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4 Reasons to Make Your Social Media Customer Service Funny

Your Social Media Customer Service Team are dealing with problems in public – and that makes them, and the work they do, content. And yes – if you’re funny, that content can go viral. But that’s not the only benefit good humour can bring.

5 Steps to an effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Without an effective social media marketing strategy, you’re just shouting your brand message into the wind – and paying a hefty premium to do so. Our simple 5 step process will save you time, money, and a whole load of heartache.

If Carlsberg Did Comedy - Alt Featured Image

If Carlsberg Did Comedy

This article isn’t about Carlsberg as a whole – but one specific campaign. One that barely made a dent – but could’ve done so much better if only they’d taken the same wit and warmth they’ve become known for in their TV spots, and applied it to their social media messaging too.

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