biggest struggles (so that even before you've pitch them anything, they've started to sell themselves on the idea that you're the solution they need).

...while having the most fun you've EVER had creating content for your brand or business - with...

Brands Against Mundanity Monthly

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“The impact was profound. Turns out the content we created went viral. One achieved 37 million impressions on Twitter. It hit the front page of Reddit 3 times in one day

…Overall it helped our Turn on the Subtitles campaign become the world’s largest literacy campaign…possibly EVER

Henry Warren: Founder, TOTS - Innovator of the Year 2021

Hold Up! What even IS Brands Against Mundanity Monthly?

And why is my internal monologue appearing as a headline? Test. Test. Monkeys. Stilton. Oh gawd, it’s really happening…

Brands Against Mundanity Monthly is an exclusive monthly delivery of 31 hilariously topical, fill-in-the-blanks social media templates – sent straight to your inbox. (Or any inbox you like. To be fair, it’d make a great Mother’s Day gift.)

You can use each set of templates to craft brand-safe jokes that make great standalone posts…

AND perfect engagement magnets that draw attention to your important announcements and brand messages.

They’re precision-crafted by my team of A-List TV Comedy Writers (plus one who’s technically B-List but is REALLY good at going to get coffee)  – and include an EXPLOSIVE mix of:

…so you never run out of inspiration for your social media posts.

Just take your audience's Relatable Truths* and use them to fill in the blanks

*Relatable Truths are your audience’s strongly held beliefs. The ideas and phrases that would get them saying “that’s so true!” and “that’s so me!” – and inside Brands Against Mundanity Monthly we’ll show you how to find them (and how to deploy them to create content your audience will go crazy for).

(If you're a business owner, we created these three posts using Relatable Truths that I think you'll recognise....)

Get instant access to Brands Against Mundanity Monthly for JUST $3!!

(+ VAT where applicable. Subscription renews at $27 per month. Cancel any time)

Introducing White Label Comedy's Creative Director Adam Hunt...

BBC TV Producer Turned
Viral Content Creator

I’m Adam Hunt. I used to be a TV Producer – in charge of some of the UK’s biggest shows on the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. (An amazing job, even if I did occasionally find myself in a room with James C*rden…)

But now, as the Creative Director of White Label Comedy,  I help brands and businesses make viral content for social media.

Me and my team use comedy as our content creation secret weapon – to transform any social media account from humdrum… to a thrumming hive of engagement.

And now we’ve created a super simple system anyone can use to create entertaining, engaging content in a matter of minutes – even if you’ve never written a joke before.

It’s so much more effective than the “Value Posts” model every half-baked Guru seems to be teaching right now – and here’s why.

What happens when the worlds of TV, Marketing and Psychology are (accidentally) combined?

White Label Comedy is a company born out of the two halves of my own career.

Firstly, as a TV producer for the BBC and other major broadcasters – it was usually my job to write the script for whatever show I was working on.

Which meant, on bigger budget shows like The One Show – Britain’s most watched chat show – and Big Brother, Mock The Week and so on – I’d write the first draft…

…And then we’d have comedy writers come in to punch that script up with jokes.

Now, while I didn’t really think of it like this at the time, what I was doing was working out what we needed to say – “the message”.

And the gag writers were then helping me communicate that message as entertainingly as possible.

Which is still the way we work today.

But what was the other half of my career? Well – TV work is freelance.

So in between gigs, I would moonlight as a freelance creative and content creator for brands and businesses.

And almost all of my clients were suffering from the same issue.

(In their business, I mean. I can’t speak to any medical issues – although stress was a recurring factor…)

Because for brands and businesses on social, the struggle is real.

For Brands and Businesses on Social the struggle is real

For every 100,000 followers...

* (Now you know how the Specsavers marketing team feels)**

** For those of you outside the UK, Specsavers is a brand of opticians. Sure – we could’ve just said “an opticians” to make sure you all got the joke – but then we wouldn’t have been able to hang out together down here by this asterisk

The average brand’s post gets shown to less than 5% of their followers.

Less than 3% of those who see each post – on average – engage with that post in any way.

That means that just 0.13% of the average brand’s followers are engaging with any single post.

So even if you have 100,000 followers, 95,000 didn’t see your post.

