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How My Clients Are Able to 10x20x… even 100x their Social Media Engagement - and Send Sales Soaring…

…by cranking out comedy-driven content - that takes minutes to create!*

*Even quicker than making a stir fry. Or getting drunk. Or texting your ex “wanna come over for a stir fry?”

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Bill Uden - Founder, Aethalis Olive Oil

Countless coaches… lawyers… accountancy firms… fashion and beauty brands… and even data protection experts* have turned their back on the old way of marketing on social media.

*At least we think they have. True to form, they wouldn’t share the details.

And now they’re harnessing the power of comedy to turbocharge their content – and send engagement and sales soaring. Why?

“Because it’s there!” No, wait… that’s the response to “why do you want to climb Everest?”

It’s because entertaining, engaging content doesn’t just give you more likes… comments… shares… and sales. It also lets you build an insanely loyal audience who can’t wait to hear from you day after day, week after week.

Plus, when you create irresistibly entertaining content  – you have the power to turn one-time customers into obsessed megafans, who would trade-in their favourite child pet possessions to get their hands on your goodies. And I’m going to show you how when you read on. 

“I’m already laughing at myself with what I’ve come up with. Surprisingly very easy to use with immediate great effect!”


"I never thought I’d have fun writing social posts about data protection. But I did!"


These jokes really resonate with my inner circle, who are my exact audience. Love it!


Yeah... But, Like, Who Are You?

I’m Adam Hunt. I’m a former TV producer turned digital marketer and agency owner. And I have a content marketing secret weapon that lets me and my team transform almost any social media account from an underperforming energy suck…

…into an outrageously profitable sales-spinning machine (no matter what type of products or services they sell!). 

In fact, we’ve been able to 10x20x…even 100x engagement on clients’ posts across a whole smorgasbord of niches including…

…just by making their audience LOL!*

*For the last time, Mum! That doesn’t mean ‘‘Lots of Love’. There’s a reason Auntie Sharon didn’t reply when you text “sorry your husband died LOL”…

Take our client, Guild Lab. They sell retirement homes – planned and developed by a team of leading academics. And as you can imagine, their in-house content was educational buuuut…let’s just say it lacked a certain spark…. 

Sadly for Guild Lab – no matter how hard they tried – they struggled to generate the engagement and excitement they knew would attract a flood of high quality leads and sales. Which is when my agency stepped in to save their socials from death by disengagement. 

Can you guess what happened when we injected a little light-hearted humour into Guild Lab’s content?

It’s fair to say their socials EXPLODED - like the atmosphere in the care home on ‘new Scrabble set’ day! - (But how?)

Let’s have a gander at the two social posts below. They relate to the exact same business…and the exact same topic. Plus, they were posted on the exact same day.

But now for a twist that’d make M. Night Shyamalan jealous. Take a closer look at the post on the right! Notice anything?

It generated 1,100 likes…241 shares…and 37 comments – compared to a measly 9 likes generated by Guild Lab’s old, in-house content. 

Just let that sink in for a minute – and think about the impact this kind of engagement could have on your business.

Not surprisingly, Guild Lab was blown away by this unprecedented level of engagement (which we replicated across their account time and time again). And all it took was to STOP relying on worn-out social media strategies like sharing…

*After all, there’s no ‘I’ in ‘lamentable lack of engagement’!

Instead, we took the truth…we made it funny…and we turned that truth into a hyper-engaging (but childishly-easy-to-produce) quote graphic. 

And here’s the best part. We spent just a couple of minutes putting this post together. All it took was to follow a cunningly simple joke-writing system that anyone can tap into – to create their own high-performing posts. (I’ll share more on this system in a second).

Just for the record, Guild Lab’s engagement wasn’t a one-off. (I wouldn’t have bothered making this page if it was). We’ve achieved similar, record-breaking results for countless clients who were sick to the back teeth of…

*The worst of the Harry Potter books, in my opinion.

In my years of experience, the minute businesses ditch their tired, old content strategies and start posting easy-to-create jokes…memes…and comedy quotes – their engagement soars! Many even go viral on Twitter…Instagram…or Facebook.

