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3 Steps to Explode Your Reach Without Spending a Penny on Ads

By Adam Hunt - Creative Director at White Label Comedy

Send your organic reach soaring - when you discover the RIGHT way to craft entertaining and engaging social media posts

A while back, a funny thing started happening when we shared engaging content with our social media followers. You see, shortly after publishing social posts we’d normally expect to see an explosion of likes…comments…and shares.

But something else was going on that we didn’t see coming!

As you may have noticed, organic reach has been plummeting for years on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. In fact, things have got so bad, many businesses have given up on organic social media marketing altogether.

Which is why we got so excited when we saw what was going on with our socials!

After months of social doom and gloom, our organic reach made an astonishing U-turn. And we started seeing the kind of reach last seen in 2015. Here’s the best part! We weren’t spending a penny on ads.

We wondered if this strange phenomenon was only happening on our social profiles. And so, we checked our clients’ accounts to see if this unexpected outcome was happening to them as well.

It was! But why?

Well, as it turns out…

…when you post engaging content, you don’t just generate likes…comments…and shares. You actually create a double-whammy of awesome! That’s because this surge in engagement sends a signal to Facebook. It tells the Facebook Gods that your irresistible content deserves to go viral. The result?

You get an all-access pass to a pre-qualified audience (even if they don’t Like or Follow your page)

And that’s without investing in ads! Which means you could get thousands – maybe even millions of eyeballs on your business – for FREE.

But here’s the thing. You can’t post just ANY social media content. It takes a special kind of content to turbocharge your organic reach and send your content viral. Which is precisely what I’m about to show you in the examples below:

Notice anything? 

These posts are funny. And that’s because they express an unspoken and Relatable Truth. But here’s the thing. This unspoken truth must be a statement your audience agrees with – like,

…Ryanair is an awful airline. FACT!

…The train to Donegal never runs. FACT!

…The price of beer in pubs is astronomical. FACT!

The cool thing is, when you post comedy content like this, you’re not just tickling your prospects’ funny bones. You’re doing WAY more than that!  

You’re actually giving your prospects a crowd-pleasing way to express who they really are. In other words, you’re handing them an achingly cool way to say, “this is so me,” “this is so true” and “these are my beliefs.” 

And so, your audience is powerless to resist liking…commenting…and sharing your content – because it makes them look good (and feel great) in front of their own connections!   

I call this the “Share and Declare” effect.

How to Harness The Share and Declare Effect to Expand Your Organic Reach

When you tap into the Share and Declare effect, what you’re really doing is “ethically gaming” the social media algorithm – so your posts get seen by qualified leads outside your network. The good news is anyone can harness the Share and Declare effect to expand their reach.

It’s simply a question of following these simple steps – so you can uncover the right Relatable Truths to create comedy-driven content that sends your reach through the roof.

Step 1 - Know Your Ideal Client Avatar

As I mentioned earlier, you must create content your audience can relate to. But HOW do you identify what really gets your ideal clients fired up and ready to engage? The answer is research.

At my digital marketing agency – White Label Comedy – we’ve developed a gold standard approach to audience research. It allows us to create content that we KNOW – with almost mathematical levels of certainty – will resonate with our audiences. 

We call this approach the Relatability Matrix Method. Here’s how it works. 

Before we unleash our crack-team of content writers on a new client brief – our team of research boffins pull on their detective hats – and search for hidden clues through deep “Tone of Voice” research. This often-avoided level of deep research gives us pinpoint-accurate insights into our audience’s:

  • Fears…
  • Pain Points…
  • Desires…
  • Frustrations…
  • And objections…

…which tells us precisely how to speak to our prospects so they’re compelled to like…comment…and share our content.

Step 2 - Uncover Their Relatable Truths

A relatable truth is a statement that’s guaranteed to trigger a “that’s so true!” or “that’s so me!” response. And it’s this relatability that makes people laugh…drives engagement…and boosts your organic reach.

But how do you identify these deeply relatable statements? 

Simple! You take your research, and you pull out the exact words your clients use to describe their problems and aspirations. 

Let me show you an example from a customer testimonial:

“Can anyone recommend a decent consulting agency? My current one seems to be holding back information to keep us on retainer…”

As you can see, I’ve highlighted the relatable truth in this customer comment. Here’s the relatable truth:

Many consulting agencies hold back from sharing their best advice, in order to hook clients into a retainer.

Now that you’ve uncovered your relatable truth – you can turn it into entertaining, engaging content in Step No.3! 

Step 3 - Turn Your Relatable Truth into a Thigh-Slapping Joke You Can Share on Your Socials

Once you know your ideal client avatar inside out…and once you’ve identified a Relatable Truth that will trigger a “that’s so true” response – it’s time to turn that truth into a joke!

Here’s the joke we wrote from the Relatable Truth pulled out in Step No.2:

How did we create this joke? We plugged our Relatable Truth into a proven joke-writing formula – similar to those you can find in Brands Against Mundanity.

Over the years we’ve identified dozens of simple joke-writing frameworks including the:

Positive to Negative Flip

Punchline pie chart

Popular saying punch-up

Or the mini script

So, all you need to do is take your own Relatable Truths…slot them into one of these winning joke templates…and watch your engagement and reach soar!

If you’re ready to get started sharing engagement-driving…reach-boosting content right away – why not grab a copy of Brands Against Mundanity. Each pack contains a bumper crop of our best social post templates, so you can generate comedy-driven content in minutes.

About the Author - Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt is Creative Director of White Label Comedy – the world’s only digital marketing agency powered by TV comedy writers.

Adam is a TV producer turned copywriter who loves it when brands make their customers laugh – but hates how rarely that happens.

Which is why he’s brought together TV’s best comedy writers – and the internet’s finest conversion copywriters to help brands of all shapes and sizes entertain, engage and sell.

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