Almost 5,000 saw it, but they didn’t care – and just 130 engaged with that post.

At this point, it wouldn’t be totally inappropriate to shake your fist at the sky and yell “Damn you. Zuckerberg!”


The brands that I worked with back then knew the reason they were getting no organic reach was that no one was engaging with their content.

And no one was engaging with their content because it didn’t stand out.

They had the same – or almost identical – ‘top tips’, how-tos, and other so-called ‘value posts’ as all their competitors.

And news and industry insights were again – all the same. Welcome to Yawn City, next stop Snooze Town.

Everyone was talking about the same trends, topics and events as everyone else.

So they knew they needed a way to stand out. And that they needed entertaining engaging content in order to buck the trend.

But none of them knew what that content was meant to look like for their brand, let alone who to commission it from.

I built White Label Comedy to solve this problem for them (and for you)...

…and secretly to give myself an opportunity to work with some of my favourite comedy writers in the process.

Since we launched back in 2018 we’ve created content for brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes – from multinational corporations and household names to startups and solo entrepreneurs.

In the early days, our approach was super simple.

We’d identify all of the key topics and the subject areas relevant to a client, and we break them down into sub-topics – maybe sub, sub-topics.

Then we create a space in our virtual writer’s room – and for each sub-topic – our writers would throw jokes into a bucket – again, virtual – we’d pull out our favourites, polish them off, and present them to the client. (While the rejects were quietly disposed of in International Waters.)

This process led to some great jokes.

But at this point, we still didn’t have a yardstick for what the right kind of content looks like.

Other than – we thought it was funny. The client thought it was funny, and thankfully the audience agreed.

And that was a problem because it meant we didn’t really have a reliable, scalable process. We were still throwing shit at a wall, or to use a cooking analogy, throwing shit at a wall in a restaurant.

What does "the right kind of content" even look like?

The most useful answer came from Joe Federer – who’s the former head of strategy at Reddit. He suggested, people engage with content for two reasons, either it’s bookmarkable…

So that’s useful stuff they might refer to later.

Or it’s badge-worthy. It represents them, and how they want to be seen on social.

Now, in their simplest form, jokes aren’t particularly bookmarkable, at least not by Joe Federer’s definition, but they definitely can be badgeworthy.

They can represent someone – who they want to be and how they want to be known.

For instance – if you’re a business owner – I defy you not to look at these 3 jokes and find at least one that feels “true” for you.

So – I had a working theory…

…The more badge-worthy a joke…

…And by that I mean, the more our intended audience feels it reflects their truth and their beliefs…

…The more engagement we can expect that joke to receive.

And an analysis of our client work up to that point backed up my theory and then some.

Because the best-performing jokes were the ones that felt “of the audience” – as if the client’s ideal customer had somehow written the joke to help them express one of their own beliefs. Or like our comedy writers had eavesdropped on their therapy sessions, which we definitely didn’t do. Much.

Jokes about the audience and jokes about key topics – without that additional layer centred around our audience’s own beliefs – they were much less successful.

Relatable Truths are the secret sauce that power viral-worthy (brand-safe) content - driving likes, shares, comments and sales

Joke writing is a process – and with any process, a different input leads to a different output.

So instead of kicking off our comedy writers with a list of key topics and a good luck pat on the back…

…We wanted to kick them off with a list of Relatable Truths, so they could use those as the basis for their jokes instead.

We found those Relatable Truths out in the wild – so to speak – in words written by our ideal customer on forums, reviews, comments, the dream journals hidden in their bottom drawer…

We simplified them, summarised them, and collated them in what would eventually become known as the Relatability Matrix, basically, a dossier full of Relatable Truths.

And in case you’re still not sure – Relatable Truths are essentially any and all statements that get an audience responding in unison…

…“That’s so true”…

…“That’s so me”…

Or “Hang on, have you been reading my dream journal!?”

…Even before you’ve turned them into jokes.

Here's one of the first jokes we ever crafted using Relatable Truths as our source material...

I want to show you one of the very first jokes we wrote using this principle.

And there are a couple of reasons I love sharing it.

So let’s just step through, and then we’ll talk about why I love to talk about it.