Like the campaign we funnied-up (technical term) for our client, Turn on the Subtitles. Here’s what their Founder, Henry Warren, had to say about adding comedy to his content:

“The impact was profound!”

“The impact was profound. Turns out the videos we created went viral. One achieved 37 million impressions on Twitter. It hit the front page of Reddit 3 times in one day. 

Overall it helped our Turn on the Subtitles campaign become the world’s largest literacy campaign…possibly EVER. It impacted some 320 million children worldwide. We have a lot to thank White Label Comedy for!” 

He also said… “There, I said it. Will you let me go now? I miss my family!” …but don’t worry about that.

Now, your visibility goals might not be as aggressive as Turn on the Subtitles – but it goes to show what can happen when you make the shift from run-of-the-mill social posts to comedy-driven content!

But before I jump into the details of how we achieve such stellar results for our clients, let me say this…

Getting to this point wasn’t all
plain-sailing for me and my team

Cue violins, as the camera slowly pushes in on my pensive (and perhaps inappropriately seductive) expression…

You see, long before my agency was born, I had a flutter at social media marketing for my previous business*. And let me tell you – my posts were so cringe-worthy even my own mother unfollowed me. I’m talking zero likes…zero comments…and zero sales.

*I can’t tell you what that business was, but let’s just say I’m no longer allowed within 500 feet of an aquarium.

But I refused to be defeated by the Social Media Algo Lords!

I mean, I could see that content marketing was working wonders for other business owners. I just needed to figure out why it wasn’t working for me.

That's when I decided to bring out The Big Guns!

Back in the day, I worked as a TV producer. And one of my jobs was to keep audiences glued to their Goggle-boxes for hours at a time. And while I was lucky enough to work on award-winning shows like…

*That one never made it to air. Surprisingly.

…it wasn’t all glitz and glamour, red carpets and free champagne*.

* Seriously! (Some days I even had to buy my own champagne…)

You wouldn’t believe the deathly dull subject matter I had to work with sometimes. Let me give you an example.

Have you heard of The One Show? Thanks to its captive teatime audience,  it’s officially Britain’s most watched TV chat show. 

It’s also one of the most challenging shows I ever worked on.

Why? Because we regularly had to cover edge-of-the-seat topics like jam-making…bird-watching… pot holes… stamp collecting… rubbish dumps… and Gary Barlow.

And guess what happened the minute these segments started rolling? Our ratings nosedived, as viewers switched over to something more entertaining.

So, faced with these channel-swappingly dull subjects, I needed a way to stop the One Show hemorrhaging viewers. Here’s what I did. 

I brought in my favourite comedy writers – to inject a little light-touch humour into each show. And Holy guacamole! Those joke-writing ninjas saved the One Show from ratings suicide! (At least they did on days when I was in the Producer’s chair).

From then on, I made it my mission to transform every hum-drum One Show story into an irresistible, attention-grabbing feature… through the power of comedy. 

Now I’m not saying my joke-fuelled stroke of genius was the only reason The One Show became Britain’s most-watched Talk Show. (But I’m also not saying it didn’t).

Fast forward to 2019 – when my tumbleweed socials were getting no engagement or reach – and I started to wonder. If comedy had the power to spice up almost anything on TV…

…then surely I could sprinkle some humour into my business’ posts – and it would immediately send audience engagement through the roof. 

Which is when I roped in my old joke-writing buddies to help me. And guess what? The minute we applied our old TV comedy principles to my content  – engagement… reach… and sales took off like a rocket! 

Here’s why comedy works.

The REAL Reason Why Comedy Boosts
Engagement and Sales


You’ll be glad to know it’s not just me and a few joke-writing nerds who believe comedy has the power to boost engagement and sales. There have been actual scientific studies* that prove the link between humour and selling power. 

*And aren’t you glad they focused on that, instead of something trivial like disease control? 

Here’s what the boffins discovered.

