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The Counterintuitive Secret to Making More Sales on Social Media

By Adam Hunt - Creative Director at White Label Comedy

Send social sales soaring AND build deep, long-lasting client relationships with this simple shift to your content marketing

I get it. It’s natural to want your social media content to drive an almost immediate return on your time and energy. It’s why so many businesses create content designed to…

“Sell! Sell! Sell!” 

“Buy This. Click That. Put the money in the bag and get on the floor! Or even the dreaded… Get my Lead Magnet here” (a.k.a Let me shout my sales message at you over email as well as on social media!)

Trouble is, this kind of sales-heavy content is the No.1 social media sales-killer. It’s also the reason why most business owners’ social posts generate practically zero likes…comments…and shares.

Now it might sound counterintuitive, but the best way to boost sales on social media is to do LESS SELLING. Why? Because no one scrolls the newsfeed looking to buy stuff. 

They log onto Facebook, Instagram or TikTok* to:

  • Connect with friends and family 
  • Be entertained and inspired 
  • Share war stories with like-minded people  
  • *Watch middle-aged business owners dancing to gangster rap 

 Social media users do not want to be sold to. Which is why you must sell less, if you want to sell more. And I’m going to show you the simplest way to do just that.

But first a word of warning…

It’s true that business owners must sell less if they want to sell more on social media. But that doesn’t mean completely eliminating sales from your social media strategy. Think about it this way.

Social media is a marketing channel. It’s somewhere you invest time, energy and resources to boost your sales and lead flow. If you don’t convert your followers into buyers, it means you could be wasting hours each week on a vanity mission. Or worse yet.

You risk steering your business head first into the no-sale “Friend Zone.” So I want you to know this…

You absolutely MUST sell. But you can only sell AFTER you’ve built a highly engaged following that Knows you, Likes you and Trusts you enough to smash your Buy Button. In short, selling on social media is a balancing act. 

Which is why selling the RIGHT WAY is essential – if you want to increase sales without turning off your audience.

Why ‘Handraiser’ Posts Are the Secret to Boosting Sales on Social Media...Without Selling

Did you notice anything about the Handraiser posts above?

It’s that they’re funny. And they all express an unspoken truth. But not just any unspoken truth! It has to be a truth your audience agrees with like…

…my anxiety makes me indecisive. FACT!
…I never give myself enough time to recharge. FACT!
…my perfectionism takes ANY opportunity to strike a blow. FACT!

…Adam likes shouting FACT!


The cool thing is, when you post content like this, you’re not just tickling your prospects’ funny bones. You’re doing way more than that.

You’re also giving them needle-in-the-haystack words to express who they really are. In other words, you’re handing them an achingly cool way to say, “this is so me,” “this is so true” and “these are my beliefs.”

Wanna know the price prospects will pay to borrow your oh-so-relatable jokes for their own social purposes? They’ll pay you in unbreakable brand loyalty – and more sales than you can shake a stick at.

You might even have to employ a full-time stick shaker like I do just to keep up with the avalanche of sales. But that’s not all!

When you sell without selling on social media, you also get to benefit from the “Share and Declare Effect”.

What is the “Share and Declare Effect” - and How Can You Harness it to Increase Sales?

When businesses start sharing Handraiser Posts they often experience some unexpected (but very welcome) side-effects, including:

  • Soaring reach without spending a penny on ads. When you create share-tastic content, it’s natural that some of your posts might start to go viral. Plus, you’re able to ethically ‘game’ the social media algorithm – so your posts get seen by interested people outside your immediate network. 

Social platforms automatically show your content to people who might also appreciate your posts (even if they don’t yet follow your page). 

In other words, you get an all-access pass to the Newsfeeds of people JUST LIKE your existing followers – and a wider audience to sell to (when the time is right). 


  • An explosion in sales further down the funnel. Once prospects have engaged with one of your posts, you’ll keep popping up in their Newsfeed until your brand is forever etched in their memory. 

It means you can stay top-of-mind for months (or even years) – making you the only choice when your prospect is ready to buy.

How We Craft Handraiser Posts at White Label Comedy

As you can see, you don’t need to turn into social media’s answer to Jordan Belfort to turbocharge your sales on social media. All you need is to create entertaining, engaging Handraiser Posts your audience can relate to.

Now, you already know that effective Handraiser posts must contain an unspoken truth your audience agrees with.

But how do you find these unspoken truths?

At White Label Comedy, we’ve developed a foolproof system to create engagement-driving Handraiser posts.  It’s how we identify engaging topics and side-splitting gags, guaranteed to resonate with the target audience. The best part is, this system can work for any business in any niche.

We Call this System
the Relatability Matrix

Here’s how it works. 

Before we unleash our crack-team of comedy writers on a new client brief – our team of research boffins pull on their detective hats – and search for hidden clues through deep “Tone of Voice” research.  But what does all this research tell us?

This often-avoided level of deep research gives us pinpoint-accurate insights into:

  • Our audience’s fears…pains…and desires
  • And statements guaranteed to trigger a “that’s so true!” or “that’s so me!” response. (We call these explosive statements ‘Relatable Truths.’)

Once we’ve identified dozens of these Relatable Truths – then, and only then, do we release our hungry comedy writers onto our clients’ social accounts.

These Relatable Truths are the engagement-driving Secret Sauce behind all the content we create. And it’s why The Relatability Matrix is at the core of each and every one of our social media posts.

If you’re ready to get started sharing engagement-driving…reach-boosting content right away – why not grab a copy of Brands Against Mundanity. Each pack contains a bumper crop of our best social post templates, so you can generate comedy-driven content in minutes.

About the Author - Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt is Creative Director of White Label Comedy – the world’s only digital marketing agency powered by TV comedy writers.

Adam is a TV producer turned copywriter who loves it when brands make their customers laugh – but hates how rarely that happens.

Which is why he’s brought together TV’s best comedy writers – and the internet’s finest conversion copywriters to help brands of all shapes and sizes entertain, engage and sell.

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