This was a joke written for a confidence coach client of ours, called Kirsty – when we found this gem during our Relatable Truth research:

“I’m just sick to death of being ignored in meetings and having guys repeat my ideas back to me, as if that’s not exactly what I just said.”

So the Relatable Truth, when it goes in our relatability matrix, is the simplified version of that.

…“It’s so frustrating having men claim my ideas as their own in meetings.”

And you’ll see the joke that comes out the other end is actually really simple.

“Feeling inspired today, remembering some of the amazing men I’ve worked with… and the incredible ideas they’ve repeated back to me.”

Now the reason that I love sharing this joke is – if I share this with a guy on a call…

…Especially if it’s a guy that I can tell has never really had to struggle with getting himself heard or being listened to…

…You get a kind of nod, and they respect it, they know it’s a joke, they get that it’s funny.

But if I share this with a woman – especially a woman who’s got experience in the corporate sector – honestly, you see their eyes light up.

This is their truth, they feel absolutely seen.

And that reaction is what we’re going for with any one of our jokes.

And that is why the Relatable Truth behind the joke – and that truth resonating – is way more important to us than anything else.

(Except coffee, obviously. You can’t write jokes without coffee.)

Social Posts based around the Relatable Truths of your audience drive massive engagement and reach (bringing even more of your ideal customers into your world)

Look, we all know engagement is the name of the game.

(Unless the game is Hungry Hungry Hippos – in which case Hungry Hungry Hippos is the name of the game, and it’s largely about getting the most marbles…)

And whether you measure engagement as % of followers, impressions, or in rings like you’re trying to work out the age of a majestic oak tree – it doesn’t matter.

If you’re getting higher engagement than the average or – more importantly – higher than your competition… then you know the algorithms will reward you by showing your content to even more of your ideal audience….

…allowing you to dominate your market (much like I dominated the UK’s competitive Hungry Hungry Hippos scene in the late 1980s).

And nothing gets more engagement than turning Relatable Truths into jokes.

Let me prove it to you…

Roughly, a 1-5% engagement rate is considered average.

So anything over that would be good.

And anything over 10% would be an insane engagement rate – making you the envy of every other brand and business in your market.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, here’s where I got that data…

So, as Hootsuite put it…

“Yes! A [sic*] engagement rate higher than 5% is considered very high”…

*Short for ‘sickening typo’. But the statement holds true – 5% engagement is very high.

Well, here’s what happens when you turn Relatable Truths into brand-safe jokes…

Relatable Truth:

“That pie in a tin is REALLY hard to open”.

Relatable Truth:

“The older I get, the more every day tasks become a struggle for me…”

Relatable Truth:

“The gym ALWAYS seems to go silent JUST AS I’m awkwardly grunting out my max weight rep…”

My agency clients pay upwards of $3,000 per month for my TV comedy writers to craft comedy-powered content for them…

But not everyone can afford that.

And we wanted to get the magic of our proven content creation system into the hands of as many business owners as possible…regardless of their marketing budget*.

*Yes – even the ones who think “marketing budget” means “giving the unpaid intern a Mars bar and their Twitter password…”

That’s because we know comedic content has the power to help hundreds (or even thousands) of businesses thrive online.

We just needed a way for someone without a background in comedy writing to be able to take their audiences’ relatable truths and turn them into content their audience would go crazy for.

Allowing you to explode your engagement without needing to hire us.


Brands Against Mundanity Monthly

Everything you need to create viral-worthy (brand-safe) social posts that grow an audience of ideal customers excited to be sold to...

...while having the most fun you've EVER had creating content for your brand or business

All the tools, templates and trainings you need to understand your audience inside out (arming you with a never-ending supply of Relatable Truths to power viral-worthy social posts)

Our 'quick start' core training series (so you can hit the ground running, and have your first week of entertaining social content planned, designed and ready to post in less than 2 hours).

31 brand new 'fill in the blank' viral post templates in your inbox every month (giving you a never-ending supply of inspiration - you'll never be staring at the blinking-cursor-of-doom ever again).

Easy to use Canva Templates for every post (taking you from blank page to ready-to-post in record time).

Get instant access to Brands Against Mundanity Monthly for JUST $3!

(+ VAT where applicable. Subscription renews at $27 per month. Cancel any time)

Get 31 brand new fill-in-the-blank joke templates in your inbox every single month

Brands Against Mundanity Monthly is an exclusive monthly delivery of 31 fill-in-the-blanks viral joke templates you can use on social media.