Studies show that when you make customers laugh – you instantly become more likable…more persuasive…and more believable. Which are all essential traits when it comes to building relationships and making more sales (both on and offline).

But that’s not all. Research published in the Journal of Non-Verbal Behaviour* found that laughter isn’t just ‘best medicine.’ It also acts like an ultra-sticky social glue, which  subconsciously binds us to people and businesses who share our world view. 

*Ever read an entire journal written in ‘body language’?? It’s hard going.

"How Does This Comedy Theory
Apply to Content Marketing?"

Why, I’m glad you asked! Think about it this way. Each time you show up with a joke… a funny quote… or a comedy meme you’re telling your audience:

In other words – when you share a relatable joke, it’s like sending an impossible-to-ignore signal to your perfect prospects. And that signal sticks to those prospects like superglue. 

So – without your audience even realising it – your jokes turn them into lifelong buyers (and they couldn’t be happier about it!).

It’s why comedy-driven content has the power to create irrationally loyal customers* – who buy from you again and again.

* Be careful though – take it too far and they’ll be turning up at your house with a banner saying “I love you” made of their own hair.

Now as I mentioned earlier, me and my TV comedy-writing buddies thought we’d struck gold with our brand new approach to content creation. But it wasn’t long before we hit a brick wall. 

Because – truth be told – not every joke we shared on social media paid us back with the likes…comments… shares…and sales we were craving. In fact, some of the jokes we shared returned nothing but tumbleweed*. 

* Ever tried to repay a business loan with tumbleweed? 9 banks out of 10 are absolutely NOT into it.

Which is when we realised something important about jokes on social media.

What it Takes to Consistently and Effortlessly Create Hyper-Engaging… High-Converting Comedy Content

Turns out only CERTAIN JOKES have the power to turn cold prospects into raving fans. But which ones? 

Well, after wasting months throwing joke spaghetti at the wall – me and my team spotted a pattern in the type of content that generated the most likes…comments…shares and sales. 

(We also got evicted from our office, which was beginning to resemble a serial killer’s basement due to all the pasta sauce on the walls.)

Here’s what we noticed.

The posts that triggered an engagement tsunami stemmed from an unspoken truth an audience agreed with like…

And here’s what’s really cool! When you post content like this, you’re not just tickling your prospects’ funny bones. You’re doing way more than that! 

That’s because you’re also handing your audience a crowd-pleasing way to express who they really are to their friends…family…peers…and, depending on your ideal customer, the ladies and gentleman of the jury. And so, they can’t resist sharing your content – because it helps them to…

The result?  

You get more engagement… more reach… and more customers (without hard-selling, paying for ads or frantically googling “what is a bot farm and how can I get one?”).

We call this the “Share and Declare Effect”

(Not to be confused with the “share an eclair effect”, although it’s equally delicious)

And it’s the Share and Declare Effect that me and my digital marketing agency – White Label Comedy – leverage to 10x… 20x… and even 100x our clients’ social media engagement – and send their sales soaring. 

The reality is, my agency clients typically fork out thousands of pounds per month for me and my TV comedy writers to craft their content for them. But we wanted to get the magic of our proven content creation system into the hands of as many business owners as possible…regardless of their marketing budget*. 

*Yes – even the ones who think “marketing budget” means “giving the unpaid intern a Mars bar and their Twitter password…”

That’s because we know our system has the power to help hundreds (or even thousands) of businesses thrive online. Which is why we took the Share and Declare Effect one step further – and turned it into…


Share and Declare - The Musical

Then we realised we’d had too much coffee and gotten carried away, so we dialled it back and ended up with…

A Creative Card Game That Generates Social Post Ideas to Turn A Disengaged Audience into an army of raving fans

Which is precisely what you’ll discover inside:


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“I laughed myself sick! It’s not every day I thank a team for making me hurl. What a gift that is!”


“The best investment I made in 2021. I love this so much!”


“The first scheduled post went live this morning. Great engagement with our customers and I have another 51 posts ready to go!”



