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By Adam Hunt - Creative Director at White Label Comedy

Post entertaining and engaging content that triggers a flood of likes... comments... shares and sales 

If you’re fed up with posting content that triggers crickets (and NOT conversions), you’re not alone. In fact, every month I meet dozens of frustrated business owners, struggling with flat-lining social media engagement and lack-lustre sales. 

Now there’s a reason why 99% of businesses fall on their face when it comes to posting on social media. It’s because they’re making 1 (or more) common marketing mistakes.

These unintentional mistakes can cost business owners a boatload of time…energy…and money. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Because these common social media faux pas are really simple to correct when you know how. Which is why I want to share the 3 Easy-to-Fix Social Media Marketing Mistakes 99% of Brands Are Making Right Now…

…so you can kiss goodbye to tumbleweed social posts and start posting engagement-driving content your audience will love.

Sounds good? Let’s dive in with Mistake No.1.

Mistake No.1 - Selling Too Soon

I get it, it’s natural to want your social content to have an almost immediate and measurable ROI on your time and energy. It’s why so many businesses create content designed to “Sell! Sell! Sell!”. 

Trouble is, when you post relentless sales-focused content – it’s a guaranteed turn-off for your prospects. Why? Because nobody likes to be sold to. At least, not until you’ve given your audience a reason to Know, Like and Trust you. Your prospects want to relate to you first – and buy from you second. 

So how do you build the rock-solid Know, Like and Trust factor your prospects need before they’ll smash your Buy Button?

By creating entertaining, engaging content your customers can relate to. Get it right, and your content will:

  • Draw in your ideal prospects so you build relationships with your hottest leads. Great content compels perfect prospects to come to you – not the other way around. That means no more resorting to pushy sales tactics or creepy cold-outreach strategies to generate leads and sales!
  • Ethically game the social media algorithm – and boost your reach for FREE. When you post entertaining, engaging content you don’t just draw in your ideal prospects. You also see a major boost to your organic reach through sky-high levels of sharing, liking and commenting. 
  • Create an unbreakable bond between you and your customers – We humans love to feel heard and understood. Which is precisely what happens when you post super-relatable content. Wanna know what happens when prospects feel understood by their favourite brands? They’ll repay you in unbreakable brand loyalty and more sales than you can shake a stick at.  

You might even have to employ a full-time stick shaker like I do – just to deal with the avalanche of sales.

Mistake No.2 - Forgetting to “Meet in the Middle”

As I just mentioned, it’s essential to give your social media audience content that draws in the right people…boosts your organic reach…and elevates brand loyalty.

But that’s not enough! Why?

Because even if your content resonates with your audience at a cellular level. And even if you draw in more prospects than you could serve in a hundred lifetimes – you’re still missing a critical piece of the social media marketing puzzle. 

It’s this missing X-Factor which turns lukewarm browsers into red-hot buyers who Know, Like & Trust you enough to hand over their credit card. 

Take a look at this highly scientific – and definitely not drawn by a toddler – Venn Diagram:

On the left you’ll see the kind of content I just mentioned. That’s the engaging, entertaining and relatable content which…

  • Draws in your ideal prospects…
  • Boosts your organic reach…
  • And increases brand loyalty…

This kind of content is awesome but – on its own – it probably won’t do much for your bottom line. That’s because you also need content that satisfies the goal on the RIGHT SIDE of the Venn Diagram. That is, content which expresses your:

  • Brand meaning
  • Brand values
  • Identity
  • And core values  

Where these two overlap is the sweet spot for your content. And when you zero in on this blissful intersection between audience resonance and clear brand positioning – not only do you realise how awkwardly erotic “blissful intersection” sounds – but you also create content that: 

  • Entertains your audience 
  • Perfectly represents your ideal prospects 
  • Expresses their unspoken fears, pains and desires
  • AND subtly pre-frame your offers 

That means there’s no need for that used-car-dealer sales spiel any more. (Plus you can abandon your plans to lure buyers within a marshmallow on a string until they’re standing over your hastily concealed trap door.)

Mistake No.3 - Making Assumptions About Your Audience That Just Aren’t True

As you now know, there’s one factor that separates the content winners from the content turkeys. That’s sharing posts around subjects your audience cares deeply about. But HOW do you identify what your ideal clients really care about – so you can avoid sharing easy-to-ignore tumbleweed content? 

Here’s the mistake I see most brands making.

It’s assuming they know their buyers inside out. Now, if you’re in the colonoscopy game, maybe you actually do know your buyers inside out. But 99% of brands fall way short when it comes to knowing their ideal customer (they just don’t realise it).

Some clients come to us after investing tens of thousands on Avatar “Research” and shiny market insight dossiers. Trouble is, these research reports are almost always based on best guess conjecture and watercooler chats. 

And I don’t mean to be rude, but watercoolers very rarely know what they’re talking about.

The fact of the matter is this…NO amount of anecdotal evidence or paid focus group discussions can beat taking your ideal customers’ actual words – and turning them into content that practically writes itself! 

It’s why you need a tried-and-tested “Tone of Voice” research system to help you dive deep into the mind of your perfect prospects. 

At my Digital Marketing Agency – White Label Comedy – we follow a system called The Relatability Matrix. We use it to uncover dozens of real Relatable Truths we know social audiences will relate to.

Before we unleash our crack-team of comedy writers on a new client brief – our team of research boffins pull on their detective hats – and search for hidden clues through deep “Tone of Voice” research.  But what does all this research tell us?

This often-avoided level of deep research gives us pinpoint-accurate insights into:

  • Our audience’s fears…pains…and desires
  • And statements guaranteed to trigger a “that’s so true!” or “that’s so me!” response. (We call these explosive statements ‘Relatable Truths.’)

Once we’ve identified dozens of these Relatable Truths – then, and only then, do we release our hungry comedy writers onto our clients’ social accounts.

These Relatable Truths are the engagement-driving Secret Sauce behind all the content we write. And it’s why research must be at the core of each and every one of your social media posts.

If you’re ready to get started sharing engagement-driving…reach-boosting content right away – why not grab a copy of Brands Against Mundanity. Each pack contains a bumper crop of our best social post templates, so you can generate comedy-driven content in minutes.

About the Author - Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt is Creative Director of White Label Comedy – the world’s only digital marketing agency powered by TV comedy writers.

Adam is a TV producer turned copywriter who loves it when brands make their customers laugh – but hates how rarely that happens.

Which is why he’s brought together TV’s best comedy writers – and the internet’s finest conversion copywriters to help brands of all shapes and sizes entertain, engage and sell.

When not helping brands entertain, engage and sell - White Label Comedy’s writers also craft jokes for these award-winning TV shows

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