You can use every template to craft brand-safe jokes that make great standalone posts to gather up a horde of potential customers…

Or you can add the jokes to anything else you want to say…

…Whether it’s an important announcement, a CTA for your offer or a marriage proposal…

…You can just pop whatever else you want to say in the post copy that accompanies the joke – or throw it onto the second slide of a carousel post. 

The jokes will do their job of pulling in your ideal audience from all corners of the web…

And then they’ll find your offers and announcements attached. 

Meaning your important messages will finally get the attention they deserve. (And you might find someone even better to marry.)

Every viral joke template is precision-crafted by my team of A-List TV Comedy Writers (plus one who’s technically B-List but is REALLY good at going to get coffee)

These are the same chronically over-stimulated comedy writers who have written jokes for some of the most watched TV shows, and other super-successful comedians and personalities recognised the world over, like…

Mock the Week… 

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire…

The One Show…

Graham Norton…

Sue Perkins…

Jon Richardson…

Al Murray…

Dermot O’Leary…

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire…

Big Brother…

Mel and Sue…

Surprise Surprise*…

Professor Stephen Hawking… 

* This is an iconic British TV show, not just a funny way to introduce Prof. Hawking… 

Plus, they’ve written jokes that have driven engagement from millions of potential customers for hundreds of brands on social media.

Each monthly pack of templates include an EXPLOSIVE mix of:

✅ Text Jokes…

✅ Graph Gags…

✅ and Meme-Maker formats…

…so you never run out of inspiration for your social media posts.

My resident Joke Conjurers (AKA the Wizards of Wit) are ready and waiting to feed your brain with an endless supply of content inspiration – so you can crank out social posts in record time…day after day, week after week. 

Leaving you to crack on with all the other businessy-type stuff you need to get done (like hiring, firing, and shouting, “get me the Jensen account before COP!” or whatever). 

But the fun doesn’t end there…

It’s childishly easy for you to light up your socials with these daily content prompts.

Even your intern’s dog could do it.

That’s because each social media template comes with its own step-by-step instructions, so you can craft dozens of brand-safe jokes in minutes (freeing up more time for you to get distracted on the internet). 

PLUS, you’ll see examples of how each joke format works for a real-world brand – showing you exactly how to put your prompts to work! 

Like this…

The best part is, each social post idea is ridiculously versatile. 

It means Brands Against Mundanity Monthly will work for you – regardless of your niche. B2B…B2C…BYOB…it really doesn’t matter. 

Simply plug in a couple of your specific audience’s fears, pains, small joys etc (it’s super-easy because the templates tell you what to use) and, hey presto…

…You’ll have a full month’s ready-to-publish, engagement-driving content your audience will love (and your competitors will loaf*!)

*That’s when something upsets you so much, you have to go and make sourdough to calm down.

Keeping your socials stocked with fresh, funny content that entertains, engages and sells – while barely lifting a finger…

Run out of inspiration for your social posts? 

Simply whip out your latest delivery of hilariously-funny joke templates…and Bob’s your uncle! (Marley, Dylan, Odenkirk… the choice is yours…) 

A month’s worth of content in minutes.

Turn your business page into a profit-pumping “place-to-be” for your customers – when you publish conversation-starting, relationship-building content every day of the week. 

(Your competitors don’t need to know how you make it look so easy. Your secret’s safe with us!)

Get instant access to Brands Against Mundanity Monthly for JUST $3!!

(+ VAT where applicable. Subscription renews at $27 per month. Cancel any time)

“The impact was profound. Turns out the content we created went viral. One achieved 37 million impressions on Twitter. It hit the front page of Reddit 3 times in one day

…Overall it helped our Turn on the Subtitles campaign become the world’s largest literacy campaign…possibly EVER. It impacted some 320 million children worldwide.

We have a lot to thank White Label Comedy for!”

Henry Warren: Founder, Turn On The Subtitles

"Our Industry Is Too [INSERT EXCUSE HERE] Though - Could This Really Work For Us?!"