And why is my internal monologue appearing as a headline? Test. Test. Monkeys. Stilton. Oh gawd, it’s really happening…

Brands Against Mundanity Monthly is an exclusive monthly delivery of 31 hilariously topical, fill-in-the-blanks social media templates – sent straight to your inbox. (Or any inbox you like. To be fair, it’d make a great Mother’s Day gift.)

You can use each set of templates to craft brand-safe jokes that make great standalone posts…

AND perfect engagement magnets that draw attention to your important announcements and brand messages.

They’re precision-crafted by my team of A-List TV Comedy Writers (plus one who’s technically B-List but is REALLY good at going to get coffee)  – and include an EXPLOSIVE mix of:

My resident Joke Conjurers (AKA the Wizards of Wit) are ready and waiting to feed your brain with an endless supply of content inspiration – so you can crank out social posts in record time…day after day, week after week. 

Leaving you to crack on with all the other businessy-type stuff you need to get done (like hiring, firing, and shouting, “get me the Jensen account before COP!” or whatever). 

That’s not all!

It’s childishly easy for you to light up your socials with these daily content prompts.

Even your intern’s dog could do it.

That’s because each social media template comes with its own step-by-step instructions, so you can craft dozens of brand-safe jokes in minutes (freeing up more time for you to get distracted on the internet). 

PLUS, you’ll see examples of how each joke format works for a real-world brand – showing you exactly how to put your prompts to work! 

The best part is, each social post idea is ridiculously versatile. 

It means Brands Against Mundanity Monthly will work for you – regardless of your niche. B2B…B2C…BYOB…it really doesn’t matter. 

Simply plug in a couple of your specific audience’s relatable truths (super-easy once we’ve shown you how) and, hey presto! 

You’ll have a full month’s ready-to-publish, engagement-driving content your audience will love (and your competitors will loaf*!)

*That’s when something upsets you so much, you have to go and make sourdough to calm down.

Keeping your socials stocked with fresh, funny content that entertains, engages and sells – while barely lifting a finger…

Run out of inspiration for your social posts? 

Simply whip out your latest delivery of hilariously-funny joke templates…and Bob’s your uncle! (Marley, Dylan, Odenkirk… the choice is yours…) 

A month’s worth of content in minutes. 


Turn your business page into a profit-pumping “place-to-be” for your customers – when you publish conversation-starting, relationship-building content every day of the week. 

(Your competitors don’t need to know how you make it look so easy. Your secret’s safe with us!) 

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“The impact was profound. Turns out the content we created went viral. One achieved 37 million impressions on Twitter. It hit the front page of Reddit 3 times in one day

…Overall it helped our Turn on the Subtitles campaign become the world’s largest literacy campaign…possibly EVER. It impacted some 320 million children worldwide.

We have a lot to thank White Label Comedy for!”

Henry Warren: Founder, Turn On The Subtitles

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And they’re all yours – when you sign up to Brands Against Mundanity Monthly today.

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What Happens If I Get Stuck Trying To Fill In The Templates?

Don’t worry, we’ll get you unstuck  with our Live ‘Write With’ Us sessions.

(We’re very much the ‘Search and Rescue’ of Comedy Content in that respect.)

Every month we host a live zoom call where you can get hands-on help, support and feedback from myself and my team of top comedy writers. 

Just turn up and ask your questions… 

…and share your content with us for an in-depth critique where me and my team (and the other members of our ultra-supportive community) will give you personalised feedback to all but guarantee your success.

We’ll workshop your content together – punching up your ideas, copy, and jokes LIVE.

(No, we don’t consider ourselves to be as selfless and heroic as paramedics or firefighters. But you’d be very welcome to.)

“Thank you so much for such a great course / workshop, and especially all your suggestions, ideas and personalized guidance

I learned so much and found it really valuable. Can’t wait to overhaul my socials now”

– Jenny Lisk, The Widowed Parent Podcast

“OMFG that was the best, fastest, most useful marketing feedback I’ve ever had.

Thanks so much Adam, for your time and expert advice. You are spot on with it all”

– Debbie Jenkins, The Asset Path

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