Hold My Beer…

Jokes have been used to turn strangers into potential customers in these industries AND more…

Environmental Tech

Data Storage



Confidence Coaching

Productivity Tools

Podcast Coaching

Ads Management

Pet Food

Negotation Tactics


Fast Food



Outdoor Equipment

Adult Entertainment





Data Analytics

(+ VAT where applicable. Subscription renews at $27 per month. Cancel any time)

What Happens If I Get Stuck Trying To Fill In The Templates?

Don’t worry, we’ll get you unstuck  with our Live ‘Write With’ Us sessions.

(We’re very much the ‘Search and Rescue’ of Comedy Content in that respect.)

Every month we host a live zoom call where you can get hands-on help, support and feedback from myself and my team of top comedy writers. 

Just turn up and ask your questions… 

…and share your content with us for an in-depth critique where me and my team (and the other members of our ultra-supportive community) will give you personalised feedback to all but guarantee your success.

We’ll workshop your content together – punching up your ideas, copy, and jokes LIVE.

(No, we don’t consider ourselves to be as selfless and heroic as paramedics or firefighters. But you’d be very welcome to.)

“Thank you so much for such a great course / workshop, and especially all your suggestions, ideas and personalized guidance

I learned so much and found it really valuable. Can’t wait to overhaul my socials now”

– Jenny Lisk, The Widowed Parent Podcast

“OMFG that was the best, fastest, most useful marketing feedback I’ve ever had.

Thanks so much Adam, for your time and expert advice. You are spot on with it all”

– Debbie Jenkins, The Asset Path

(+ VAT where applicable. Subscription renews at $27 per month. Cancel any time)

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That’s exactly what you get inside

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During this training you’ll discover:

Through this training, you’ll discover all your customers’ hidden desires, deepest fears and much more – providing you with an endless stream of different angles you can use with each and every Brands Against Mundanity Monthly post prompt.

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Your audience doesn’t like being sold to, but they do love being entertained and inspired by stories that sell – which is why the world’s top-performing brands pepper their socials with a high-converting mix of jokes, stories and knowledge bombs.

It’s also why we’re handing you the key to crafting engagement-driving story posts, using the knowledge you already possess about your dream customers.

During this training you’ll discover:

This is game-changing for creating entertaining, longer-form content on any platform. And ESSENTIAL for anyone building their brand on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Our Done For You clients pay a minimum of $3,000 a month for story-based content like this. Our Selling With Story Masterclass will show you how to create your own for FREE, when you join Brands Against Mundanity Monthly today.

(+ VAT where applicable. Subscription renews at $27 per month. Cancel any time)

Bonus # 3 -Swipe file of awesome posts from the brands that are smashing it on social (priceless)

Every month – for your pleasure and profit – I’ll bring you a fresh swipe file of standout brand-safe social posts that we’ve spotted out in the wild.

For each post, we’ll tell you why we love it and what YOU can learn from it.

Making it easy for you to reverse-engineer their success for your brand.

All that and more inside

Awesome Social Posts Swipe File

Always know what branded content is getting the most engagement, why it’s working so well, and how to use it for your own social content.

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Before I Go, Let’s Quickly Recap What’s Inside Brands Against Mundanity Monthly

For an introductory price of just $3! 

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And to make it even easier for you to say “Yes!” to this one-time offer – I’m giving you my:

100% RISK-FREE!*

Love It Or Your Money Back Guarantee

(*Although if you laugh so hard at your own jokes that you fall out of your chair and give yourself a boo-boo? That’s on you.)

(+ VAT where applicable. Subscription renews at $27 per month. Cancel any time)

Join Brands Against Mundanity Monthly today for just $3 - and start sharing all the entertaining and engaging social posts you could ever want - RISK-FREE!*

*Please note: Brands Against Mundanity Monthly will NOT – repeat NOT – protect you in the event of an attack from twelve crocodiles and a startlingly accurate monkey with a spud gun.

All you have to do is hit the button below – and let our TV Comedy Workhorses do the monthly social media head-scratching, so you don’t have to. (To be honest, you wouldn’t want to scratch their heads anyway. They enjoy it too much and it gets weird.)

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And, no matter what you decide, your first issue of Brands Against Mundanity and all the bonuses are yours to keep forever.

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Or going days, weeks (or even months) without posting on social media – and hoping your pipeline doesn’t dry up like a rice cake in a sunbed… 

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